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Scrubs -Sukin -Revitalising Facial Scrub

on 4/9/2019 4:20:00 PM


The packaging is not pump action like the picture, it's in a squeezing tube. This stuff is so gentle and although a scrub can be used every day. I have acne prone skin and combination and it was my saviour for a whole year but now its not doing much at all, I think I have got used to it as my skin has started getting spotty again but it could be new adult acne! I hope not.

Moisturizers -Sukin -Moisture Restoring Night Cream

on 4/8/2019 7:15:00 PM


It contains a lot of ingredients that are supposed to be good for you. Lasts quite a while. I haven't noticed it doing anything much for me besides serving as a moisturiser at night but I do put some oil on top.

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Masks -Sukin -Oil Balancing + Charcoal Anti-Pollution Facial Masque


- easy to apply
- thin but spreads well
- does not stain
- pleasant light greyish blue colour rather than black

- strong fragrance (pleasant floral but very prominently present)
- did not notice any change in pore size

Had a sample size from Sephora. Did not have breakout when this sample was used so can not attest to efficacy. After using masks, my skin usually overproduces oil but this did not make it more so. Would I use it again? No. I don't consider myself dressed until I've spritzed on some perfume but the strong fragrance on this face mask is offputting.

Shampoo -Sukin -Oil Balancing Shampoo

on 3/30/2019 3:43:00 PM


I got this recently and like it better than the hydrating as I think my scalp is sort of, maybe oily and this feels cleaner than Sukin hydrating shampoo.

It does feel harsher on my hair as my hair feels squeaky clean (in a drying way) after every shampoo. I alternate between this and the hydrating one and it's all good.

I rarely use conditioner.

Moisturizers -Sukin -Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

on 3/21/2019 8:44:00 AM


I do love this product, it leaves my skin so lovely and soft and the price (on sale for $15 AUD, 50mL) is killer for how long its lasted me, I'm 1/3 away from finishing it's been like 5 months. I'm definitely quite tolerant of smells; but this product has a strange one that is a tad off putting for me. The bottle also is possible a defect or broken as I can't fully close it; this occured the first time using the product and when I try to close it all the way it bounces back to being nearly closed.

One time i tried to force it and the glass dropper part detached from the twister but it was easily reattached. It's actually my first rosehip oil but I'm going to branch out to different brands after I'm finished with this one as the gripes that I have with the product are making me want to find better alternatives but nonetheless it's still a quality product.

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