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Moisturizers -Sukin -Moisture Restoring Night Cream

on 6/22/2018 5:30:00 AM


My new HG! Plumps and hydrates my skin and retains more moisture than Sukin Sensitive moisturiser without leaving my face and pillow greasy. My skin has never looked better!

I started using Sukin to help with my adult acne and deep cystic pimples. The sukin sensitive cleansing lotion and hydrating toner and sensitive moisturiser has been a godsend in helping me calm my skin down. I prefer the moisture restoring cream over the sensitive moisturiser maybe because it leaves my skin more matte but hydrated due to its waxier feel. I use it now day and night and layer Sukin Rose Hip Oil over it at night for more nourishment.

My skin has always been sensitive to chemicals and Sukin's essential oils and natural ingredients along with Sebamed clear skin gel are the only products my face tolerates. I can't even use Cetaphil gentle cleanser or Physiogel daily therapy cream. Thank you Sukin! Please do not stop making these products :)

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Fragrances -Sukin -Natural Deodorant

on 6/15/2018 8:02:00 PM


I'd like to warn of my horrible reaction to this product , breaking into a rash in both armpits that required 2 doctors' visits and 2 different steroid creams. It's taking weeks to go. I emailed Sukin and they offered me replacement products. A package of 3 items arrived, all heavy with the ingredients I suspect are the potential cause of unwanted reaction , namely fragrant oils Orange and Lavender. Fair play to the company for trying to make amends but I will be giving these things away. Initially I thought the deodorant was great but it's back to Dove roll-on henceforth.

Moisturizers -Sukin -Facial Moisturiser


I bought this when my skin was going through some stuff, it was dry, dehydrated and easily inflamed. I also bought it while my skin was partying it up with acne.

That was a terrible decision, I cannot speak to how well this works when you're skin's doing well, but stay away if you're skin is in an unhappy phase, it made my already sensitive skin worse, it burned and stung on application, and did not help me with hydration or even calming down my face.

It smells lovely, but I think at the time I was using it, it was just too many essential oils to be good.

I likely wouldn't try it again as I've finally found my holy grail for moisturizers and my skins back in it's happy place.

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Gels/Soaps -Sukin -Botanical Body Wash

on 4/24/2018 9:36:00 AM


I bought this for the face . It’s gentle to use and foams lightly . Pleasant , cleans well and not drying . Will not use for the body as I need something stronger and more foamy. Will not rebuy too

Moisturizers -Sukin -Super Greens Facial Moisturiser

on 4/24/2018 9:34:00 AM

I love the texture of this as it sinks into the skin . However I don’t think it moisturises my skin well as i end up having to use a lot of it . It does smell pleasant , lightly moisturises , does not irritate ( not soothe much ). I mix in with my essential oils ( patchouli ) and now it smells divine . I think this is great to mix in with essential oils as it already has a lot of essential oils by itself .

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