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Concealers -ULTA -Full Coverage Liquid Concealer

on 1/15/2019 1:29:00 PM


The concealer itself is 5/5 stars in my opinion. I have been using it for about 2 years. It looks extremely natural, almost like you're not wearing anything, but still has great coverage. It works for both under my eyes and on blemishes, and also works applied with a brush or a sponge (as with a lot of complexion products, the sponge will give ever so slightly less coverage but gives a more flawless finish. But with this product, the difference is minimal, and I apply it both ways). I tried it because I heard that it was quite similar to Tarte Shape Tape, which I agree with.

HOWEVER, if you're looking for an inexpensive Tarte dupe, this is NOT it. You only get .08oz per tube, vs. Tarte's .33oz per tube (I knew they were smaller, but it took me 2 years to realize how much smaller they actually were)! Even if you include the buy-one-get-one 50% off promo that Ulta usually has on their own brand, it's still slightly more expensive than Tarte Shape Tape ounce for ounce. It's worth a try if price isn't your main concern because it really is a great concealer, I just can't give it 5 stars because I don't think the price is fair for the brand. It seems like they are purposely tricking customers who expect the brand to be a sort of middle ground price

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Eye Shadow -ULTA -Matte Cream Eye Shadow

on 1/6/2019 5:47:00 AM


I don't know if this is is a new product or not but it's (almost) exactly what I've been looking for. I'm not a fan of powder shadows, and greasy cream pot-type shadows are messy and tend to crease like crazy on me. I just wanted an easy, one-and-done product with no glitter, and this $8 shadow seemed to fit the bill.

Ulta's website states that this product is "Primer Infused" "Waterproof" and infused with "Evening Primrose & Safflower Oils - contain Vitamin C & Omega 6 fatty acids that are known to soothe..." as well as a bunch of other claims. I don't know about all that, but I can say that this is a very buttery feeling (but not greasy), liquid/cream shadow that dries quickly and seems to stay put.

The applicator is a rather large doe foot sponge wand, which makes it super easy to apply. At first I sort of regretted using the applicator instead of swiping this on my hand first, but I figure it's not any less hygenic than reusing a mascara wand. I do realize this is something I'll have to replace sooner than powder shadows but...eh.

I purchased this in the shade Game Over (described as "pale nude"). I wish it had just a tiny touch of luminescence to it, but so far I am pleased with this.

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Eye Primer -ULTA -Matte Eye Primer, Nude

on 12/13/2018 11:46:00 PM


What a nice surprise! Applies easily to lid and under bottom lashes with fingertip. Very matte, quite opaque. Keeps my NYX slide-on pencil liner and translucent mineral shadow on all day and evening, as much as 15 hours. I wouldn’t mind if it were just a teeny bit deeper shade. This bests primers I’ve bought from Lancome, Merle Norman, Bare Escentuals, and so many others, both pricey and not. This one’s a steal!

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Brows -ULTA -Brow tint

on 11/15/2018 10:08:00 PM


This is a pretty decent brow product. In all honesty, it's one of those things that some days I love, and other days, I'm not so crazy about it. I use the color soft brown (I have medium brown hair) and I like the color. I do think, however, that for a "soft brown", it's a bit dark. I like the little brush, it works great for catching and coating the brow hairs without getting all over my skin. I actually saved the brush from the first tube of this I bought, and I use it as a spoolie with other products. It holds quite well throughout the day, both colorwise, and keeping the brows in place. The days I'm not so crazy about it are the days when I want to use a pencil first, then put this over it. It really gets too dark, and it can get a little clumpy looking. I would say it is comparable with Benefit's Gimme Brow. Not a dupe, not quite as good, but it holds it's own. And if you want a less expensive alternative, I think this is worth trying. I buy it when it's on sale. $10 seems too much for me for this Ulta branded product.

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Highlighters -ULTA -Duo Chrome Illuminator

on 11/4/2018 2:14:00 AM


I wanted a subtle-ish highlighter with pink sheen, so this caught my eye. It was basically exactly what I wanted!

I have NC20 skin, yellow-olive. I have this in the color Prismatic Fairy (also just called "Fairy"). It has a light peachy beige base color and VERY, VERY fine shimmer - maybe the finest shimmer I've ever seen in my life. If I build it up on my skin, there base color might be very slightly visible, but I usually don't apply it thick. When the light hits the highlighter it gives off a bright, cool pink reflection. I think it looks really pretty! Since the refection of this is cool pink, this looks best (IMO, at least) paired with a cooler blush color, and you probably want to bring it slightly farther down, onto the blush. I really wish they had made a prismatic highlighter with a peach reflection too - would suit the blushes I have better!

I think his is a product worth checking out if you like pink highlighters that are not too bright. I think this might be better suited for lighter skin tones though, as I think the base color (light and cool) might come off grey on darker skin. I wish I had bought Unicorn one too.... Even though I don't even use Fairy too often - the glow is just so unusual it kinda stands out

Even though Halloween is over, I think this could be a really cool product to use if you wanted to dress up as an elf for something. If you apply it all over the face lightly, it will give an ethereal soft pink glow.......... and now I suddenly realized why it's called fairy! X) I DO agree with the name though - very suitable!

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