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Too Faced Cosmetics was founded in the US in 1998, by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. (Blandino had worked at Estee Lauder makeup counters in the mid-90's.)That same year the company created the "world's first glitter eyeshadow." Known for its innovative style and intricately detailed products, the brand grew quickly and was eventually acquired by Estée Lauder in 2016.

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Recent Too Faced Reviews

Mascara -Too Faced -Better Than Sex Mascara


This is, hands down, my HG mascara (and I'm really picky). I have naturally long lashes, but this makes them look riDICulously fab. I haven't experienced the flaking that others have attested to, but I will say that the formula seems to dry out fairly quickly. Solution: buy the mini size.

Highlighters -Too Faced -Peach Frost Melting Powder Highlighter â Peaches and Cream Collection: Happy Face (Iced Champagne)

on 12/16/2018 6:42:00 PM


‪Honestly... and this is coming from someone that loves the natural glow style of highlight, don’t bother with this. Packaging is as cute as can be however, it has it’s flaws. The product is dome shaped and it isn’t securely adhered to the base so it moves around and hits the mirror on the lid which I find super annoying. The scent is a very mild fuzzy peach, nothing overwhelming. The texture is brilliant though. It is neither creamy nor powdery which might just be its biggest downfall because it swatches very pretty but I can’t get it to look like that on my face. There is next to no pay off at all. And if you go heavy handed with it then you end up with some very strange looking creamy powder but no real “highlight”. I got this in the Sephora weekly wows so at least it was 50% off but even at that price it’s just not worth the aggravation. The blush and bronzer from the same collection are definite winners though.‬

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Blush -Too Faced -Peach My Cheeks Melting Powder Blush - Peaches and Cream Collection

on 12/16/2018 6:29:00 PM


I purchased the shade “So Peachy”, a soft peachy pink shade which looks scary bright in the package but looks very fresh and soft on the skin. I also purchased the highlighter and bronzer from the same collection but unlike the other two this product was securely attached in it’s place. Similar fuzzy peach scent, not great but not bad, definitely doesn’t linger at all. Texture is the same cream to powder formula and feels really nice. Applies easily with finger, sponge or a brush. My favorite way to apply it is using an angled blush brush, swirling to pick up pigment and then tapping it on my cheeks for a fresh flush on the skin. It looks so beautiful that I am wearing it every day without fail and the packaging is the ultimate in cuteness. I could easily see purchasing other shades because this product is the bomb!

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Bronzers -Too Faced -Bronzed Peach Melting Powder Bronzer â Peaches and Cream Collection

on 12/16/2018 6:20:00 PM


Why oh why can’t they get the product to stay securely in place inside the packaging?!?! C’mon TF, this is not acceptable for any brand, and certainly not for a more expensive one to put out such crappy quality. Just like the highlighter from the same line the product pops around and gets all over the mirror in the lid. Ugh... packaging aside, same mild fuzzy peach scent and strange but intriguing texture but this time around I actually really like the application. The shade is gorgeous, a warm, toasty, bronze, with a slight glow that gives life to the skin. I like using this with an angled brush, it lays down the exact perfect amount of pigment and is easy to blend out. My dry skin loves this type of product. This has extreme lasting power too, my makeup looks intact until I remove it at the end of the day/night.

I’d like to deduct 1 lippie for the faulty packaging but the product is so freaking good I can’t bring myself to do it.

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Eye Shadow -Too Faced -A Girl's Best Friend - Clover

on 12/14/2018 4:04:00 AM


As cute as this palette was (and I know for a lot of people it was too childish) the shadows were very underwhelming. Packaging aside the pop of colors look cute but for someone like me who isn't good at color combinations I found myself lost with this palette.

Some cons: the green shade was pale and not so eye catching like the pop of blue or the bright purple. Also there was no matte cream shade. The colors Ruh-Roh and #SaveThemAll look so similar that the only difference is one of them is a more reddish brown. The color scheme feels all over the place.

Nonetheless the saving grace of this palette for me were the matte transition shades. Chihuahua, Fur Baby, Paw Print are all colors I love for transition shades. Cuddle buddy was really pretty too for darkening the outer V or for a liner shade. I easily love all the matte colors in this palette no complaints there. Good Boy was a very pretty yellow and its so random in this palette but it actually goes very well with the browns. My favorite shade is Wet Kisses. It's a very pretty penny copper color with a metallic sheen. My 2nd favorite is Best Friends with that duo chrome red & teal eyeshadow that I've loved for years in other products (it was in Wet n' Wilds Comfort Zone palette and MAC's blue brown pigment).

This palette is definitely one of those products that I don't regret buying but I certainly won't buy it again.

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