Tatcha is a luxury beauty and skin care brand founded by Victoria Tsai in 2009. After suffering from acute dermatitis, Tsai traveled to Japan and learned classical Japanese beauty secrets passed down by generations that took a different approach to skincare.* Taking this "less is more" philosophy, Tsai employed Japanese and U.S. scientists to create its products. They are available online as well as beauty retailers across the U.S. *Source: Company website

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Primer/ Corrector -TATCHA -The Silk Canvas Face Primer

on 12/3/2018 6:00:00 PM


This primer is packaged beautifully and takes a form that is almost the consistency of a hard paste. Tatcha provides the consumer with a tool to scrape out the small amount needed to cover the face. I found I didn’t use it. I bought this after hearing glowing reviews on you tube and elsewhere. As an older woman I am looking for a primer that will help with texture and moisture and I find this is helpful with both to some extent. A younger woman may find this primer enough to assist with these issues but I can’t say I see enough of a result to warrant the high purchase price. I am currently using this up - alternating it with Tarte’s Timeless Primer and some blurring drop I paid way too much money for...what can I say?? Tatcha makes beautiful products - I’m just not sure this is as effective as I need for the money.

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Moisturizers -TATCHA -The Water Cream

on 11/27/2018 10:59:00 PM


After reading the reviews I had high expectations for this product however I feel this didn't offer enough hydration throughout the day and really emphasized the pores on my cheeks.

My skin has been on the drier side lately so this product is definitely more suited to oilier/normal skin types.

I didn't feel it improved the tone or texture of my skin or add any luminosity.

I recommend trialling the sample size before committing to the full size as I have found less expensive products have been far more effective.

Cleansers -TATCHA -Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder

on 11/27/2018 12:58:00 PM


This product was my first introduction to exfoliants and for a while I though it was pretty good. It does lift up some dead skin like it's supposed to. But sometimes it feels overly scratchy, like it's causing damage instead of just polishing away the bad stuff. Maybe because the rice grains are a little larger and more unevenly shaped than they should be, IMO. My skin is sometimes pretty red afterwards, and stays that way for half a day or so. I much prefer other exfoliants now, like AmorePacific's enzyme peel or Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads.

Misc Beauty Tools -TATCHA -Kinu silk polishing cloth

on 11/19/2018 6:41:00 AM

I was kinda of on the fence about this purchase. I agree with the other MUA'er when they say it is expensive and Lord knows what it actually costs per square inch.....HOWEVER, I think that it's worked better than anything I've used to date to exfoliate my face. And I've also used microfiber cloths, wash cloths, and also the round little buf puf knock offs made by Up & up (Target brand) that I have loved since I was a teenager 20+ years back.
WITH THESE made by Tatcha--- it doesn't feel like much, it does have a tad of roughness, but...I feel like it cleaned my face and pores better than anything I've ever used!!!!!!!
Keep in mind, I also used the Rice Enzyme Powder also made by Tatcha-- together, these 2 got a lot out of my pores... and my face feels very soft and ready for serum and lotion after this clean.
I also use the Tatcha Silk Cloth with my regular face soap-- which is just Pears Oil Clear OR the blue Pears Mint Soap-- that I use in the morning usually.
I know that this Silk cleansing cloth is expensive. That I realise for sure. BUT, I think that it's worth a try, even at the cost of $18 a cloth. Because Its given me a very good clean....better than anything else I've tried to date, and I'm a 38 year old Native American woman... no one special at all... and I certainly always keep an eye on what I spend for things of this nature.. And this cloth can be used for a year or so according to the packaging.
This cloth, I believe that it is worth a try.
Since there is some seracin in silk (ie.this cloth) as well as those silk cocoons for your face available from Asia, and Seracin can help your skin immensely when it comes to wrinkles, acne scarring (me 😔) as well as other issues that we all experience at some point of time.
I would say give it a try. I did and I'm blown away by how well it worked in just a few uses. It is definitely an investment in your skin and in anti aging in my opinion.

Treatments (Eye) -TATCHA -Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream

on 11/5/2018 6:08:00 AM


A nice product but not amazing. I prefer the eye serum.

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