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Eye Shadow -Vincent Longo -Eye Shadow Trios

Tried in seduction. Includes a pink, green and brown color. Didn't last long and wasn't impressed with the colors

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Lips -Vincent Longo -Pearlessence Lip/Cheek Gel Stain in Dolceacqua

on 1/11/2018 7:07:00 PM

I have always loved frosty/pearly products--used sparingly. Since I love purplish colors, I like using a dab of this on my cheeks in the mornings. I'm not into highlighting cheekbones after blush, but like a dash of highlighting blush. The product stays on better on my cheeks than lips. On lips, it can be drying and frosty if you layer on too much, but I enjoy it on cheeks.

Eyeliner -Vincent Longo -Waterproof Eye Pencil "Cacoa"

on 5/21/2017 10:52:00 AM

Nice deep dark brown, makes my blue eyes pop. Not completely smudgeproof but it does stay put better than most ;pencils (Revlon Colorstay is the best DS brand for this, IMHO). I would buy this again.

Blush -Vincent Longo -Lip and Cheek Gel Stain

on 5/4/2017 7:43:00 PM


I am NC 30-35, Asian, olive skin, yellow undertones. I used this a long time ago and liked it better than benefit benetint. The doe foot applicator here is much easier than the benetint brush to apply. I also think this dries more slowly to give you time to blend. When I used this, I blended with my fingers. It's a gorgeous flush. Easy to remove. This doesn't accentuate dry patches. Fades nicely. I am prone to hives and milia and this does not irritate. The product itself lasts a long time. A little goes a long way. I never used it on my lips.

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Lipstick -Vincent Longo -Lip Stain


I am a sucker for a multi tasking product. Anything that can MacGyver while making pretty WILL compel me to bring out my wallet. And this my friends, is the ultimate. What I love about the concept of stains is that their purpose is to seamlessly just revive the complexion. Nothing more, nothing less. They are supposed to be liquids, not thick, not gloppy, not gels. Their point is to "adapt" while all the same making an impact. Many brands out there have made attempts at this but fail dramatically, beginning with the limited color options, seldom streaming from the bright, fuschia based raspberry tones. Most have odd, inefficient applicators and useless formulas, like the Body Shop. Others get three colors in, like TheBalm, but then it's drying formula leaves a lot to be desired. And don't get me started on the Korean brands, who make completely impractical packaging, too sheer and watery formulas, and WAY too cool/cold colors. Horrid to say the least.

I've known of Vincent Longo's for years but was not in the situation to afford them. I gave in and bought 4 of the currently made shades, and they are by far, the best things ever made. What makes them great? Well they actually show up on the skin for one, literally in one swipe of the wand. They come in a dark, slick lipgloss style tube which protects the product from light. It's applied by a doe style end. They work great under lipstick, fantastic under lipgloss, and add dimension to blush. They just bathe your skin in a burst of juicy, elegant watercolor. The color range is exquisite: 1. My Sunshine: A juicy peachy tomato red that basically looks like my own post workout flush. I just look healthier, happier, effortlessly better. One swipe on each cheek, two on the lips and I look like I got a facial. Build up on it later in the day and I got a perfect date night look. Mixed with liquid kiss it is a great summer color for winters. Provides structure without contour. Best for warm toned women, who will find it easy piecy to use since it's a color already in their "face". You'll know why later. 2. Sweet Appolonia: A dark, vampy shade of aubergine. This is how you do sexy, easy. This packs the biggest punch of color. You can take this to any level, and you will look incredible. Despite being the darkest, I find it pretty straight forward to use. It dries lovely, like the skin on a grape. It sticks out for bring a truly purple stain in a sea of red and red orange. My favorite of the bunch. It's a femme fatale or Bond girl shade, it is big, mean, and deadly sexy. Winters, including dark autumn, will reign supreme with this one. 3. Baby Boo: A juicy lychee pink shade that is perfectly neutral. No red, no blue just juicy, bubbly goodness. A wonderful shade for all weather, but really, the best way to describe it is just happy and youthful. Just two coats on the lips is all it takes for your lips to look as ripe and succulent as a fruit. Looks amaze balls with green eyeliner. Love it. All color seasons, save for Soft Autumn and True Autumn, would carry it with ease. 4. Liquid Kiss: A cool, Snow White red, a liquid version of MAC Frankly Scarlet or MAC Mulling Spices. It is gorgeous, glamorous, radiant, and if you are not cool toned or lean cool, it will make you look like a cast member of Twilight. Any of the winters will look stupendous in it. This is appropiate femme fatale territory for Light Springs topped with a pink gloss. This is red. Pure, true, and nothing else. This actually helped me decipher whether I was a Winter or an Autumn. I can carry it perfectly, it brings out that whole snow white look outta me. My Sunshine is close but too warm and bronzey for me. It looks so much better on my dark autumn friends however. Liquid Kiss demands an intense complexion; translucent, even skin, radiant color. If you have the slightest bit of freckle this will overpower them. The drama is strong in this shade I feel. Despite being the "simplest" shade of the bunch, I feel it is the most complex since it's one of those shades that either you rock or you don't. No middle ground. I think these are a great value for the money and are grossly underrated. If I were to be deserted on an island with very few things for personal upkeep, you better bet this will be one of those items. I love them all the more for travel, I've surprised plenty of people with what you can do with this, and just a touch of lipgloss. A beauty juggernaut in my opinion.

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