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Dry Shampoo -TONI&GUY -Cleanse dry shampoo


Hard to believe how bad this dry shampoo actually is as I usually love Toni&Guy products. It left my hair feeling really waxy at the roots and much dirtier looking than before I use it. I thought I must be using it wrong, so I tried it again a week later just to get the same result as before - really greasy, waxy feeling hair that looked like it hadn't been washed in weeks, rather than one day. Was so bad I had to wash it all out. I threw the can in the bin as it's hopeless. An expensive waste of money that I wouldn't recommend.

Styling Products -TONI&GUY -Label.m Curl Cream


I saw this recommended by someone on the hair board and decided to give it a try. My hair is very fine and thinning but it has some natural wave. It's colored and has been very dry and lifeless - I think from overclarifying. It's chin length and I'm trying to let it grow out but was despairing, thinking I'd have to get it all cut off to make it look healthy again.

Anyway, I did a deep conditioning treatment yesterday with Biolage Hydrasource Masque, which I'm sure helped, but then I used this cream after I towel-dried my hair. I was really afraid it would weigh my hair down but it actually gave it volume, without drying it out. Most volumizing products work great the first time I use them but then they start drying my hair out. I've only used it a few days, but so far so good - soft, shiny hair with poofy volume. Keeping fingers crossed that it lasts.

Edit: It's been over 2 months and I'm still in love with this product. I keep buying extra bottles because I'm worried it will be discontinued. I am using this just at the roots and it give me amazing lift and control.

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Styling Products -TONI&GUY -Casual - Sea Salt Texturising Spray

on 3/14/2017 9:47:00 AM


This is the only sea salt spray besides bumble and bumble's Surf Spray that I like. Not too heavy for my super fine curly hair, but adds a little definition to my curls on frizzy days. Also doesn't hurt that hubby loves the way it smells!

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Conditioner -TONI&GUY -label.m - Moisturising Conditioner

on 1/8/2017 5:48:00 PM


I picked this up a huge (1000 ml/33.8 fl oz) bottle of this conditioner at a bargain price when they changed the packaging and sold out the old ones. The packaging I got it in is quite bad, actually, so it's probably a good thing they did. The old one was big, bulky and so flimsy that it's hard to squeeze out product, while the new bottle looks much more sleek and manageable.

It doesn't weigh my hair down at all, despite its moisturising claim, but it's clear that it's working from how silky my hair feels when I wash it out. My hair usually always snags when I run my fingers through it in the shower, but this makes my hair feels so healthy and moisturised. After the shower I follow up with some hair oils and the label.m Curl Cream, which has been a HG product for me for quite a long time.

+ Cruelty free claim
+ Good value - it's a salon product with a salon price, but still more towards the lower end of that category
+ Makes my hair very feel nourished, smooth and tangle-free, which is a feat in itself with how dry my curly hair is
+ A bunch of natural and beneficial ingredients - aloe, wheat amino acids & protein, soy protein, avocado oil, olive fruit extracts etc
+ "Enviroshield Complex" claims to protect against heat and UV rays
+ You don't have to use a ton of product (though I can't help but slather on any conditioner, including this one)
+ Smells good - kind of citrusy, almost grapefruit-smelling

- No CF certification combined with it being a Toni & Guy brand makes me a little bit unsure about the brands true status as CF
- Contains parabens

Styling Products -TONI&GUY -Heat Protection Mist

on 6/25/2016 8:13:00 PM


Honestly, I really wanted to like this product. But it leaves a sticky residue on my hair, making it hard to straighten and leaving it feeling super gross, dry, and itchy.

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