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Crème -Suqqu -Extra Rich Cream Foundation

on 12/1/2017 8:01:00 PM


This might be fine for younger ladies. I was hoping All the hype about extra rich, good coverage and natural looking skin would lead to my Holy Grail. Not even close. I did find this foundation to be nice and creamy and it blended nice on application. It gave high medium coverage but natural looking it was not. I didn't find it to feel drying but it made my skin look very dry and more textured than it is. It dried down fairly quickly with no glow or dewiness - just flat and dry looking. Actually made pores more prominent and wrinkles more noticeable.

Maybe this would work better on younger skin but it definitely doesn't sit well on my 60 plus year old skin. It's a "no go" for me.

Eye Shadow -Suqqu -Suqqu designing colour eyes

on 10/6/2017 1:44:00 PM

These eyeshadows have replaced the old blend colour eyeshadow. This new eyeshadow has slightly more product - 4.2g compared to 5.5g in the blend colour shadow. The price in the uk is the same, still £46. These products claim to be more pigmented, which i do feel they are. However these new releases do not have a matte shadow within. I really liked the matte shades in the old palettes as they sort of tone down the eyeshadow, and bring everything together. That being said, the colours are not too pigmented like european brands, but enough to not make you work hard to apply. The shimmer is very fine, not too noticeable for work, so i am still able to use them. All the shades in the palettes released so far have some sort of degree of shimmer. I do like this shimmer, as i find it gives this soft glow to the eyelids. It also has some degree of transparecy, unlike european brands, where their colours are a lot more solid. The shades are as ever, soft and a dream to apply. I have not noticed any fall out with these shadows. They blend wonderfully together, but still maintain their colour. I found that the blend colour shadows can sometimes literally blend into a big pile of colours, that you cannot distinguish from one another. No problems like that with the new shadows. These new ones also dont fade as much after an 8 hour wear. I have bought 9 of these palettes since its been released, Suqqu is having a busy year! The uk releases tend to be more brighter colours, whilst japanese ones keep their subtle shimmer glowy colour. The uk exclusives are also ones that have a matte shadow within, but these exclusives are not routinely released. I love both of them.
Suqqu eyeshadows are not cheap and not easy to get hold of. However i am always willing to travel for their new releases. I am a hardcore Suqqu fan. Their eyeshadow products are the best i have tried. Their new eyeshadow releases always fly off the shelves. A must try if you are into the more subtle glowy eye makeup look!

Blush -Suqqu -Pure Color Blush 103 - Amacha

on 8/28/2017 6:31:00 AM


I adore this blush and despite the fact that I own a ton of blush from different brands, Amacha is still a pretty unique color in my collection. It`s such a delicate and beautiful deep orange coral brown. In the daytime, I don`t touch the highlighter strip, and it looks just like a post-summer touch of tan, like I`ve just come back from a beach vacation. For the evening, I love to mix the blush with the highlighter for a golden candle-lit glow. I also use it on my decolette and shoulders with a strappy dress. It`s just gorgeous.

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Brows -Suqqu -Eyebrow Liquid Pen (NEW)

on 8/2/2017 2:25:00 PM


This review is slightly belated (I did a comparison post on the board when I first got this!). However, I'm glad I gave it some time before reviewing as I've come to like this new brow pen more and more. It may even displace ABH Brow Wiz as my lazy day (read: most days) brow product, which is very high praise! (FYI: I wear Granite or Ash Brown, when that shade is available, in ABH's Brow Wiz, Brow Pencil, Brow Definer and Brow Powder Duo.)

For reference, I'm a shade or so paler than N15, with undertones on the cooler end of the spectrum. I have dark brown hair with natural coppery-red highlights that are quite warm. (I'm mixed race - East Asian/white - so discerning undertones is always a complicated exercise.) My eyebrows, however, don't have any warmth to them and I have a strong preference for ashy brow shades. I bought this product in the shade Khaki. I've included numerous comparison swatches and pics which I hope are helpful

My in depth thoughts below:


I know there are many fans of the original Suqqu Eyebrow Pen, especially in the Moss Green shade (also my former shade of choice). Suqqu recently introduced a new 'Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen', which comes in a wider range of shades, including: Khaki, Grey, Camel, and Brown. The closest equivalent to Moss Green in the new formula is Khaki (which, btw, Selfridges confusingly still calls Moss Green.)

In my opinion, this formula is a huge improvement on the older one. There are several reasons why I prefer the new one but I've laid out the top two below.

For some people, this may be a negative thing so YMMV. As you can see in my swatch pics, Moss Green is much, much lighter than Khaki. That's what made it so universal a product I think.

However for people like me who already have dark, thick, naturally well-defined brows, the old formula just lacked oomph (and by oomph, I mean pigmentation.) My brows really don't require much work - just a little bit of evening out (i.e. correcting the disparity between my lower left arch and higher right arch, extending the tail end of my brows slightly, and filling in the odd sparse patches I get.)

The new formula checks all those boxes AND is pretty goof proof too. While the pigment is much stronger, it isn't too dark (no Crayola brows) and it retains the shine-free, natural-looking finish of the old pen.

One big issue I had with the old brow pen was that it dried up way too quickly. Two-three weeks is just not good enough for me. I've had this for more than a month and it's as good as the day I opened it.

Packaging is nicer too. The old pen was a matte plain black and often I found it hard to find amongst all my other eyeliners, brow pencils, etc. The new pens have coloured caps which match the shade of the pen.

I also found the nib of the new brow pen to be much sharper and less floppy than the old brow pen so it's better at creating the illusion of individual little hairs.


One of the reasons Moss Green was so popular was its ashy quality (ashy shades tend to look more natural on brows).

According to Suqqu's official Instagram, Moss Green in the old formula remains the most ashy/cool shade - an assessment I'd agree with. I purchased Khaki because of the following statement Suqqu made on Instagram:

"In order of intensity/darkness would be, 04 Grey in new formula > 01 Khaki in new > 01 Moss Green in old. Khaki is black-ish green while Grey has a subtle red undertone. ".

Based on blog swatches, Grey does appear warmer than Khaki. However, it isn't Moss Green level ashy. So that will be a downside for some people.

When I first got the new pen, I was disappointed with the warmth of Khaki compared to Moss Green. However, for me at least, it looks perfectly neutral on my eyebrow. Also, in real life, it doesn't look as brown as it does in my swatches! It's a true khaki taupe brown, neutral/cool, and definitely not warm. I've been using this pen daily since I bought it aand I find myself liking it more and more. I'll probably stick to the Khaki shade when I stock up again. (I definitely will be repurchasing!)


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Polishes -Suqqu -Nail Polishes (All)

on 5/4/2017 8:16:00 AM


I`ve bought two nail polishes from Suqqu: a mossy green from their limited Spring 2017 collection and the light navy from their permanent collection that was just released this month. The colors are lovely and unique, but they are too pricy (27 bucks a pop) in terms of longevity and overall formula. I think you`re mainly paying for the colors and the brand name. Sneaking a quick look at other counters in Japan, it seems RMK, Addiction and Lunasol are releasing some pretty nail polishes of their own, so if you`re hooked on Japanese beauty items, do take a look at these more reasonably priced brands before committing to Suqqu.

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