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Nails -Unlisted Brand -Revel Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

on 12/14/2018 12:19:00 PM

I am in love with this company. My review pretty much mimics the previous review. Started getting Dip Nails at a salon... expensive... figured I’d try it myself and came across Revel online. The colors are amazing and I’ve purchased so many already. Their customer service is AMAZING, and I am in love with my nails. No complaints from me!

Top/Base Coats -Unlisted Brand -Londontown

on 12/14/2018 12:03:00 PM

I'm one of those people who can't keep polish on for more than a day or 2. No matter what brands I try, salon manicure or home mani, regardless of products, I get 2-3 days maximum before everything's a chipped-off mess. I've tried every sticky base coat & bonder out there, and I don't feel that I'm particularly "hard" on my nails - I'm not prying open boxes or scrubbing floors, but for some reason polish just doesn't want to stick to my nails. For years I've worn acrylics, gel manicures, powder dipped (colored acrylic overlay), and finally decided to go back to my natural nails. All of that background to say - the Londontown system is the ONLY nail product line I've ever used that lasts 5+ days on me with no chipping. For my "before work in the morning" fast Monday morning mani, I apply 1 coat of the Base Coat/Hardener, 1 coat of polish (currently using Guerlain, although I do have several of the Lakur colors), and 1 coat of the Protective Top Coat. My nails are dry in less than 10 minutes and last through a full workweek. I do reapply topcoat usually around Wednesday evening. The Base Coat & Hardener is clear and dries quickly. The Protective Top Coat is thick, glossy, and dries super fast (as in, Seche Vite fast, but no shrinkage). While I was rehabbing my nails from salon gels & dip, I would wear a layer of the base coat/hardener with the top coat, and had a nice, hard, glossy finish that wore for several days. I've been using these products for a couple of months now, and I'm extremely impressed by the performance. For me, this line is Holy Grail, and I will definitely repurchase as needed.

Lip Treatments -Unlisted Brand -Bepanthen salve

on 12/14/2018 1:12:00 AM


As a European seeing Americans rave about this product, often using it indiscriminately and confusing one of their ointments for another, ordering it online, saddened it's not available in North America, i wanted to clarify a few things in hopes it helps those who want to try it decide on the kind suitable for them, and put the minds of those who are unable to get it at rest. I am adding personal and vicarious experience as a headsup that it doesn't perform magically for everyone, esp. if the wrong ointment for the purpose is chosen.

Firstly, there are several kinds of bepanthen, and in some of the reviews it is unclear which one the reviewer is using for their chosen purpose (e.g. acne treatment, burns treatment etc).

The one in the picture is a thick antiseptic salve, Bepanthen Plus. It is not intended for use on larger areas of skin due to chlorhexidine (used in preoperative disinfection in products such as Chloraprep, or veterinary solution for use on bacterial ear infections in pets. It is a common ingredient in medicated mouthwash as well, incidentally, the one with the risk of staining teeth btw). It's intended use is on smaller wounds, it can be applied under a bandage if one so wishes. Disinfects and provides moisture to the wound. Some people, myself included, don't want their wounds very moist because then it takes them significantly longer to scab, and for the scab to flake off, revealing new skin underneath. If a wound is oozing and infected, one may decide scabbing isn't the priority, whereas disinfection is, and thus opt to apply the salve. I find antiseptic sprays and powders better suited for that personally (we love bismuth subgallate in our household) because they clean without postponing scab formation. This salve also contains mineral oil, lanolin (lots of it), and alcohols. I would expect Bayer to be using pure lanolin so it may not break out everyone, but as a sticky, greasy substance way up on the ingredients list, would also expect it to clog pores if used on areas other than small wounds. It may irritate some people, but it is an emollient, which is probably why some americans use it on their lips and fine lines, but again, just be aware it's not intended as that and may not act as lip or face care products should. The people who use it to clear up acne seem to benefit from the antiseptic, but i wouldn't be surprised if the lanolin eventually clogged them up, or if the antiseptic disrupted their skin balance, although it appears that a thick dexpanthenol antiseptic salve performs with less side effects for many than prescription solutions. The chlorhexidine is efficient on bacteria, but not on fungii and viruses, thus keep in mind if you have skin issues where you can't rule out a fungal cause, the salve may make them worse. It is incompatible with soap, so make sure you have no soap residue before application. Would be safe on diabetic ulcers or decubitus.

