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Fragrances -Thierry Mugler -Aura

on 3/11/2018 10:04:00 AM


Beautiful bottle. I love the scent of wintergreen. However, when I sprayed this, something in the top notes made me want to remove it right away. This frag may be polarizing. People will either love or hate it. On my skin, the cool notes on top and warm notes on the bottom clashed. I could smell Alien, one of my all-time faves, underneath it all, so I will stick with Alien. Perhaps the top notes of Aura, combined with other green/breezy/cool notes would have worked better on me, but that would have made it a totally different frag. This brand is often heavy/warm/spicy, so I'm not sure if they'd ever head in that direction. The market used to be full of "fresh" aqua water note things I could not wear, so TM would need to have something really different that would stand out from those for me to tolerate it.

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Fragrances -Thierry Mugler -Angel Muse


When I heard my signature/all time favourite perfume, Mugler Womanity would be discontinued I was really upset. I know it was a 'love it or hate it' kind of scent, but for me it was definitely the former, I got the most compliments ever (from guys too) when I wore that.

Anyway, I first tried Angel Muse at the airport a year ago, at that time I felt like it was too similar to the original Angel, which on me doesn't really work. Then I tried it last week again and this time I fell in love. Yes, you can definitely tell its origin, but it is more gourmand and in my opinion more unique than Angel and also more wearable since it's not that sugary sweet.

Muse's lasting power is not that excellent as Womanity's was, but I don't think anything will ever top that for me unfortunately. My only other small complaint would be the bottle. Although it is beautiful, the fact that it cannot stand (unless you buy the biggest size) is a bit annoying.

It is still too early to tell but I might have just found my new signature scent.

Fragrances -Thierry Mugler -Alien Flora Futura

on 3/8/2018 5:20:00 PM


It's magnificent. Very possibly Mugler's best Alien flanker so far. It does have Alien DNA but it's so beautiful it deserves its own title. The bottle is charming, but Flora Futura could also be comfortable in Aura's bottle. I have some perfumes with the intoxicating smell of cactus flowers, but, I must say, Mugler's captures this mesmerizing aroma better than anybody else. I ordered directly from Mugler's website. I have no idea when or if it will come to any US department stores or boutiques, but this company will be missing out on massive sales if it doesn't. If you love cactus flowers, do NOT miss this scent. Get it right from the website! On my skin this smells extremely similar to Mugler Aura, but with a stronger white flower accord.

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Fragrances -Thierry Mugler -Alien Parfum

on 3/4/2018 5:35:00 PM


Elegant, creamy-salty jasmine and aromatic woods. This fragrance has been a legend and a classic for 13 years, so my adulation is nothing new. However, I just discovered it for personal wear. (Of course I was familiar with it, I do live on this planet!) I had never worn Mugler fragrances until recently falling head-over-heels for Aura. I believe I developed an understanding I had missed out on all these years. Also, I am so tired of pissy-weak, short-lasting, linear fragrances, I'm half tempted to wear Red Door or Youth Dew just to have detectable perfume. I never thought I'd miss Giorgio, but my olfactory senses have been so deprived, I nearly bought myself a bottle of it, just to bask en sillage. Lucky for me (and everyone else), Alien is above and beyond all of those in sillage and presence. Plus, it's absoutely beautiful, and distinctive. It's not "everyday" for me. I feel like I need to dress up for it. It's special. The bottle is a treasure as well.

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Fragrances -Thierry Mugler -Alien Essence Absolue

on 2/20/2018 12:40:00 AM


Everything about this scent is marvelous.
All the notes are present.

From the sensuality of the smoky scent to the warmth of the balsamic , amber and vanilla..this perfume is unique.

The bottle resembles the shape of a woman's genitalia. Which many have complained about. Is it fair for such a gem, to be judged by its appearance? Perhaps mr. Muggler created this "essence absolue" after inhaling the true scent of an intoxicating female alien and designed this bottle after witnessing a rare rosebud waiting to be plucked..

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