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Tria Beauty, founded in 2003, makes anti-aging and hair removal devices. Their first office opened in California in 2004, soon expanding to launch products in Japan. Products are now available online and worldwide.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Tria Beauty -Age-Defying Laser

on 2/5/2019 2:30:00 PM


I'm redoing this review as I definitely spoke too soon in regards to its effectiveness. During the first week there seemed to be noticeable improvement on the fine lines around my eyes, but sadly the longer I used it the worse my skin seemed to get, I understand that your skin is supposed to start getting dry and flakey as your skin exfoliates and then after a few weeks it becomes soft again and the wrinkles begin to reduce. HOWEVER, this was not the case for me and my skin stayed dry and flakey, along with causing breakouts (to be expected since I have acne prone skin) and some skin damage on my cheeks and forehead so I stopped using it to allow my skin to recover.

Once my skin had healed itself I noticed that my pores were more visible, the damaged skin on my cheeks looked slightly puckered like aged smokers skin and several of my fine lines were deeper than they were prior to using the Tria laser. Fortunately, the damage on my cheeks is gradually reducing with the help of collagen supplements and Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence gel, but the fine lines around my eyes are still more noticeable than they were before, I suspect it's gonna take botox or filler to reduce their appearance now.

Overall I'm glad I didn't use the Tria laser for the full cycle, I dread to think how much more damage it could've done to my skin!

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Misc Beauty Tools -Tria Beauty -Laser Hair Removal System

on 10/20/2018 12:20:00 PM


I've had my Tria for about two years. It works. But a regular commitment of time and tolerance of some pain is required to make it work. I learned after a few false starts that I had to follow the treatment directions to the letter to see results. But that's no different than making a bunch of appointments with the dermatologist, and it's cheaper and more convenient.

The only gripe I have is that two small cracks developed in the housing near the top of the device. Very strange, as I always keep it in its box when not in use, and I've never dropped it. The cracks don't affect operation, but it's disappointing to see in such an expensive device. So minus one lippie for that.

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Tools -Tria Beauty -Age Defying Eye Wrinkle Laser

on 8/17/2018 6:00:00 PM

Every time I used this my skin reacted and was red and sore, dry and scaly and it happened every time I used it. Sadly sent it back very disappointed

Misc Beauty Tools -Tria Beauty -Clarifying Blue Light

on 12/10/2015 11:21:00 AM

So I decided to give the Tria blue light a try during my current pregnancy since I had to give up my retinols, glycolic acids and benzoyl peroxide skin products. (Previously I kept my skin 99% acne free with daily use of benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid and 3 x a week used retinol at night)

Without my skin regimen, plus the addition of pregnancy hormones my skin was horrible. I'm in my 30's for reference. I was plagued with horrible comodonal (white and black head) acne to my forehead, cheeks and chin. Makeup only covered the redness, but the lumpy bumpy nature of my skin was just gross. I felt like I was 14 again.

This is not an insta-fix for acne. I found that after a total of 4 weeks of diligent daily use, this light does in fact helps prevent acne. I have been using it now for 4 months straight, and only got 1 pimple the other day because I overindulged in chocolate (damn holiday season, and office kitchen being stocked with gifted candies and chocolate and my lack of will power) Works great on my whiteheads and blackheads. My understanding is that the light kills the P. Acnes bacteria that often is the cause of acne for majority of people.

Upfront this is expensive, I feel it's was around 300 dollars, and comes with a 2 month cartridge. Then it's 40 buck for new cartridges that also last 2 months with daily use. However with the cost of my other skin products I think is it reasonable as I used Clearogen BP, PTR glycolic acid, and Sunday Riley Luna oil for the retinol (all not cheap either). Purchased via Sephora online.

I use this every night after I cleanse my skin with Philosophy Purity and my sensitive head clarisonic. Allow skin to dry for 5 minute, then use the light treatment. It is programmed to a 5 minute cycle that can be divided to 2 1/2 minutes if you want to do this AM and PM. I just do all 5 minutes at light. 1 minute to my "zones" forehead, cheek, cheek, chin and nose. Then I apply my eye cream and Argan oil.

I'm super impressed and plan on using this after I have my baby and see if I can hold off on resuming the prior skin cremes.

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