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Recent Suqqu Reviews

Primer/ Corrector -Suqqu -Blooming Glow Primer

on 3/18/2018 7:43:00 AM


While I am willing to splurge on skincare and a good foundation, I tend to be less picky when it comes to primers: I tend to think that, well, a good moisturizer and sunblock should do the trick for most days, so I don`t much bother with primers if it`s not a special occasion. However, this Suqqu Blooming Glow primer blew me away. It`s a cherry blossom pink liquid of a very watery consistency, which is a bit scary because it looks almost Pepto Bismol-like pink. However, once I applied it, it blended into my skin so well, and it gave a soft, natural glow with just the tiniest rosy hint of health. The glow is suffused in the skin, there are no tacky particles or weird glow as with those awful metallic highlighters which are so popular in the West. Suqqu is all about enhancing your own beauty while still looking natural and well-put together as a mature, dignified woman. The only thing I am not particularly thrilled with, is that SPF is so low, 12 PA++, but I always wear a ton of sunblock underneath anyway. It`s quite expensive, about 6800 JPY plus tax. It works really well with the new Suqqu foundation that was just launched, and I will most likely buy the two together. For Suqqu, I`ve realized that their foundations work really well with the primers, unlike most other brands, and I`ve really been using them together for almost 10 years now.

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Liquid -Suqqu -Nude Wear Liquid Foundation

on 3/18/2018 7:28:00 AM


This is a new 2018 launch for Suqqu, which is my most beloved brand for foundation. So naturally, when I heard about this foundation, I had to go to the counters in several department stores to try it out and get samples. At first I was wary: it comes in a dropper bottle and it has a very thin, watery formula, a tad reminiscent of Channel Vitalumiere Aqua. I`ve applied it with fingers and a Beauty Blender, and I much prefer the BB, because the formula is very, very runny and takes a while to set, so it can be a bit of a mess with fingers. The first coat lived true to the name: a sheer, nude glow, which if you have really good skin or if you`re just having a laid back weekend, would be fine. But I wanted to see if it can be built up: I`ve used a second layer to reach medium coverage, and with sponge, this is easily achieved and without interfering with the previous layer. I am not a full coverage person, but I have been suffering from acne recently, so I wanted to see if coverage can be amped up in those areas: it can be, but darker spots or acne scars will still need a thicker concealer. I am not a fan of Vitalumiere or watery foundations, so I was skeptical about wear time or oxidization, but once the foundation sets, it`s there to stay. The finish is not matte, nor dewy, but somewhere in between, and even with so many layers (in my acne prone zone), it still looks like skin. I powdered, but I haven`t had to blot at all for 5 hours, which is absolutely amazing for my skin type. I will purchase this, I just wish I haven`t splurged on that awful YSL All Hours foundation, which retails at the same price as my beloved Suqqu, and is now sitting on my vanity barely touched. The first and last time I will ever take advice from a blogger. The primer I`ve used with the Suqqu foundation is also the new primer designed for this, which is called the Blooming Glow Primer. I think I will donate the YSL to my sister, and buy this new Suqqu one for myself.

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Blush -Suqqu -Pure Color Blush 02 Hanachaori

on 3/12/2018 12:29:00 AM


This color is described as "brown, pink blossom" which is quite true to what`s in the pan. The highlighter portion is pink, the blush portion is pinkish brown. I have worn this both as a blush, bronzer and contour. Depending how you load your brush and where you apply on your face, I think it works equally well for fair complexions. I love the elegant, compact packaging that makes it easy to take along for trips. There are no fragrances or glitter in this product, and it lasts really well on the cheeks. A great multi-tasking blush for me.

Crème -Suqqu -Frame Fix lasting pact foundation

on 2/4/2018 12:56:00 PM

Probably the most long lasting foundation I have ever owned! It also wears really nicely - fresh and matte at the same time. It’s not often that foundations get to be both at the same time. The coverage is also amazing. I have no need of concealers when using this foundation. And yet, despite the high coverage, the finish is light to the feel. I would not say that the finish is skin-like. It would be apparent to others that I am ‘made up’ when I wear this foundation, but then I would look ‘made up’ in a nice and neat kind of way. Application is not the easiest, and I would generally spend a few more seconds blending this, than I would with other foundations. It also requires a bit more effort to remove at the end of the day. This is all worthwhile though. The only thing I have against this foundation really is the price. I can’t even count on getting it on sale - it never goes on sale! :/.

Recommended for others who want a reliable foundation that makes your makeup look well put together for hours!

Primer/ Corrector -Suqqu -Treatment Primer SPF 20 PA ++

on 1/28/2018 9:04:00 AM


This is a pink color primer designed to be used with Suqqu`s most recently launched cream foundation. It is everything you`d expect from Suqqu: a subtle, elegant creamy glow that dry skin folks will love. It adds moisture and helps the foundation blend to perfection. SPF22 is also a big bonus. There are no scents or tacky glitter particles. It`s like a more subtle version of Burberry`s skin luminizer. The Suqqu primer is more suitable for day wear, imo. I clicked no on repurchase because 60 bucks is a lot and I much prefer the other glowy primers from Suqqu. I don`t have dry skin, and those primers contain more product in the bottle and work better for my skin type. If you have dry skin and bug bucks, this primer should be right up your alley.

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