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Recent St. Ives Reviews

Gels/Soaps -St. Ives -Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body Wash

on 4/18/2018 7:22:00 PM


Let’s be real: I’ve repurchased this body wash many times mainly because it’s cheap ($2 at the dollar store). The fact that it smells nice (albeit super saccharinely sweet), lathers beautifully, and doesn’t seem to aggravate my breakout-prone/sensitive skin are all bonuses to the cheap price tag. I’ll be honest, I sort of wish I was using Aveeno Daily Moisturizing, but I’m on a budget. So this will do.

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Scrubs -St. Ives -Apricot Scrub

on 3/31/2018 1:11:00 AM


I have been using the Apricot scrub for many years. My skin is very dry , and if I do not exfoliate before I apply my foundation, it looks awful . I usually get the Walmart or Target brand version, and they work just as well for a few bucks cheaper. I have tried other more expensive exfoliants, and they usually never fully get the dry patches off my face, this one does, although the blemish control one doesn't help with my acne.

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Scrubs -St. Ives -Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub

on 3/14/2018 11:20:00 PM


Horrible on the skin. Feels and smells beautiful but breaks me out so bad. I went to the pharmacy yesterday and asked for reccomendations on exfoliators because this breaks me out terribly and they were very against St ives products on the skin as it's far to aggressive on the skin. Won't repurchase. Will use on my body.

Moisturizers -St. Ives -Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer

on 3/14/2018 10:22:00 PM


This is the only moisturizer I've found that sinks in and moisturizes my skin. So many others either sit on the surface as a greasy film or sink in don't change the skin. My skin is hydrated, not greasy, and healthy with this. I really wish it came in a squeeze tube, but I won't be without this regardless of packaging. Winter or summer, it just works for my skin.

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Lotions/ Creams -St. Ives -Collagen/Elastin Lotion

on 3/3/2018 10:37:00 AM


I used this product 10 years ago and loved it. Now, the scent is so strong and unpleasant, I can't stand to use it. It may work just fine, but the smell is horrible.

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