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Styling Products -Unlisted Brand -Not Your Mothers Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream

on 3/19/2019 4:47:00 PM

Not good for wavy hair. Weighed it down and made it greasy. Yuck.

Lipstick -Unlisted Brand -Color The World Lipstick

on 3/19/2019 4:38:00 PM


I have mixed feelings about Color the World lipsticks. The company has a lot of great things going for it, especially their products being natural and vegan and the charitable donations for each lipstick purchased. Personally, I adore the packaging and find it easier to locate a lipstick in my purse with the colorful graphics.

I studied the lipstick colors as well as I could online and read a lot of reviews and watched online YouTube videos before purchasing but still messed up three times. I have absolutely no money to waste and feel badly that I cannot return them. At $15 a piece this is not acceptable to me. My biggest complaint is the colors are duller than they appear and several take multiple coats to have impact.. My skin is a golden tan color and their pinks are horrendous on me. Wildflower looked almost white on me. Not a great look! Pretty in Pink was drab as could be. I thought for sure their famous and revered "Huntress" would be the bomb but was just a meh pink. On the plus side though I love their more Coral shades like Sunset and Coral reef. They are perfect and I should have just left it there. Oh and Heartfelt is a great color if pinks don't show up on you well. It is deeper but still a very nice warm color....brownish red.

Having blown it with three colors though and no return policy nor any ability to purchase samples has made me decide to swear off of this company. I am sad...also no idea how to write my feedback to them as I cannot find any email online. Guess they would rather not hear from their customers! Moving on to red Apple which is even more expensive but love getting their samples and already found two colors I adore. Kudos to them for providing samples and hoping Color the World will do the same. I doubt there are many of us who have money to waste on makeup.

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Lips -Unlisted Brand -KAB Cosmetics Lip Kit

on 3/19/2019 4:25:00 PM


I purchased this lip kit a month ago when they were released, so didn’t know what to expect as there were no reviews anywhere. I purchased the shade Glazed. Check out my video below for my full review!
I live in the UK so the shipping was pretty expensive - $20 - HOWEVER it only took 3 DAYS TO COME!

Now, I’ve been testing out the products everyday for the last 4 weeks - wearing a mixture of the products on their own or mixed together, so I really put these to the test to really see how I feel.
The lip kits are $45 for 4 products - lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss and pencil sharpener.

So after testing these out for a month, I can safely say that I love these products! There are some cons as well as the pros but I definitely think they’re worth the money. However, i do wish that they would come out with separates as I want to purchase more kits but don’t really need the sharpener and might miss on the lip liner.

- The lipgloss is very long lasting (over 4.5 hours even when eating and drinking), is non sticky and the colour is beautiful!
- the lipstick is creamy and matte but doesn’t dry out the lips, the colour is beautiful but doesn’t last long (maybe 2 hours if I don’t eat and drink)
- the lip liner is very creamy, glides on really well and is long lasting.

All of the products have a vanilla cupcake scent and it’s so tasty and makes me like putting something on my lips that doesn’t smell like chemicals!

- Long lasting lipgloss and liner
- 4 products in a kit. Works out $11 each.
- all products are very Pigmented
- Nice shade selection for launch. 10 shades available.
- Lipgloss not sticky
- Lipstick matte and moisturising
- beautiful smell
- Nice Packaging
- can easily be Mixed together or on their own, or mixed with other products
- Very Quick shipping!

- Shipping cost is expensive for international customers and customs is expensive. Each lip kit costs around £60 after shipping and customs.
- I Wish the liner was closer in colour to the lipstick and gloss. Maybe a shade or 2 darker than the other products as I feel a brown lip liner is too harsh and dark for the kit.
- Lipstick not as long lasting as others.

Overall, I really love these lip kits and am looking at purchasing more! The shipping is expensive, but I’ll wait until they have offers on so it seems more affordable.
I can’t wait for them to bring out more shades and more products as I recommend these and I definitely think they are worth the money!

Styling Products -Unlisted Brand -Kristin Ess Sea Salt Air Dry Spray


Picked this product up as I’m always on the hunt for good air-drying products, but unfortunately this one didn’t work out quite as well as I had hoped. While not a total dud, it’s probably my least favorite sea salt spray that I’ve ever tried. Which is not to say that it doesn’t work, because it does. It actually does a pretty good job adding volume and texture to my fine, straight hair. What it also does though it make it feel immediately dirty and kind of sticky, even if I use it on freshly washed hair. It also makes my hair more prone to tangling and even matting, which is a problem as my hair does NOT need any “help” in that regard. Plus I think it stinks, though YMMV on that one. Fragrance is a personal preference obviously, but I think Kristin chose poorly for the scent for her line. To my nose it smells like a bouquet of flowers that’s on its way out mixed with stagnant water, and unfortunately the scent lingers. On the positive side I do like the packaging. You don’t often see salt sprays in aerosol style cans, which is a shame as I think they mist better than the pump style bottles.

So yeah buyer beware on this one! Like I said, it does actually add a lot of texture and fullness to the hair, but at least for me there are too many other drawbacks to this product to make it something I’d want to use.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Unlisted Brand -Cellulose Sponge

on 3/19/2019 11:27:00 AM

I purchased a box of compressed cellulose facial sponges on amazon. Let me tell you, I've been using a clarisonic for many years and this sponge has completely replaced it. No more purchasing $25 brush heads every 2 months and mildew build up. It cleanses and exfoliates so well without irritating my skin. It also dries quickly after using so you dont have to worry about bacteria build up. I got a box of 50 for $24 and I plan on using one sponge every week, that way it'll last me an entire year. I'd really recommend anyone to try this, especially if youre a clarisonic user and want to try something else

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