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Recent Suqqu Reviews

Primer/ Corrector -Suqqu -Blooming Glow Primer

on 8/11/2018 12:25:00 PM


I bought a Suqqu lipstick at their counter at Selfridges in London , and saw the new Nude foundation and got a sample , and then purchased .
I loved it , and when I saw some samples on e-Bay for the Blooming Glow primer I got those too . I am really in love with how my skin looks with these two products . The primer has a very thin consistency , but when applied it just gives a lovely glowy natural finish .
I have never used a primer before , thinking it was unnecessary .
These prices ARE insane , it’s true , but I feel the way my skin looks with them is worth it : it’s my face , after all ! If you baulk at the expense , try to get samples . I highly recommend this product :)

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Masks -Suqqu -Moisture Mask

Fantastic product for dehydrated, flaky, or dry skin with a damaged moisture barrier. It's also effective for burns from chemical peels. I have combination skin. The skin around my nose gets dehydrated (as opposed to dry) and flaky easily, especially in winter months with the heaters running all day. I squeeze out one dot of the mask, spread it between my forefingers, and massage it just around my nose. I'll apply a thinner layer all over and I don't need a lot of product to cover my face.

My skin is sticky after applying the mask. Suqqu says you can blot off the excess with a tissue after 15 minutes, I prefer to leave it on. I wake up next morning with dewy hydrated skin. If I'm feeling really dehydrated or if my skin is raw/burnt from chemical peels, I'll apply a second layer the next morning, then sunscreen, and then my makeup. My makeup (esp foundation around my nose) looks good for the day.

I'm impressed with how it penetrate the skin and hydrates deeply. When my skin is very dehydrated, particularly the bit around my nose, creams and emulsions just feel like they're sitting on top, and when I touch my skin, it feels rough. After I apply the Suqqu Moisture Rich Mask, the dehydrated rough parts of my face become soft and normal again.

The mask is a thick translucent gel. You can spray a hydrating mist and it will spread more easily. It turns milky white if you rub it in, that's normal and the product turns transparent after a few minutes.

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Eye Shadow -Suqqu -Haruhinata

on 4/21/2018 1:13:00 AM


This my absolute favorite palette for pink/peachy spring season eyeshadows. The yellow highlighter, the creamy peach and the matte pink make such a gorgeous gradation on the eyes with minimum blending effort, that even though I prefer simple and quick cream stick shadows in the mornings, this powder is still easy enough to apply in a pinch. The brown is rich and pigmented, a good coffee matte brown that works great as a liner for this look. I use the peach shadow as my transition shade in the daytime, but in the nighttime I often accentuate the crease with a touch of contour/blush, Harusumire, also from Suqqu. A simple, chic spring quad that is part of Suqqu`s permanent collection.

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Liquid -Suqqu -Nude Wear Liquid Foundation

on 4/5/2018 1:17:00 PM


This foundation retails at £46, whereas their extra rich cream foundation costs £64. This is a nice medium coverage foundation. Its a biphasic foundation, so you have to shake it before using to mix the oil and foundation together. I use it with their blooming primer, but can't comment on their primer (not sure how effective it is). With one layer its a quite sheer coverage. i usually use a bit of a thicker layer so its medium coverage. It might be better to layer it as suggested by the reviewed below, but I've not tried that as don't have time for that! I apply it with my fingers, which gives a natural finish. I took one lippie off as the colour selection is not great. Its different from their extra rich cream foundation. In the cream foundation I'm a perfect match in 002, but 002 in this foundation is quite light, but 003 is way too orange for me. 102 is quite pink so also not suitable. So in the end, I bought 002. It does oxidize half a shade after half an hour, so then it becomes a good match. Its expensive for a foundation, but not expensive in terms of Suqqu products. Its got a stopper, which is great for controlling the amount, however I noticed that the screw part can get quite dirty.
It does last for at least 8 hours, but I do notice some fading after work, but not super obvious unless I'm literally checking at a spot. It gives the skin a nice glow, which does last, not too dewy, definitely not matte. Oil control is not great. No fragrance so good news for some. Its a good foundation, but nothing spectacular like the extra rich cream foundation. May purchase if I warm up to it more.

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Blush -Suqqu -Pure Color Blush 02 Hanachaori

on 3/12/2018 12:29:00 AM


This color is described as "brown, pink blossom" which is quite true to what`s in the pan. The highlighter portion is pink, the blush portion is pinkish brown. I have worn this both as a blush, bronzer and contour. Depending how you load your brush and where you apply on your face, I think it works equally well for fair complexions. I love the elegant, compact packaging that makes it easy to take along for trips. There are no fragrances or glitter in this product, and it lasts really well on the cheeks. A great multi-tasking blush for me.

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