The Bepanthen salve with the pink line on the package is a soothing salve, likewise contains dexpanthenol and is also high in mineral oil and lanolin, alcohols and wax. the manufacturer recommends it for irritated skin areas, nappy rash, nipple care on breastfeeding mums, although it can be used on wounds and burns as well, influencing the production of epithelium.

Bepanthen salves are fairly popular in body modification communities as post-tattoo care, but be sure to ask your tattoo artist what they recommend, as some explicitly advise against using Bepanthen Plus due to it's high potential to smudge colors- and they will not fix your tattoo for free if smearing occurs due to noncompliance in tattoo care. Bepanthen may be fine though (after microneedling as well). Both are sometimes used to prevent irritation for two days after hair removal on the bikini line.

In Europe, most households carry these for children, as it is one of the ways to treat a wound without stinging.

The Bepanthen cream (right hand side of picture) is gel-like in consistency and lanolin is very low on the list. It is better suited for areas of flaky, dry, coarse skin and again as small wounds and nipple care. Safe on babies and when discontinuing the use of corticosteroids. It absorbs better, so if you're getting a decent moisturizing effect and it doesn't break you out, i guess you could use it on your face.

A headsup that Bepanthen lotion is also available, for those who want to use it on larger areas of skin.

Personally I find these products less than impressive. My wounds always seemed to heal better when i forgot to apply it, and i never noticed any redness or irritation (or even just flaking and dryness from cold weather) go down even with frequent use. I don't think it's splendid for moisture either and would personally not risk a breakout from the ingredients, nor apply antiseptic on my entire face for example. I understand not everyone reacts the same, but just wanted to say if you've been given the impression you're withheld some magical product in the states, you're not missing out on much. Drugstore products and even some DIY solutions worked a lot better on me personally.
I have also used it on my navel piercing and eventually switched to a different product because bepanthen did nothing. it kept the piercing reddish and uncomfortable, though it was not infected according to the nurse.

This isn't a terrible product though, and if you're looking for nipple, nappy rash, wound salve that is tolerated well, it may be a decent option, but there are equal or better products you can use instead if it's not available where you live. ( dermalibour repair is a possible alternative, safe on face.)

Bepanthen sold online is sometimes made in Turkey, i do not know if the formula in those products is identical to the original which i'm reviewing.

The packaging is a thin metal tube that cracks easily, and product oozes out from the cracks so be careful if it's in your bag/pocket.

Hope this helps!

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Moisturizers -Unlisted Brand -Rodin - Olio Lusso

on 12/13/2018 6:54:00 PM


Much better oils at a better price than this product. Price tag and packaging meant to make you believe this is an elixir of youth that has better performance on dry skin/fine lines. Don't be fooled. I've used other, cheaper oils which glide easily across the face and smell much better.

Company is not transparent on their website regarding all ingredients. They only list "key" ingredients. Sent an email with questions and never heard back - not impressed with customer service.

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Foundations -Unlisted Brand -era foundation

on 12/13/2018 3:30:00 PM


WOW! I am so HAPPY with this foundation! I've been complaining for the last couple of years about how I can't find anything like MUFE Face & Body Liquid Makeup (NOT the "Water Base" one, but the earlier version). I bought ERA spray foundation awhile ago to cover a couple of nasty bruises on my legs. It never occured to be to try the foundation on my face, because I thought it was heavy-duty full-coverage. Recently I tried this, because nothing I owned was looking right on my skin. I LOVE this! I apply it by spraying it only a dry Beautyblender. Then I just pat it on my skin. It makes my skin look flawless in a natural way, and it's no lightweight it's like putting air on skin. It layers easily, if you want fuller coverage. I bought Summer Wheat Y5, and it's a perfect match for my mid-winter skin. It literally melts into my skin, making it look so nice! I can't believe it took me so long to find this, but I am really glad I did. For reference, I wear MAC Face & Body Foundation in C4. I find this has a little better coverage than MAC F&B, and it doesn't wear off as quickly. Era Everday deserves to be way more famous than it is...definitely a Cult Classic in the making.

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