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Lip Treatments -Vaseline -Lip Therapy (mini jar) - Cocoa Butter

on 1/19/2018 3:26:00 PM


I absolutely love this lip product! I have a deviated septum which causes me to mouth breathe at night. The mouth breathing makes my lips extremely dry and dehydrated year round. I’ve been searching for YEARS to find a lip product to help my lips feel better. I’m so happy I finally found this! The formula is very thick, which some people may not like but I love it! If you have problems with dry lips then this is the holy grail of lip moisturizers! Even if my lips are cracked and bleeding, I can put this on and they feel healed and moisture’s by the morning! The smell is also a nice plus. I’m really happy with this product, just bought a pack of 8 so I’m stocked for the year!

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Lotions/ Creams -Vaseline -Intensive Care Healthy Hand and Nail Lotion

on 1/18/2018 1:45:00 PM


Body Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive

Packaging: I gave it a 5/5. I'm easily able to squeeze out all the product, and the cap seems pretty sturdy.

Price: I got this for $3.50, and it's 3oz. Reasonable price.

This hand cream claims to strengthen nails within 2 weeks of use, and to provide "deeply healing moisture." However, after using this daily for a month, my nails haven't changed at all. They break just as easily as they did before I started using this cream. So for me, it didn't meet that claim. While this hand lotion is moisturizing, I wouldn't say it was deeply healing either. But it did get the job done of making my hands feel smoother and softer. I have noticed that if I use to much of the cream, that it will pill up on my skin, which is annoying.
Also, this cream is only good to wear during the evening because it has lactic acid in it, which is an AHA. AHA's are not safe to use during the day since they make the skin ultra sensitive to sunlight damage. So it's something I was only able to use nightly, meaning I had to use a different cream during the day.

Overall, it's not a bad lotion, but it's not great either. I'd rather find one cream that I can use both day and night. I don't think I'll repurchase this.

Lip Treatments -Vaseline -Lip Therapy Petroleum Jelly with Aloe Vera

on 1/17/2018 6:54:00 PM

I used plain Vaseline on my lips for years, but my husband did not like the smell. I tried the Vaseline lip in plastic container and it did not feel moisturizing. I tried this and was amazed how well it moisturized my lips overnight. I have really dry, cracked, and sometimes bleed lips. I will forget to wear something during the day and end of the day it is bad. This brings life back to my lips, I was shocked. Next time I will try a different flavor.

The container might be gross to some people, just make sure to dip you CLEAN finger into the jar and re-seal. The smell is very minimal. Your lips will be super shiny, but you can use as base under lipstick for when you need extra moisture, but lipstick will slide off.

Lotions/ Creams -Vaseline -Spray & Go Moisturizer

on 1/7/2018 4:46:00 PM


I have the yellow Spray and Go moisturer version. I absolutely love the ability to spray it on and rub it in quickly.It doesn't leave a thick film nor do you have to wait a long time to put your clothes on. I mainly use it during the winter when my legs and arms are the driest. I think it would be great in the summer months when I do not need as much moisture too. The scent is okay and fresh. I would like to try the Aloe and Coco butter to compare. Thanks for reading!

Lip Treatments -Vaseline -Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

on 1/4/2018 7:20:00 PM

I bought this because I thought it would smell like chocolate--but it smells slightly like a creamy coconut--which is nice too. Pleasantly tropical.

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