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Too Faced Cosmetics was founded in the US in 1998, by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. (Blandino had worked at Estee Lauder makeup counters in the mid-90's.)That same year the company created the "world's first glitter eyeshadow." Known for its innovative style and intricately detailed products, the brand grew quickly and was eventually acquired by Estée Lauder in 2016.

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Recent Too Faced Reviews

Powder -Too Faced -Peach Blur Translucent Smoothing Finishing Powder â Peaches and Cream Collection

on 11/17/2017 6:37:00 PM


No matter what brush I use, I cannot get a decent amount of product on. I don’t know if I got a dud or what, but it is getting returned. Powder should not be this difficult to use...

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Mascara -Too Faced -Better Than Sex Mascara

on 11/16/2017 7:47:00 PM


The only thing I dislike about this mascara is the price.
I first got a sample tube of this out of my cousin’s Ipsy bag and it quickly became the only mascara I reached for. I’m now on my second full sized tube of it.
My lashes are thin and can easily be weighed down or even broken by a too dry or heavy mascara, but BTS keeps a curl and looks and feels light as a feather. I’ve never noticed any broken lashes with it either.
I adore how black this mascara is and how easy it is to layer. One coat gives me lovely work appropriate look and 2 or three coats give me long and sexy lashes.
Yes, every once in a while I find BTS smudges a little under my eyes, but that’s most non water resistant mascaras. I can deal with a smudge here or there when the trade off is amazing lashes.
The icing on the cake is that this stuff comes right off with coconut oil or eye makeup remover.
I know the reviews on here are mixed, but you should at least give the sample size a shot if you’re on the fence. You might end up loving it.

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Palettes -Too Faced -Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eye Shadow Palette

on 11/15/2017 5:05:00 PM


I sooo love this pallette all matt well pigmented I love the colors with berry tones who can go wrong they blend together very well last a long time on my lids and plus who can say the packaging isn't georgious lot of fall out but that's expected and the peach smell does not bother me but for those who finds scents to be a bother it does not lingers long .great pallette.

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Liquid -Too Faced -Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation

on 11/15/2017 12:26:00 PM


I don't know yet. I don't think the color range is very good. I was matched with Nude in Sephora. Two hours after application, I took a quick peek in a mirror and I'm a bit orange. The coverage is nice, light feeling and kind of long lasting. I get still get pretty shiny with this. The packaging is fabulous.

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Lipstick -Too Faced -Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick

on 11/15/2017 6:35:00 AM


I bought the shade Cool Girl on a whim to find the perfect nude. Where has this liquid lipstick been all my makeup loving life??? It's comfortable and light but very matte and opaque. This is by far my favourite liquid lipstick shade- and formula-wise. I don't think it's that long-wearing but I personally don't mind that as I can reapply this and not worry about my lips drying too much. I much prefer this to the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick as this one dries a tiny bit faster, which I personally like as I don't want to spend too much time waiting for a liquid lipstick to dry. I will repurchase this, and maybe a couple of different shades too.

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