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Treatments (Face) -Unlisted Brand -Curology - Acne Treatment

on 4/21/2019 11:51:00 PM


Wow, all I can say is wow—this completely transformed my skin within the span of 2 months. For reference, my formulation was .25% Zinc Pyrithione, 1% Clindamycin, and 4% Niacinamide. My skin is sensitive, combination, and EXTREMELY clog-prone. My journey with acne began when I was 13, and honestly, not much worked, short of birth control at 17–even then, my skin was rough. I’ve used Tretinoin Gel (my skin couldn’t handle the alcohol content), Doxycycline, Clindamycin Solution (again, alcohol content), Differin, you name it! I turned to Curology as a last resort, and I can honestly say that within two short months, my skin is so much better. My closed comodomes have all but vanished, I still get pimples (but very rarely and they vanish quickly), and my skin texture is so much more refined, in comparison to the practical sandpaper that was my skin before. My skin isn’t perfect yet, but I have high hopes that with continued use, my skin eventually will be! I know it’s awkward to put a referral link at the end of a review, but I truly love this product, and at the end of the day—I’m a broke college student! For using this link, I get credit, but you get a free trial of Curology; it’s a win-win! https://share.curology.com/x/eAzVZg

Misc Beauty Tools -Unlisted Brand -Microfiber cloths

on 4/21/2019 10:57:00 PM


These cloths have such stellar reviews from just about everybody, but unfortunately they didn’t work for me. Like many other reviewers, I purchased mine from the auto care section in Walmart. At first, I loved them; they took care of the little flakies like nothing else. However, after week of using them, I started to break out all over my cheeks and chin. At first, I didn’t make the connection because I didn’t know cloths could break you out. I stopped using my other skincare products, but the breakouts continued. Eventually, I quit using the face cloths, and my skin began to clear up. A little while later, I gave them one more chance in case the first time was a fluke, but the exact same thing happened. I am quite puzzled, because I’ve never had a problem with other washcloths.

Treatments -Unlisted Brand -Bliss Kiss - Simply Pure Hydrating Oil

on 4/21/2019 8:01:00 PM


I love this oil, but once I discovered the recipe on Ana's blog I've been making it myself since the shipping and duties to Canada are just too pricey. Recipe below:

4 oz Jojoba Oil
4 oz Grape Seed Oil
4 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 drops Tea Tree Oil
2 mL Vitamin E Oil
2 mL Vitamin A Oil


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Styling Products -Unlisted Brand -As I Am - Smoothing Gel

on 4/21/2019 5:58:00 PM


I've had this for awhile, finally reached the bottom. I won't buy this again because it's not very effective (imo). Doesn't smooth my 3c/4a hair much at all tbh. I used most of it as the last layer in my twist outs, and it did a decent job helping tame my twists and define them. I also used other products along with it, so it's really hard to say. But I know when I used it solo to slick my ponytail, it did not perform well in that area.

Polishes -Unlisted Brand -Moonshine Mani - Springtime Yard

on 4/21/2019 2:08:00 PM

#18 - 2019 - Moonshine Mani’s Springtime Yard was created by Phoebe Moon of Moonshine Mani at the request of the NB in honor of JeffysMom who passed away in December 2018.

It is a pretty mid tone green with circle glitters in yellow and purple along w/smaller purple glitters. It is pretty and very springy.

Application was a snap. The formula was perfection. It applied smoothly and evenly with no running or pooling. The texture was nice as well. The glitters spread evenly with no manipulation on my part. With two coats it was completely opaque and I got just enough glitter to set off the base color but not so much that it overwhelmed my nails.

I used one coat of a QDTC and that was enough for me. There were still a few bumpy spots on my nails as a result of the glitters but they were hardly noticeable. If you like your nails completely smooth you may need to add an additional coat of top coat.

Springtime Yard comes packaged in a standard polish bottle, but the brush is unique and makes application super easy. The brush is slightly wider than the average brush and the end it rounded. With the rounded end you can get right up to the cuticle with getting polish on the cuticle. I wish more makers use start using this style of brush as it is really helpful.

This was a limited edition polish so I doubt that it will ever be available again unless you find it in a destash. I would repurchase if I needed to and could find a bottle.

I paid $10 for Springtime Yard plus shipping. That’s a good price for a high quality Indie polish. Additionally, Moonshine Mani was excellent customer service and very reasonable shipping cost.

I will update in a few days regarding wear, removal and staining.

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