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Masks -St. Ives -Soothing Sheet Mask Oatmeal

This mask didn’t burn my sensitive skin. The mask is so thin that I almost tore it drying to place it on my face. The serum is super thin but not offensive. Nothing amazing, but nothing that would mess up your skin routine.

Conditioner -St. Ives -Swiss Spa Extra Body Conditioner

on 9/28/2018 11:03:00 AM

Now this is a St Ives product I really liked! This conditioner made my hair sooooo soft and manageable. It's supposed to be volumizing too, but I didn't really notice that. It just never weighed my hair down, which is what I think most volumizing conditioners should do. The fragrance was very light and clean. I actually kinda wish it had been stronger, so it would've lasted in my hair. Plus this 20oz bottle lasted me a full 8 months. Wow! Definitely worth every penny.

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Moisturizers -St. Ives -Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer

on 9/24/2018 2:57:00 AM


الله يسعد مساكم

Scrubs -St. Ives -Renew and Firm Apricot Scrub


This is a very old fashioned exfoliant you can still find now in updated packaging in most supermarkets, pharmacies and chemists. I remember my mother and grandmother using this in the 80s when it came in large fat flamingo pink tubs and the particles were the size of peas and the texture and smell was so thick and you know.......80s! Overtime the particles have diminished, the formula doesn't contain as much apricot extract as it used to, it now features as the last ingredient! and the overall texture of the product has improved and the smell has more or less stayed the same, i love the scent it brings back a lot of nostalgia for me. As much as this is old fashioned I don't think I will ever part with it, sure manual exfoliation isn't as effective or gentle as chemical leave on exfoliants but I just love it. I do not use this on my face any more I use it solely on my knees, elbows and any rough spots on the feet. If I do use this on the face I use ever so gentle buffing motions, I glide it against my skin to remove the dead skin I don't actually press into the skin. Be careful when using this product as the particles are uneven due to the walnut shell powder and corn meal. This natural exfoliant is infinitely better for the environment than say an exfoliant with plastic beads such as polyethylene which is now polluting our oceans and disrupting our sewerage systems. An old fashioned classic that I will always have in my bathroom just be careful when using it, don't go over the top and scrub your skin off! It says this can be used three to four times a week, I disagree, an exfoliant like this you only want to be using once a week, do not overdo it!

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Scrubs -St. Ives -Apricot Scrub


I think it's easier to do a pro and con of this product.

- cheap
- readily available
- does not irritate my skin
- exfoliates really well which helps with acne and scarring.
-brightens complexion
- exfoliation beads are from walnuts so it wont harm the environment

- could be too harsh for some skin types
- the salicylic acid doesn't do much in this since it's just a scrub- it doesn't remain on your face for very long
- there is some debate about skin damage (micro-tears) but I think that comes up with most scrubs.
- you have to make sure you rinse it off well because the little beads feel annoying if any get left behind or in hair lol (didnt irritate my skin the few times it has happened)

Overall I've had no I'll effects from this. It does the job and helps my skin. Definitely if you're not dealing with acne, acne scarring etc then use something more gentle- it's not necessary for non- acne prone skin imo.

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