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Moisturizers -trilogy -Ultra Hydtrating Cream

on 11/10/2018 12:14:00 AM


I love this moisturiser. It does exactly what it says it will do - it provides heaps of moisture. It is thick and heavy when it goes on, but it seems well absorbed. And bonus, it doesn't flare up my temperamental skin! I use it every night, sometimes with some rosehip oil as well. I have already repurchased.

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Cleansers -trilogy -Very Gentle Cleansing Cream

on 10/28/2018 11:24:00 PM


This is THE GENTLEST cleanser I have ever tried

- Extremely gentle
- Clean, natural ingredients
- Product lasts longer than other clean/natural cleansers I've used. It's also about double the size as one of my fav all natural cleansers. Also makes the price more bearable because it is expensive

- This brand isn't readily available in most stores. Bought online. Shop around ...some websites that sell this offer free worldwide shipping and lots of sales
- Morning cleanser online for me..... I would use this in the morning as opposed to my nighttime routine because I don't know how much or how well it helps remove makeup and/or cleansing balms after makeup removal compared to other cleansers
- Price. BUT you get a good amount of product for it!

- FIY this cleanser is thicker than other, more watery cleansers I've used. I like that, I think it makes it more emollient and hence the gentleness. It doesn't foam up (which I like, because foaming usually means sulphates are in the ingredients).

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Cleansers -trilogy -Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

on 10/28/2018 11:18:00 PM

- Natural, organic, "clean" ingredients
- The amount of product, although not that much more than the smaller version of Farmacy's makeup removing balm, lasted much longer. I think that's due to the texture. Farmacy melts really quickly into an oil, while this one didn't

- Expensive
- This brand isn't readily available in most stores. I ordered online.

- This isnt a con or pro for ties into my point about it lasting longer and the next point about usage. Texture. The texture of this product is unlike most balms I've used (including Farmacy) that very quickly melt into an oil-like texture in your hands. This texture was best described as lard. Very very thick. It does melt (and quickly) in your hands. I think this might also be down to the ingredients (a pro since they're all natural).
- The way this product is recommended to be used is to apply/massage this balm into your face and then, with a hot cloth/towel, remove. This was the best way I've found of using the product as well. I'd usually remove with a cotton pad, but stuck with the cloth/towel for the most part with this product. I found that to be quite labor-some compared to throw away cotton pads.
- The previous two points were what detracted me from buying this product again. It just boils down to it not being an enjoyable or simple usage unfortunately.

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Moisturizers -trilogy -Balancing Face Lotion

on 10/19/2018 10:23:00 AM

This product, I believe, is the energising facial lotion, renamed. May be wrong because I'm basing this off something online. Anyway onto the review, I hated this moisturiser, probably the most of anything I've owned.

It goes into skin and doesn't seem to sink in, or sinks in a bit and leaves a tacky feeling the whole time rather than an oily one. I do have sensitive skin though and this product did succeed in not making me break out or get a rash etc. My skin is dry and I can't tolerate the stickiness. Everytime I use it, I blend it with sukin because that tones down the tacky because it also feels creamier and oilier on the skin.

I feel like the ingredients of this product are way too basic for the price tag: glycerine is a hella cheap humectant and when it's one of the top ingredients without enough oils, it leave your shin feeling tacky, and in dry winters, glycerine takes moisturise out of the skin's deeper layers into the top layer. In humid summer though, this lotion is helllaaaa tacky, can't stand it. Bought it for the green tea and rosehip component but can't smell the former nor feel the latter.

If I was given this in a blind test, without the nice glass packaging and popular brand name, I would've thought it was a cheap moisturiser. Even the cheap ones from the supermarket I've used in my teens feel better than this.

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Moisturizers -trilogy -Very Gentle Moisturising Cream

on 10/15/2018 10:45:00 AM

This stuff is amazing. I was suffering from a bout of terrible skin, and have always had trouble with moisterisers so I wasn't using one at the time (I know, I know!). My mother had this but didn't use it because she has oily skin and didn't like the texture. Within a few days my skin was pretty much clear. I only use it at night because it feels really disgusting under my makeup (it's quite thick so only use less than a pea size amount). However, after a while it started to not have as many benefits in healing my once monthly breakouts but I am not complaining because it's the only moisteriser that I have ever used that isn't the cause of my breakouts and clogged pores. Only complaint I have is about the atrocious lid, which is now broken but I am still using it because the white protective lid is still on. I never dropped it, it just started to crack off in pieces. Price is decent, most I've ever spent on a moisteriser but definitely still affordable.

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