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Lipstick -Unlisted Brand -FOTD Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

on 12/12/2018 8:47:00 AM


This is one of the best liquid lippies I have ever tried, it really does last all day long. I wore it to work one day, left for lunch, came back to the office and it was still on. My coworker did not believe me when I told her I hadn't reapplied it Lol. It didn't overdry my lips or crack which is a plus. They go on opaque and dry extremely matte, they are also highly pigmented, plus the texture is very smooth and glides on easily. I gave my sister a color that I bought, that I wouldn't normally wear, she wore it to a party, when she got home she ended up falling asleep with a face full of makeup, when she woke up the liquid lipstick was still completely on. These things are the truth!

Fragrances -Unlisted Brand -Ariana Grande - Ari

on 12/12/2018 4:32:00 AM


A rich sweet bakery floral scent. This reminds me of Katy Perry's "Meow" perfume. I can smell lots of powdery vanilla marshmallow, with sweet syrupy pear and berries. I think its well blended, I've been told its "nice" and "sexy". I'd probably agree, as its clean and sweet. Moderate silage, enough for someone to notice but not knock them out. I've Better lasting than most my other celeb frags, around 5 - 6 hours on me.

Top Notes: crispy pear, pink grapefruit, juicy raspberry
Heart Notes: soft muguet, rose buds, vanilla orchid
Base Notes: marshmallow, creamy musk, blonde woods

Candles -Unlisted Brand -Tyler Candle Company

on 12/12/2018 2:28:00 AM


I have bought Tyler candles off and on for many years. I think most are under priced and as good as many that are far more expensive. I read the reviews below and noticed that some said they burned dirty. Not now they don't. They put the comparable in price, Bath and Body Works candles to shame. BBW candles lately have been going down hill in my opinion. I do like the Eucalyptus Stress Relief, it smells like a spa, but that is the only one I consistently keep on hand. I feel the same about Yankee candles. Have yet to find a Yankee candle I love & they burn horribly. Tyler candles to me are high end candles at a BBW & Yankee price line.
I think possibly the reason they don't get the love they deserve is because they aren't readily available in stores. However, you can contact them on facebook or website & they will tell you what shops carry them in your area. If there are none, you can order online at candlestomydoor or lampstand.

I buy the large 22 oz, 11 oz. and votives. Their website gives excellent descriptions of all of the scents. Many of their scents are very sophisticated and smell like fine fragrances to me. Also their foody ones are very nice, especially sugar cookie and eggnog. The throw varies. I have yet to try a dud that had no throw, but I have not tried every single one of them. Sometimes I think throw can be too much, overwhelming I don't appreciate candles that are so strong that after 30 minutes I can't take it anymore and want to put it out like BBW Lilac, I love lilac but I do not love it when it is overwhelming and headache inducing.

I would run out of text on this review long before I could finish, but I will discuss a few.

Diva smells exactly like Angel. If you hate Angel you will hate Diva, if you love it, you will love Diva. Description from the website "A warm and complex fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals. Rich aromatic chocolate and amber complete this luscious blend!! It's her world...we just live in it."

Throw is amazing. I also have the Glamorous Wash detergent. There is a reason it has a devoted fan base despite its price. I don't use it everyday but it is amazing and it is potent. If you use the suggested 1/3 cup it will knock your socks off. It will last until you re-wash whatever you used it on. It is so fragrant that if my dogs lay on a throw I washed in it, they smell like it. If you washed your clothes in it, it will smell like you have perfume on, only unlike perfume, the scent remains. I like it better when I use 1/2 unscented detergent and 1/2 Diva. Not as strong but still nicely fragrant. I cannot take it full strength on my sheets. I'm warning you, it is potent but lovely. If you get it, play around with how much you use. To me it is well worth the price and totally addicting. Don't get it on Amazon. I have heard that there have been some questionable sales on there, may not be authentic and it's no cheaper than getting it from an authorized dealer. The Diva candle burns perfectly, never smokes, burns evenly, amazing throw, & lasts longer than BBW candles

Beach Blonde smells exactly like Bobbi Brown Beach. Description from their website "A crisp, invigorating scent reminiscent of sand, warm suntan oil & sea mist. Very inviting & somewhat overpowering, hence the name Beach Blonde!" It has excellent throw also. It is similar to the ones that BBW keeps changing the name on, but they all smell the same. ...It used to be Poolside, the last one I got was called Shades of Summer Suntan. Both of those are very potent but not in a really good way. I can only take them for about 30 minutes and they have too much of a floral scent. The Beach Blonde to me smells more like BB Beach fragrance and is a much more pleasing scent.

High Maintenance is their #1 seller and I love it. It is not as potent as the other 2 but still has excellent throw. It's a very sophisticated, warm fragrance. Description from their website: " Floral, woody blend combined with patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone! Very sophisticated and truly addictive!!!!!!!" I can use a votive in my large bedroom and it lightly scents the entire room without being overwhelming. The large one will scent several rooms. Very soft, warm, relaxing, love it!

Warm Sugar Cookie is also one I love. It smells exactly like you are baking cookies and the throw is excellent. Description from the website: "Always in our top three year round! Rich sugar cookies baking in the oven with zero fat grams!!!" I also love Eggnog , description: "Rich eggnog dusted with nutmeg! Continuously requested year-round! Some things are worth waiting for!"

Blueberry Blitz smells like blueberries. Description from the website: "Overload on blueberries! Untamed, tart & invigorating!" It is fresh, fruity and throw is also excellent. This one is very refreshing when you dont feel like a complex, or warm fragrance.

A Christmas Tradition is a new one I just got recently and WOW it is wonderful. It smells just like a Christmas candle should and the throw is superb. It will scent a huge area. Description is "A tantalizing blend of oranges, apricots & tangerines smothered with ginger, clove & cinnamon. A true smell of Christmas." I also have Season's Greetings, description:"Pomegranate, Mandarin Orange & Pine are smothered in Cloves & Cinnamon! Finale of Vanilla & Amber complete this new classic favorite!" and Christmas Cheer description: "Rich aroma of roasted chestnuts, nutmeg, spicy berry, clove and vanilla sugar quickly create a warm holiday memory!!!" They are all similar and all very nice, all excellent throw but my favorite of the 3 is Christmas Tradition, least favorite of the 3 is Christmas Cheer.

Running out of room so I will just list some of my other favorites: Limelight, French Market, 24K, VIP, Entitled, Bless Your Heart, Fleur De Lis, Hippie Chick, Ira Jean, Lipstick

You can read the descriptions of all of the fragrances on their website. They don'

Foundations -Unlisted Brand -CYO Lifeproof Long Lasting Foundation

on 12/12/2018 2:01:00 AM


First impression: GOOD!

But some people are obsessed with this -- and I am not. Am I missing something here?

Excellent skin loving formula
a bit on the drying side but not excessively
I'm grateful shade 109 is close-ish to NC25 (light/med olive.)

Why is this drying to a GRAY shade? Is it just me?!

Polishes -Unlisted Brand -Bitzy Nail Color - Santa Red

on 12/11/2018 9:00:00 PM


Super-cute glitter topper. From Sally Beauty, Bitzy's Santa Red is made up of sparkly red & green microglitter and matte white hex glitters suspended in a clear base. This color combo is very Christmas-y, albeit a tad limiting. Nice formula. Smooth application, although some "fishing" is required to get the larger hex pieces out of the bottle. Looks pretty on the nail and removal is a snap of you use acetone.

Fun for Christmas manis. The packaging is adorable. And it only costs a couple of dollars. I'd buy this one again.

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