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Hair Color -Vidal Sassoon -Pro Series

on 2/10/2017 7:26:00 AM


I Like this hair dye because it lasts pretty long before it gets that stage of fading.I package is professional looking and easy to use like any box dye.I bought London Lilac hoping it would make my hair purple without bleaching it.I have naturally Dark Brown hair,so I left this dye longer than recommended.The color will not be vibrant but it's a nice subtle color that shows in sunlight or another lighting.If you don't want to go crazy dying it. If you are planning to get a cool pure purple like splat think again.London Lilac is more of a warm purplish red that runs more red and fades to an auburn brown.If you want a cool toned actually permanent purple.I recommended getting Splat Permanent Midnight Amethyst.It will give you that pure purple color but be careful it bleeds a lot. So,I gave this a 4 star because color misleading but I do love the reddish wine tone on my hair since it looks more natural than purple,but I will definitely come back to this dye to get that purplish wine hair color again.

Hair Color -Vidal Sassoon -Salonist

on 2/3/2017 8:54:00 AM

I have very fine hair & off the shelf boxed products have completely fried my hair in the past.
So I used professional colour Semi-perm from Sally's for years, so I really took a risk trying out this product and was nervous, but I wanted proper grey coverage.

I have now been using it for almost 2 years, the condition is ALWAYS good for me (even more so than professional semi's which I was happy with) and the colour is vibrant and true to what's on the box and the shine is great.
I mix 2 reds to get the shade I like.

I'm surprised at the bad reviews, as I have such delicate hair.

Conditioner -Vidal Sassoon -Cherry Almond Classic Clean Conditioner

on 2/24/2016 6:24:00 PM


I'm not sure how to feel about this conditioner. On one hand, it makes my hair soft and a bit more smooth. On the other, it leaves it looking more limp than usual and I don't think it rinses out as well as it could. It's a thicker formula but not super moisturizing. I never used the original cherry almond products but this one smells exactly like cherry cough syrup. The scent is strong and it lingers. I'm not wild about it but it doesn't bother me. Also, I'm not a fan of the packaging. It's hard to squeeze out the product and the cap collects a ton of water in the shower. Overall I'd probably just rank this as an average conditioner. I bought it because I wanted to try something from Vidal Sassoon and now that I have, I probably wouldn't repurchase since it's nothing really special.

Shampoo -Vidal Sassoon -Boost & Lift Shampoo

on 2/7/2016 2:51:00 AM


Does what it promises! My hair is clean, shiny, soft without being flyaway, and healthy-looking with much body. Neither the color nor the hair itself is flat. It's hard finding a shampoo that doesn't mess w/my (natural) hair color; the red disappears and/or the blonde turns brownish...nothing makes the gray disappear! :p This shampoo leaves the color looking the way it should, and my hair in general feels and looks the way it should.
Smells great, lathers well, easily rinses, a little goes a long way; holding and opening the bottle isn't difficult, even wet. The icing on the cake is the more than reasonable price. It's the perfect shampoo!

I loved Vidal Sassoon shampoo back in the 80s and 90s and really missed it. I'm so glad it's back, and with such a terrific formula. :)

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Conditioner -Vidal Sassoon -Pro Series Moisture Lock


So I had a coupon for vs products, I bought this conditioner in a smaller size. It smelt like candy I absolutely loved it!!!! Then I went out and bought a huge thing of it and it doesn't have the same scent which is sad because it was amazing and my hair smelt nice all day! I didn't really care for it as a moisturizing conditioner until today. I have many hair products so my routine is never the same. With that being said i have used it the last two days just because it was already in the shower MY HAIR HAS BEEN AMAZING THE LAST TWO DAYS. Yesterday I had the help of leave in conditioner and oil but today I was in a rush and have nothing in my hair. Its shiny, bouncy and soft. So this has really impressed me because I have super frizzy big curly hair. The price is very affordable and well worth a try!

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