Softsoap is owned by Colgate-Palmolive Company. It was founded by Robert Taylor in 1980. The entreprenuer who sold the soap through his company called Softsoap, based in Minnesota. He later sold the brand to CP. The liquid hand soaps and body washes available in large retail stores nationwide.

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Recent Softsoap Reviews

Gels/Soaps -Softsoap -Whipped Cocoa Butter Foaming Hand Soap

on 11/4/2018 4:11:00 AM


I bought this hand soap because it was on sale and I am very glad I did. It cleans throughly without drying out my skin. I struggle with dryness so a gentle hand soap is well appreciated. It also smells amazing. It has a delicious, creamy smell. I will definitely purchase it again when I finish more of my hand soap stash.

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Gels/Soaps -Softsoap -Honeysuckle and Orange Peel Bodywash

on 9/10/2018 5:02:00 PM


This shower gel contains: honeysuckle and orange peel shea butter extract and moisture beads. The smell is sweet and fresh. It lathers well and leaves the skin soft, fresh and smooth. The smell is awsome too! Love it!

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Gels/Soaps -Softsoap -Honey Creme & Lavender

on 9/10/2018 4:58:00 PM


This shower gel contains real extract of lavender and honey creme. It lathers really well, the smell is calming and soothing. It really smells like creme honey and a soft lavender. It leaves the skin soft, fresh and smooth. Love it!

Gels/Soaps -Softsoap -Luminous Oils Macadamia Oil & Peony

on 5/29/2018 9:30:00 PM

I liked this cleanser much more than the Heavenly Vanilla. The scent is pleasant but subtle and it did not dry out my skin but I did not find it particularly moisturizing. My skin felt soft and clean after using it. I probably won't repurchase because there are other products I enjoy more but it's a solid body wash.

Gels/Soaps -Softsoap -Ultra Rich Shea Butter Body Wash

on 2/16/2018 12:08:00 AM


Smells cheap.
You have to use extra product to get a decent lather.
It does not remove deodorant well at all.
After about 4days of use, I start to notice it leaves a film on the shower floor and it starts to get a bit slippery.
I would not recommend nor repurchase.

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