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Eyeliner -Styli-Style -Line & Seal 24 Twist - Extreme Eyes - Black

on 8/1/2015 6:20:00 PM

Yes, this is THE best eyeliner available for any price anywhere. I first noticed Styli-Style products in Rite-Aid a few years ago. That is how my daughter and I first tried this amazing eyeliner. It is even more amazing for us oily-skinned gals because it really stays put, yet it still smudges well on purpose with a Q-tip or sponge-tip applicator. My only problem is that I buy many online, and because it is so amazing, others want them, and I soon find I need to buy even more! I agree that it would be great if this company sold even more shades of the fabulous twist version. I have used Extreme Black, Carbon Black, and Black in the 24 line & seal twist version, and Green Black in the sharpen-type of pencil. I always love blackish plum, green and blue shades, as they are the most professional and flattering. I see Makeup Alley shows there is even a Navy Black, which sounds awesome for my hazel green eyes. My daughter has beautiful light blue eyes, so she would love the twist version in a bronze brown. We gals need to encourage this company to sell its eyeliner in stores where it will sell like crazy.

Eyeliner -Styli-Style -Line&Seal


I found this by accident wandering around LAPeer beauty in Los Angeles. This eyeliner is truly amazing. It stays on all day no smudging etc. I sometimes use it for my brows as well. Sometimes I have trouble getting it off. Impressive stuff. I've seen a couple of comments about having a hard time finding it. I would recommend if there's a LAPeer Beauty Store around you to pop in. If not they have a websight you can order from. All in All I'm never using anything else.

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Eyeliner -Styli-Style -Line & Seal - Bronze

This is my HG under eye liner for my waterline. I like wearing eyeliner on the bottom but not black like my top liner. It just makes your eyes look smaller (unless your doing an all out smokey eye) Wearing a lighter more natural shade on your waterline looks beautiful and more natural. I find that this shade is perfect for my waterline because its waterproof and the shade isn't too heavy but doesn't leave my eyes looking naked either. It's just right and it makes my Hazel eyes pop. Great shade for the summer. But I like it enough to wear it year round.

Eyeliner -Styli-Style -Line and Seal Twist - Black/Brown

on 9/7/2013 7:33:00 PM

Best. eyeliner.ever. Once it sets in (about a minute or so), it does not smudge or smear or run. This is better than any other eyeliner I have ever used, including the most expensive brands, and I have tried at least 20 through the years. I buy them six at a time. Stila is the only one that comes close, but is nearly three times the price.

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Eyeliner -Styli-Style -Kajal Bullit


I bought this product at my local Rite-Aid to try out until I received my authentic Kajal through the mail. I was a tad bit hesitant because of the price $6.49 for 0.035 oz or 1 g, which is expensive for such a small amount of product! (Like an inch of product!) Luckily Rite-Aid will take back opened cosmetics along with a receipt so if I didn't like it I could just bring it back for a refund.

I tried it on after purchase and it took it a minute to get started but I was aware of that after researching Kajals. I applied it on the waterline around 12 p.m. It looked really pretty on my eyes and I liked it! But a half hour later I checked it and it had smeared down to my bottom lashes and looked like trash. It was hot outside and this stuff travels!!

I wouldn't recommend it, buy a different Kohl. For this price you can get 2 authentic ones (from India) on eBay.

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