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Moisturizers -Synchroline -Synchrovit Face Cream

on 2/1/2019 2:36:00 AM


I was recommended this face cream years ago and really liked it then. As I like trying new products, I didn't use it for years. Last year, my skin felt really oily in the summer and I remembered that this product had worked well for me in the past. I'm now on my second tube and I'm loving it as a day cream. It contains retinol and other goodies, so sunscreen is a must. It doesn't control oil, which isnĀ“t a requirement for me, but it doesn't make my skin more oily either (I like a bit of oil on my skin as it keeps wrinkles away). It gives my sensitive combo skin enough moisture during the day, doesn't clog pores or aggravates my skin in any other way. It's also great under makeup. For someone with dry skin, this wouldn't be a good option though, unless you use a really moisturising serum underneath.

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Treatments -Synchroline -Surgeon's Skin Secret Beeswax Moisturizing Cream

on 11/19/2018 3:40:00 PM


Surgeon's Skin Secret by Jamark Labs is an effective moisturizer....for hands, cuticles, any part of your skin that is very badly chapped or dry.
It is made of beeswax and lanolin. It is thick and applies a shield to the skin.
I usually wait until I'm desperate to use this push up tube that I've had for years and yes there is a reason!
The beeswax/lanolin formula provides a shield over the skin, but it also leaves a film that transfers on to glass, almost anything you touch.
Recently my cuticles were so dry and cracked that they hurt (I had neglected them). I used the stick form of Surgeon's Secret and rubbed the smallest bit over my nails and cuticles. They feel better already, but I'll sleep with cotton gloves on. They will be fully restored and I'll go back to using Gold Bond.
I only gave it 3 lippies because it's almost impossible for me to use during the day.

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Sunscreen -Synchroline -Sunwards Face Cream SPF 20

on 6/17/2007 6:36:00 PM

Sunscreens tend to be thick, sticky, greasy, evil-smelling things, so it was a joy to find a light product that spreads easily and doesn't leave either a white cast or an oil slick in its wake. Sunwards doesn't leave my face totally matte, but it is a hell of a step up from the usual sunscreen finish. My only reservation about this product is that the manufacturer spoiled things with an unstable combination of UV filters. D'oh! And they were sooo close to perfection...

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