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TendSkin is a skin care company founded in 2003 in Florida. Their line includes serums, gels, lotions, and post-shave treatments to prevent razor bumps. Products are available online.

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Lotions/ Creams -Tend Skin -Tend Skin Solution

on 3/1/2019 2:01:00 PM


I used to apply this religiously. I have the refillable roller ball and the large bottles. I would apply this almost every day, let it sink in for a while then apply my body lotion. It's expensive. I would epilate and wax regularly. I have thick dark body hair. This didn't work. I still had to go in and meticulously take out hairs with a needle and alcohol.

An esthetician suggested body brushing. I have one of the looped ones that sheds everywhere and was hideously expensive. I've been using a body brush for a year now and could never look back. It does hurt a lot more to use a body brush as your hair is growing back but it's much more effective than tend skin. My legs look smooth now.

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Treatments -Tend Skin -Tend Skin Intrinsic Nail Hardener

This works great great great for in-growns, I use it and I recommend it to my patients at my medical spa.

Skincare - Body -Tend Skin -Air Shave Gel

on 9/7/2007 5:15:00 PM

My fiance and I can't live without this stuff. We both have sensitive skin (my legs, his face) and this solves our problem. Very close shave. It's not cheap, but a large bottle lasts us both for months. A little goes a long way. I use 2 pumps per leg and that's more than enough. I have no razor burn after using this product. Previously the only other shaving cream that worked for me was Noxema Sensitive Skin (red can). I think it's the dimethecone that makes it so effective. Great find!

Deodorants -Tend Skin -Purefection deodorant

on 8/11/2004 8:56:00 AM

I have the sample of this, and although I have not used it yet, it smells terrible! If you like your deoderent to smell nice, don't use this. But I guess if you just want to not sweat, go ahead! Not recomended.

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