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Hair Treatments -Terax -Shine leave-in conditioner

on 7/2/2016 2:54:00 PM

I have dark, thick hair and absolutely love the softness and shine that this spray gives to my hair. If you are looking for a product that tames dry hair and frizz then I recommend this one. It also has a nice fresh scent, although don't expect any hold with this product. I am on my second bottle, and will definitely repurchase.

Conditioner -Terax -Crema

on 3/9/2016 3:49:00 PM


I received a sample of this conditioner. I did not want to like it because I did not like for the $22 price! I have fine hair that is shoulder length. It has a light wave 2A texture that tends to frizz depending on the weather. Since my hair is so fine I cannot use products that weigh my hair down or conditioners that make it too soft because then it gets static and fly away with no volume.

This product did the job! It tamed my frizz without compromising volume. I didn't want to spend $22 for a hair conditioner but I am hooked because I have not yet found anything that performs like this one. My hair was so lush, conditioned, and no frizz! If you have lightly wavy fine hair that gets static, this should solve your issues.

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Hair -Terax -Life Drops

on 5/17/2015 8:29:00 AM

Warning: this is HIGHLY fragranced. Works well as a naturally curly hair reviver on a non wash day. Don't think it could work as your only conditioner unless your hair was straight, fine and healthy. You will get some thickening with this. I mist it on and scrunch on day two.

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Shampoo -Terax -Latte Shampoo

This is the single most transformative hair product I've ever used, hence I'm writing my first review here. I had no idea a shampoo could do such wonderful things! My hair is normally impossible to deal with a mass of fine, limp, porous straw with lots of broken strands/split ends/frizz. I also swim in a chlorinated pool at least once or twice a week, so yeah. Hair blargh.

The only relief I've found was occasional trips to Portland, OR, where I always stay at my dad's house when I visit. His bathroom is disgusting but the water is wonderful for my hair. I live in San Francisco and the water here is tasty but not so great for my hair. I'm guessing at this point that my water is a bit on the hard side or at least harder than up in PDX. Not verified, just a guess based on the evidence.

Anyway, I'd never heard of this shampoo (Terax Latte) before until a couple of days ago when I stopped by my local fancy hair care shop (a little place on 24th Street in SF's Noe Valley that keeps changing ownership so I don't recall what the current name is). The salesperson gave me a free sample but wasn't very pushy or anything, so wasn't expecting much. I tried it, and then the very next day, immediately purchased the largest size available.

Overnight, my hair went from being horrifically dry and straw-like and all kinds of other bad hair things to being as close to how I remember it from my youth (I'm now 38) as I can remember. Your mileage may vary, but if you live in an area with hard water issues, this could be a game changer for you. It was for me! Not cheap but absolutely worth it. Also made my conditioner and everything else work better.

Some people don't seem to like the smell based on a number of reviews but I think it smells great. Definitely on the sweet side (as a point of reference, I also love the scent of the Living Proof Flex Spray, which has a similarly sweet/sugary smell). I don't find it overpowering at all.

UPDATE (May 12, 2015): I've now been using this shampoo for at least 10 days straight. I don't think it's really intended for everyday use but I love it so much that I've completely disregarded conventional wisdom as far as clarifying/chelating shampoo goes.

I've never thought a shampoo could be so transformative so I always put all of my efforts into finding good conditioners and leave-in/styling products. I've also tried other clarifying shampoos (Neutrogena and Suave formulations) and they don't even come close to what this one does.

One of the reasons why I'm updating my review is because I forgot to mention the fact that my hair actually feels like crap immediately after washing with Terax Latte. The magic stuff doesn't really begin until I condition it and it is during that phase that the difference between this and every other shampoo is made patently clear.

I don't understand the science or logic behind it (I can only guess that it does a bang up job of rectifying the water that comes out of my tap and/or maybe it has something to do with the fact that my hair is especially porous (as observed by my hair guy as well he pointed out that it takes an unusually long amount of time for it to dry) and maybe needs to be super cleansed/de-gunked in order to properly absorb what comes after), but somehow this shampoo makes everything else work 10x better.

I really don't get it. I've used a bajillion other shampoos that *on paper* seem like a much better fit for my hair type/condition and yet, this is the only one that makes it possible for me to achieve SILKY, soft, hydrated and manageable hair (it is so much easier to blow dry now, as my hair brush now glides through instead of getting stuck and breaking things left and right). If it keeps working this well, I may finally manage to grow my hair past my shoulders! I cannot think of another beauty product that I've been this pleased with, like, ever.

That all said, despite how effusive I am, I wouldn't run out and buy this without trying first (for one, pricy! and I think its effectiveness is dependent on the type of water that comes out of your tap/your hair type/whatever)....but I would ask for a sample if you can get one. Especially if you've noticed that your hair is sometimes much better when you travel to another location. Also, if your experience is like mine, you will know after first use whether or not it's effective for you (it only took a single wash before I was sold).

[UPDATE 6.14.2015: Have been using this every day for over a month now. Still as happy with it as ever. Makes my hair feel like straw immediately after using but all of my conditioners now work much better than they ever have. I *really* shouldn't use this as my primary shampoo but I do and am continuing to get excellent results.]

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Shampoo -Terax -Bosco Shampoo

on 6/1/2013 11:24:00 PM

My mother bought this for me after my hair was extremely oily and I had a lot of dandruff. I didn't like the drug-store shampoos like Pantene which had too much sulfate. When you use this shampoo it doesn't lather as it is a higher grade shampoo. When you rinse it all out you have a cooling sensation and it is amazing! I wash my hair with Redken Oil Control on days I go swimming or have sport and then I mainly use Terax. It leaves my hair, less oily, stronger and silkier!

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