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The Body Shop International plc is a British cosmetics and skin care company owned by L'Oréal. It was founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick and currently has a range of 1,200 products which it sells in 2,500 franchised stores in 61 countries

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1,376 products

27,425 reviews

64% would repurchase

Not tested on animals
The Body Shop is a Cruelty-Free Subsidiary.

Recent The Body Shop Reviews

Masks -The Body Shop - Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask


I am honestly so done with The body shop's skincare. The body shop markets themselves as a very natural and enviornmentally friendly company. However, their skincare always seems to be mediocre at best. Altough this is just my own personal view.
Lately I have gotten into kbeauty, or "korean beauty" and I nowadays have most of my skincare (besides my beloved clinique, dior etc) shipped all the way from asia to Sweden. Why? Because the western market often is rather expensive and disappointing.
This mask used to be one of my HG items when I first got into skincare and it was one of my earliest moisturizing creams and it is safe to say that I know this cream, I know how it applies, I know what it does for me personally and I am not super impressed. My feelings for this product is rather complicated because out of the entire Vitamin E line (I own the whole line besides the hydrating toner), this is the product I enjoyed the most. The nightcream was terrible with its strong smell, heavy feel and irritation. The "cream" was fine but not worth the money aswell as the facial oil. This mask had however an okey smell and moisturized without breaking me out. It is also possible to layer this mask on drier areas and go thinner of oilier areas. Also, do check out the ingredients list at cosdna:

This is an all over ok mask but I will not repurchase nor recommend this product to who wants a serious bang for their buck. I recommend you to check out for example CosRX, Benton, Innisfree or Missha as they cater to all kinds of skincare needs and I honestly feel like more people should know about them.

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BB Cream -The Body Shop - All-In-One BB Cream

on 2/20/2017 10:35:00 AM


Made my face very oily and came out an orangey colour when applied. I found I had breakouts the day after use and hardly covers blemishes just makes your skin a little more dewy. If u rub too hard it just crinkles off your face - not smooth texture and too watery. Wouldn't buy again as it just makes my face look streaky and orange with no coverage at all

Lip Treatments -The Body Shop - Hemp lip conditioner (stick)

on 2/20/2017 10:22:00 AM


This smells nice although a bit irritating (not a creamy comforting or tasty scent like most lip products), more fresh.

My main issue with this is that it was really hard to apply, like you have to press very hard on your lips. There is no shine at all which some people might like.

Fragrances -The Body Shop - Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist

on 2/20/2017 4:35:00 AM


Tried this body mist for the first time. I liked the scent but it's too flowery for me. I would prefer something more balanced in future.

Moisturizers -The Body Shop - Oils of Life Revitalising Sleeping Cream


Wow, is this stuff amazing! First of all, I have oily skin, and this does not make matters worse.Beyond that, this moisturizes like a dream, yet is very lightweight. I wake up with my skin supple and glowing from within. The scent is absolutely wonderful and makes this amazing product even more luxurious! I actually look forward to removing my makeup and getting ready for bed so that I can whip out this stuff and spoil my skin! I don't normally get so excited about skincare, but this rocks. The only drawback is that is not meant to be used around the eyes because of all the essential oils in it. So you do have to locate a great eye cream. Otherwise, this stuff is perfect, IMO.

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