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Recent TOM FORD Reviews

Eyeliner -TOM FORD -Eye Defining Pen - Deeper

on 3/21/2019 3:30:00 PM


If I had reviewed this eyeliner pen 6 weeks ago, it would have been a full five stars across the board. However, my review, after this period, is what you see before you. The liner started beautifully, as it should for the £47 I paid for it. I thought that this would be the end to my problems with other liners that I use a lot, such as the Stila Stay all day, or Kat Von D’s eye liner in ‘trooper’. Both these others are good initially but after 2/3 weeks they either start to dry up, or the bristles splay. I was impressed with this Tom Ford liner. I have used the brush tip more than the other end as that is the type of tip I’m used to. It’s tapered and it draws a wing well. I really liked it. I have fairly dry eyelids and I always prime my eyes. I probably used this 6 out of 7 days a week, as I like to wear eyeliner. It has been consistent and fairly black. The tip has remained good, my mornings were drama free when applying my makeup. Apart from this morning. When I took the cap off, I saw two full length splayed hairs on the brush tip. When I applied the liner, it was skipped! I am gutted. It has started to dry up, after 6 weeks. I could use the other end and will probably do that, but the other tip is different and not as controllable. I’m bitterly disappointed and will never purchase again as cannot justify 6 weeks wear for that cost.

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Stick -TOM FORD -Traceless Foundation Stick

on 3/21/2019 2:25:00 PM


So took me 2 times to get the shade right, the BAs in Tom ford aren’t the best at foundation matching... Initially I was matched to 2.5 linen. However as the foundation does oxidise slightly (maybe half a shade to 1 shade), so it would turn out too dark for me. They have just released some new shades for 2019, so I went back to try but there were no testers yet!! The BA this time matched me to 0.5 porcelain, which was a better match, but the wrong undertone (I’m oriental and have a bit more yellow in my undertone). Judging from the colours on the Tom ford website, I purchased 1.1 warm sand in the end. It’s not an exact match, probs around a shade too light for me, but I didn’t want to wait anymore!!! I can make it work as it does oxidise, so I use fire lust underneath and setting powder and contouring to adjust the colour. Unfortunately I feel with the Tom ford foundation range, the colours do not cater to different coloured women, which is why I only gave this 4 stars. The undertone in this is still slightly neutral.
I usually swipe this on my face, and then blend with a brush. The finish is beautiful, brightens up your face, not matte but not too dewy either. I only swipe 1 layer on, and would say the coverage is light to medium. You can swipe another layer on, which should help cover up blemishes, but I think too much would look quite thick on your skin. I still use concealer on top. I do set this with powder, but I set all my foundations with powder. With the powder, it’s quite long lasting; I can still see the coverage it provides 10 hours after I have done my makeup. Doesn’t transfer much after letting it set. Oil control on this foundation is standard, would probably help if you are oily to use an oil control primer underneath. However do beware - it can highlight dry patches and wrinkles caused by dry skin! The cap clicks into place, however it doesn’t feel very secure, so I’m not sure how well this would do in a makeup bag...
At £66 this foundation is very pricey. But I have heard good things about this foundation. At the end of the day my skin still looks bright, as some foundation go a bit dull towards the end of the day, but not this one. Can’t really smell much fragrance from this. The design is good as you can just swipe the stick on your face, or dab your brush into it. But I’m not sure how quickly it would dry out, as every time you open it, the whole foundation stick is exposed to air. Will update if any problems.
So far so good with this foundation stick. I’m liking it currently so I’ve put yes to repurchasing, but it will also depend on how it goes.

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Lipstick -TOM FORD -Lip Color (All Shades)

on 3/16/2019 7:45:00 PM


Tried this in sheer formulation in a coral shade, I forget the name. At first I thought I had picked the wrong tube as it was not really sheer at all. The color was beautiful, though given that it was opaque it looked a little garish/old lady-ish. It also didn’t seem to apply evenly at all, looking patchy over my quite well-moisturized lips and continued to wear unevenly. Worse still, my lips got that telltale dried out feeling after a couple of minutes. I was expecting much more for what has to be one of the most expensive lipsticks out there. I will say that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous though.

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Lipstick -TOM FORD -Lip Color - Indian Rose

on 3/16/2019 11:05:00 AM


Very expensive but, aside from the gorgeous color, it has a great formula that doesn't dry out my lips yet is longer lasting than average creamy lipsticks. The packaging is gorgeous as well. With my luck they'll discontinue it soon, I have 3 backups just in case.

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Bronzers -TOM FORD -Bronzing Powder in Terra


After months of contemplation, I gave in and bought it. One of the best buys of 2018, even if the price tag is hefty.
This bronzer is big, and the compact is by far the most beautiful compact I have ever seen, white, squared rounded corners, rimmed in gold, so chic looking with a very functional and huge mirror. (As a side note, I would have loved the TF logo discreetely showing on the white... I need people to know that I am applying Tom Ford and not a Mark Jacobs powder, who has a strikingly resemblance to that!).
It contains more product than any other brand I have ever come across, so I can justify the £70 since it will last me a while. What I think I love most about this bronzer is that almost anyone with golden hues in their complexion can wear it.
I have strong yellow undertones. It can be worn lightly or can be built for a deeper color.
Never does it appear dirty or orange--just like a true tan.
It's got the nicest, most subtle shimmer I've ever seen. I got the deeper one, Terra. The texture is silky smooth and easy to apply evenly. Definitely a top notch product, reaching HG status. If you're in doubt, get it, you will never regret it!
Probably the best bronzer on the Planet.

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