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Recent St. Ives Reviews

Scrubs -St. Ives -Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

on 4/14/2019 4:37:00 AM


I love this scrub. Not the best scrub for exfoliation, but that’s not why I use this specific product. This scrub, is hands down, the best smelling scrub I have ever used. (I actually think of it more as an exfoliator than a scrub) Only a little is needed, in fact, less is more with this scrub. (too much and it will give you a burning sensation and dry skin out). I have always loved apricots and this doesn’t smell like that fake synthetic fruit scent almost every fruit flavoured beauty product in the supermarket has these days. It’s not the best performing scrub I’ve used, although it is certainly not a bad scrub, in fact, it’s very good considering the price. Sometimes I’ll use it just to smell the apricot scent on my face. But do not over exfoliate! Love the smell of apricots. And very good value.

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Lotions/ Creams -St. Ives -Oil Infused Nourishing Honey

on 4/12/2019 10:45:00 PM

I was excited to try the St. Ives Nourishing Honey Lotion because I've tried other St. Ives lotions and they worked well, but this one doesn't work as well for me than the other ones did. I could barely smell it and I enjoy a nice smelling lotion.

Gels/Soaps -St. Ives -Nourish & Soothe - Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash


I have psoriasis and this is the only body wash I’ve used that doesn’t irritate me. It smells good and doesn’t dry me out. I just wished it came with a pump!

Scrubs -St. Ives -Oatmeal Scrub + Mask

on 3/27/2019 12:05:00 AM


I’ve been looking for a replacement for lush dark angels since I couldn’t stand the mess of using that scrub...I’m liking this one so far!

It comes out in a milky consistency, I like to mix it with a few drop of water to make it easier to spread on the face. The scrub granules are plentiful and not sharp feeling on the skin. It leaves my face feeling smooth and doesn’t dry me out after using it! Nice if you’re looking for a gentle, effective scrub.

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Scrubs -St. Ives -Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub

on 3/15/2019 7:11:00 AM


My 14 year old got this for $6.29 plus tax at Walgreen's to try it out. So far she uses it and likes it. Smells fruity.

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