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Recent Ulta Reviews

Concealers -Ulta -Full Coverage Concealer

on 2/17/2018 1:19:00 PM


I like this concealer a lot! I can use it for both under the eyes and to conceal blemishes, but I like it more for under the eyes - I have other concealers that are even more covering that I use on blemishes (Clio Kill Cover). The colors are a little difficult - most of them look like they are meant to be used for the rest of the face - not under the eyes - possibly because it has tea tree in it, but that has never bothered my sensitive undereyes. To use this under my eyes, I have to mix two of the Ulta concealers: the pink one, and Light Warm. I thought this would bother me a lot but it actually doesn't.

I use about equal parts of each color, apply a small blob to the back of my hand, mix them with my finger, apply under the eyes and blend with a beauty blender - in my experience, a beauty sponge is better for applying this tan fingers. Finally, I set this with powder. I have to work quite fast though, as this sets relatively quickly. I have normal skin under my eyes, but many long-wearing concealers can definitely dry it out and make it look crepe-y or caky. This is one of the few ones that doesn't do that. I would not recommend layering it though, as it does cake up a little if you apply another layer on top of a layer that has fully set... at least it doesn't patch up them though, like some concealers do - this adheres to the skin well. The coverage is good; I would say it's a full coverage. Not the fullest full, but definitely full. On me, this lasts all day, without moving, without disappearing, and it is definitely waterproof.

Another thing I really like about this is that it has made me able to use some of my other, less full, less lasting, off-color concealers - I can use the colors I have to adjust the color and coverage of other concealers, and I have yet to find any concealer that doesn't mix with the Ulta one. This may not be the holy grain concealer for everyone, but I like it a lot and would recommend to try it out if you're in doubt

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Gels/Soaps -Ulta -3 in 1 Shower Smoothies - Buttercream Cupcake

on 2/4/2018 8:19:00 PM


I bought this to use as a hand soap since Bath & Body Works doesn't carry their moisturizing version anymore, and I find their scents to be strong and cloying these days.

This comes in a tall 16 ounce pump bottle. A small amount comes out per pump, which is perfect for hand washing. When you're washing your hands, you can smell a strong, buttercream vanilla frosting/ cupcake scent. The smell is faint once you rinse, which I prefer because I don't like super strong hand soap scents. Works well as a shower gel also. These aren't cleansing enough for me to use as a shampoo, however. This was on sale today 2 for $20, so I grabbed the last 2. Regular price is $16, but they're always having some sort of a sale. I really like this.

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Palettes -Ulta -Melisa Michelle Makeup Palette

on 1/12/2018 4:51:00 PM


I LOVE this palette it's such a great deal for only $20 I hope Ulta makes it permanent. Its very travel friendly. Let me begin with the shadows they are so pigmented and blend beautifully the only one that lacks a little pigmented is Tobo. I like to wet the shimmer shadows to make them stand out even more. The highlighter is so beautiful I like to blend all 3 colors together it feels like a high-end highlighter. The blush looks so beautiful it's probably my favorite part of the palette its a peachy-pink-bronzy color it goes with any look I create & I can see it working on any skin tone. Last but not least the lipstick is a beautiful brown-pinky nude color it's a little sticky but nothing too uncomfortable. The packaging is so cute with the heart shaped blush and the rose gold hues it sits pretty on my vanity. Love it

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Eye Primer -Ulta -Eye Primer

on 1/10/2018 2:11:00 PM

I got this as part of a GWP so the tube is small. I have the shade Satin Blush and I actually like it as a wear alone one & done shadow. The color is subtle and although it's a shimmer, it's not chunky and doesn't make my lids looking like crepe paper. I apply with my fingers as it's very creamy and a little goes a really long way. It's not the most pigmented product but that's not surprising given it's meant to be a primer and I'm using it as an actual shadow. I do wish it had better staying power, though. I get about 6-8 hours of wear from it, so I guess that's not horrible but it could be better. I can't say that I'd purchase the full size because I can get the same results but with better pigmentation from a NYX jumbo eye pencil at about half the price.

Foundations -Ulta -Demi Matte Foundation


I bought this on sale at some point and have worn it at least 15 times, which is impressive considering it's not a 100% match for me. I don't stray far from my HG foundation because I got tired of searching for a light enough color even when I found a texture that worked for me. The lightest shade is a tad too dark but the finish is very nice, and it doesn't oxidize on me so it's a good summer color.

I would not call this totally "demi matte" but it is definitely on the more matte side, but in a healthy way. The coverage is medium but I prefer that anyway, you'll definitely need concealer for blemishes. I get about 6 hours of excellent wear out of this, by 9 hours I could tell it was time for face wash. This is a heavier, creamier formula so maybe not the best for oily skin.

If you can find this in your shade, I'd definitely recommend trying it. This is very affordable, Ulta always has sales and if it matched me better, I might even consider using it regularly.

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