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Recent TonyMoly Reviews

Lip Gloss -TonyMoly -Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

on 7/18/2018 10:14:00 PM


This is a great product. If you are a low maintenance kind of girl like me, this is for you. I do have very dry lips so I always have a lipbalm with me. This works as my lipbalm, gloss and lippie all in one. It doesn't feel heavy on the lips or sticky. It's very sheer and very comfortable on the lips, it's still buildable though so it's good.

Sometimes, I do put this on over my drier lippies to give it more moisture. Sometimes I wear it alone or with other lippies with different finishes. I do experiment so it's always fun.

I would buy this again, quite cheap too! The cute packaging is a big bonus and it fits in my makeup bag perfectly.

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Masks -TonyMoly -Gold 24K Mask

Tony Moly Intense Care Gold 24k Snail Hydro Gel Mask -

The mask itself is gold in colour and had a nice smell to it. It was very slippery/slimy (as most hydro gel masks are, but also a little more due to the snail mucin in it) and fit really well to my face. Take note though: if you think you can walk around the house without this mask falling off, you’re wrong. I was watching a movie while masking and even sitting back in bed, I experienced the bottom section sliding down my face a little.

I may have left the mask on a little longer than I should have as I wasn’t watching the time. When I finally took it off, I noticed the edges were starting to dry out so I immediately went to put on the rest of my night skin care.

Snail mucin is great for hydration and skin elasticity. I definitely feel that my face was hydrated after using this mask.

I loved this mask and will definitely repurchase. It was definitely more of a luxurious mask and I really liked how it felt on my skin + how my skin looked a little brighter and hydrated afterwards.

Toners -TonyMoly -Wonder Rice Smoothing Toner

on 7/6/2018 5:11:00 AM


I have tried many products that claim to reduce pores with minimal to none results but this the only one that works as promised on my skin. For reference, I have combo acne-prone skin with enlarged pores and a few dry patches here and there and this does a great job at evening things out and making my skin look smoother and healthier. I don't feel this should work on extra dry skin types but if you have a combo skin like me, I would def recommend this. Not only this, a whopping 500ml pack which last for several months costs only $12 which is a great value for your money. Definitely check this out..

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Treatments (Face) -TonyMoly -Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack


This product is amazing. It's one of the only sleeping masks I've found with arbutin in it. My skin has brightened up so much after using it every night for the last two weeks. I've even noticed that my lips have turned a more reddish tone since I slather this all over my lips as well.

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Powder -TonyMoly -Cat's Wink Clear Pact

on 6/1/2018 11:58:00 AM


I'm not going to lie - it's the packaging that made me impulse buy this powder. It's one of the cutest powder pact designs I've ever seen. The little paw print things are a cellophane sticker than comes off but the cat face and ears are plastic and are part of the compact itself. There's a mirror inside of it too. 5 points for the packaging is well earned, no doubt.

Price-wise, like most Tonymoly products it is inexpensive and affordable even for schoolgirls and students. I got this in the lighter shade of the two and it's a very fair peachy pink colour, it gives a brightening effect when wearing. It isn't like a traditional pressed powder used to set make-up - it's more like an Asian powder foundation crossed with a pressed powder. So it is much more "chalky" and densely pigmented than a setting powder - the first time I used this, I made the mistake of loading the puff up with powder to set my oily areas and getting a far greater opaque swipe of colour than I'd anticipated. So, there is a danger of this appearing cakey and chalky if you're not careful. Wear time is reasonable, but I needed to blot as often as usual and this product isn't great when using to retouch areas - it tends to go on too thickly, and over foundation that might have moved around during the day, or smudged by blotting papers - it sticks to those areas like crazy and highlights the unequal texture and coverage of the underlying base makeup.

As my skin does get very oily on my t-zone, I frequently need to retouch these areas during the day. Unfortunately this product looks terrible on me when I try to reapply it - whether over oily areas or just all over. I just look like I face-planted into some peachy chalk, no matter how lightly or carefully I try to apply it. I really wanted to like this because the outside of it is just THAT cute, but I couldn't find a way to make this work for me and my skin type.

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