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Too Faced Cosmetics was founded in the US in 1998, by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. (Blandino had worked at Estee Lauder makeup counters in the mid-90's.)That same year the company created the "world's first glitter eyeshadow." Known for its innovative style and intricately detailed products, the brand grew quickly and was eventually acquired by Estée Lauder in 2016.

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620 products

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Recent Too Faced Reviews

Mascara -Too Faced -Better Than Sex Mascara

on 10/19/2018 4:47:00 PM


I wanted to love this mascara so badly. As a frequent user of Perversion, I was suggested Better Than Sex.

The packaging was heavy, yet you get less product than other mascaras of similar size.

The formula didn't build and smudged on my lower lids. Very disappointing.

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Bronzers -Too Faced -Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

on 10/17/2018 7:52:00 PM


I've been using this bronzer for the past 4 years... and i'm never going to switch it.
i love it, it doesn't come off strong and dark on the skin.

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Loose Powders -Too Faced -Born This Way Ethereal Loose Setting Powder

on 10/17/2018 2:27:00 PM


I really love this powder as I think it gives a nice soft, matte finish. It's finely milled and just leaves a nice finish on the face. Love the packaging as having the sifter with a cap helps prevent spills and makes it very travel-friendly. I first tried the medium shade but it was a little dark and orange on me (I have tan, Indian skin). So I went with the translucent shade, which is perfect as it is truly translucent and doesn't add any color. Even better than LM's powder as that one still leaves a bit of a white cast, is more expensive, and is less finely milled. And I can tell this will last forever! Highly recommended!

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Palettes -Too Faced -White Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

on 10/17/2018 9:28:00 AM


I love the OG chocolate palette, so I figured to give this one a try. It smells amazing but the colors are... not great. It has some nice transition shades, but everything else is really sheer and barely pigmented. For $49 there’s hundreds of other options. Disappointing.

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Palettes -Too Faced -White Peach Eyeshadow Palette

on 10/17/2018 7:52:00 AM


I can't write how much I HATE this palette, it is a total waste of money!

- Barely any pigment
- The glittery ones, well where's the glitter? When on, there's barely a speck on my lids
- The matte ones are SOO chalky - its like a thick layer of powder on my eyes with a hint of colour
- The darker ones are RIDICULOUSLY hard to blend.
- Wish i could return it
- Packaging is lovely but that's it

I didn't realise it was scented either, I don't get it, why?? Who's sniffing my eyes? .

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