Marisa Shipman is the founder and CEO of The Balm. The makeup company is based in San Francisco, CA and launched in early 2004. They are known for their multi-tasking cosmetics and have a complete line of face and hair care formulas.The Balm products are now available in more than 100 nations around the world.

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Lipstick -TheBalm -Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick (All Shades)

on 2/16/2018 9:18:00 AM


Not really big fan of these lippies, formula is very inconsistent. I used to own Adoring (deep red) & Sincere (mauvish nude). My experience with Adoring was very stressful. The color was really patchy, the wand is not suitable for drawing fine lines which is necessary for the darker colors & formula was quite dry means not a lot of product was coming out after each dip. Overall result was very dry looking lips. Had more luck with Sincere, formula went really smoothly, the color is very pretty, stays fair amount of time BUT if you'll need to reapply it make sure you wipe the first one first and then apply again. Otherwise it will crack and look nasty.
Pros: good pricing; nice choice of colors; loved the minty scent
So-so: packaging is quite messy, product sometimes overflow & the wand is not very convenient for darker colors; drying but still reasonable for the liquid lipstick
Cons: non-consistent formula; cracks if reapplied

Lip Gloss -TheBalm -Read My Lips Lip Gloss Infused with Ginseng

on 2/16/2018 7:45:00 AM


Absolutely adore this gloss! It fells very comfortable on the lips, smells fruity but not in a sickening way & looks absolutely stunning on the lips. Also a major plus - it's very hydrating too! My biggest fear that they are going to discontinue these glosses, it will be such a shame.
Pros: good pricing for a good quality gloss; very hydrating; good staying powder for a gloss (2-3 hours); not overly sticky; pleasant scent; doesn't have bad taste; pretty colors
So-so: packaging is average but not bad; color range is not wide

Eyeliner -TheBalm -Schwing Liquid Eyeliner in Black


I used all of mine up already, I am obsessed. It is jet black and doesn't bleed, I remember before I bought this I swatched it onto my hand and I kid you not, It didn't come off for 24 hours. So, I bought it and it has been the only eyeliner I wear, and I wear high end products and drugstore, this beats them all. You NEED to get this, I swear by it.

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Lip Gloss -TheBalm -Plump Your Pucker in Cocoa my Coconut


I am on my third tube, I love love LOOOVE this lipgloss. I only use two glosses (this gloss and Buxom's Samantha gloss). It is that perfect milk chocolate brown, super shiny and not sticky although if it was I don't mind a little stickiness. A lot of The Balm's makeup is pricey, I wish this was a little cheaper but SO worth it like omg. I heard it's off the shelves now, I may cry. I will never find another gloss with a similar shade :(

Foundations -TheBalm -Even Steven Whipped Foundation

on 2/11/2018 5:23:00 PM


I watched a few videos of people trying this foundation, and it looked amazing. That's why I justified the steep price tag on this tiny little foundation pot. Only I wish I hadn't. The shade lighter than light is definitely fair enough for me, and corresponds pretty well to the same shade in the TimeBalm tinted moisturizer, but it has sort of a weird undertone. It doesn't exactly look orange, like many shades do on me, but it sort of... peach, maybe? Anyway, that's not the biggest problem with it. Have any dry patches? Stay far, far away from this! I didn't think I had that many, but this foundation told me otherwise. It massively exaggerates them. It also looks much, much more matte than I expected, but I guess that's a preference thing that some people may really enjoy. Another thing it also exaggerates, sadly, is my pores. They looked worse than they did with no makeup on. After a few hours it also settles into the pores like little dots, even with primer. I think you'd need a heavy duty pore filling primer to counteract this. The next gripe I have with it is that a little doesn't go nearly as far as I expected it to. I use a little less than usual, but the difference isn't all that significant. And, again, since the pot is tiny, the price because really steep. It also breaks down on the oiler parts of my skin pretty quickly.

Overall, just not impressed.

+ Cruelty free
+ It is truly weightless on the skin
+ More pigmented than the average foundation...

- ...but not as crazy pigmented as the brand (and some reviewers) made it out to be
- Exaggerates even the smallest bit of dryness
- But also doesn't handle oil very well as it breaks down quickly on the t-zone
- Exaggerates and sinks into pores
- High price, tiny pot
- Unhygienic packaging

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