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Sugarpill Cosmetics was founded by Amy Doan in 2010. Known for it's vibrant, vivid, highly pigmented formulas, the company first began selling eyeshadows and soon branched out to lipcolor along with makeup tools and lashes. Their products are made in California, are vegan and cruelty-free. They are headquarted in Los Angeles.

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Recent Sugarpill Cosmetics Reviews

Eye Shadow -Sugarpill Cosmetics -Asylum

on 7/3/2018 6:14:00 AM

I love this shade! It was very hard to find such a lovely red that was still vegan. A little goes a VERY long way, so definitely build it up slowly. It stays where I put it, and looks great on. Love it! A+++++

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Lipstick -Sugarpill Cosmetics -Strange Love Liquid Lipstick

on 6/16/2018 8:23:00 AM


Strange Love was part of Sugarpill’s Fancy Feline Limited edition set which was released on Valentine’s Day 2017. Due to a high demand, they have released it as a permanent product. This is my second Sugarpill lipstick I own. Colour is very pigmented, it shows some micro glitter as the product dries on lips. Applicator has a bushy doe foot style, so it is slightly tricky to apply in a straight line. I suppose practise makes perfect. Always feeling excited whenever I’m applying this lipstick as it has a very nice, pleasant sweet scent of creamsicle. Not very strong or offensive to those who have sensitive nose. Quite a unique shade. Perfect to add to your collection.

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Lipstick -Sugarpill Cosmetics -Pretty Poison Lipstick - Nurse

on 1/16/2018 7:48:00 PM


This is a colour dupe for my favourite MAC Russian Red in my opinion. So, naturally, I love the shade. I bought this when I ran out of the former, mainly enticed by the packaging and the cruelty free part. And am I glad I did! The texture is a huge selling point for me as well as the colour. It feels a bit dense when you start to apply it, almost waxy, but it warms up quickly on the lips and becomes this beautiful supple creamy, but not too creamy, texture that I've never seen in a lip product before (and I'm a lipstick junkie). I think it's that plush "waxiness" that adds dimension and volume to the lips. My lips are naturally on the smaller side, but with this lipstick on they look noticeably fuller and "sculpted" for the lack of a better term. I just love it so much! There was a bit of a learning curve with application because of the unique texture of it, but it's nothing crazy. Best applied with a brush. Would not budge, smudge, or bleed, no lip liner needed.

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Eye Shadow -Sugarpill Cosmetics -Kitten Parade pressed eyeshadow

on 12/19/2017 7:23:00 PM


Kitten Parade is one of the most flattering shadows I've ever used. It's a light peachy pink, not toooooo warm toned, with a beautiful pale golden shimmer running throughout. Unlike a lot of golden pink cosmetics, the gold doesn't overwhelm the pink; it looks distinctly pink with gold, then peachy at some angles. It's pigmented and smooth, and blends beautifully. You can't go wrong with Kitten Parade, except possibly if you're super cool toned.

I have the Sparkle Baby palette, and I like to wear Kitten Parade as a wash with Hotsy Totsy (brightened medium warm pink with very tiny, very diffuse colorless glitter) in the inner corner. The whole palette knocks it out of the park, really.

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Lipstick -Sugarpill Cosmetics -Trinket Liquid Lipstick

on 12/9/2017 7:57:00 PM


On me, Trinket looks almost nothing like the mauve you see in pictures, which is what seduced me. It looks mauve in low light, but mostly appears as a medium terracotta brownish nude that's frankly a lot more, well, brown than I usually like my lip colors. The part about pressing your lips together to reveal the heavy wash of tiny gold glitter works as advertised, though, and I like it more that way. I'll keep Trinket around as a way to experiment with a deeper, more earthy nude lip, but I'm disappointed.

The formula is this nifty, super lightweight mousse that I've never experienced with any other liquid lipcolor. I only need a tiny amount to cover all of my lips; in fact, too much product applied pills and crumbles off (wherein it lands on my chin and smudges). It's a wand wiper, and one tube will last me for the rest of my life! I've found that Trinket needs to be applied onto completely clean, dry lips, as even a hint of moisture will somehow cause it to dry out my lips, but, once it's on, it's quite comfortable. It's not a long lasting lipcolor; it comes off on my straw, e-cigarette, or whatever else touches my lips. It wears off evenly, however. The teardrop shaped doe foot applicator tip requires some care in using; the first couple of times, I was applying with the wider part and ended up going over the lip line. The orange creamsicle scent is subtle and disappears quickly.

It remains to be seen whether I'd buy Trinket again, but it has potential.

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