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Lotions/ Creams -Soap & Glory -Hand Food

on 1/18/2018 9:09:00 AM


I really wish I could love this stuff. My hands are so very dry as of late, and as an active WAHM, I need something that soaks in quickly and works without endless reapplication. This cream does all of that. But the smell! I must be smelling something that the other reviewers aren't, because it doesn't smell soft and sugary and floral to me -- it smells harsh and astringent. I've tried to deal with it, but it's just far too strong a fragrance for me to handle on other people, let alone anywhere near my face.

S&G, make an unscented version of this and I'll be a customer for life!

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Liquid -Soap & Glory -One Heck of a Blot Foundation

on 1/10/2018 10:25:00 AM


I have wanted to try this foundation fo quite some time now as I have extremely oily skin and most foundations slide off my face after just a few hours. Well, I finally bought some and am extremely disappointed ☹️. I do love the texture and it did not dry too quickly to the point of not being able to blend properly, but the real problems start after application. First, I actually think it accentuated my pores, and it definitely settled into all my fine wrinkles. But, the very worst problem was that it oxidizes horribly and no matter the shade (I actually tested all 4 of them), after a couple of hours I looked like a bright orange clown. As far as controlling oil though it worked very well. I didn’t have to blot my face as often throughout the day as I usually do, but the oxidation is so bad that it far outweighs any of the positive benefits. And to top it all off, it had an absolutely horrible smell that I almost couldn’t get past during application. So, with my hopes and dreams of a good oil control foundation dashed, I must report that this foundation is definitely not worth wasting your money on.....☹️

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Cleansers -Soap & Glory -Peaches And Clean Wash-Off Deep Cleansing Milk

on 1/7/2018 6:12:00 PM


I really like this cleanser because it's gentle on my skin. When I started using it, my skin was very red and dry due to the effects of a different product that I was using. After trying out this cleanser for about a week, my skin cleared up and looked much more hydrated. My skin has been softer and more hydrated since using this cleanser. I'm not entirely sure how well this cleanser is at removing makeup, since I use a micellar water beforehand. However, it seems to remove any remaining makeup that the micellar water misses. Also, the scent is amazing! I'll definitely be repurchasing this cleanser again.

Treatments (Eye) -Soap & Glory -Puffy Eye Attack


My thoughts on eyecreams were MEHHHHHHHHHH. I've never found one worth using so I just stopped a few years ago. But, my concealers were looking kind of crinkly and dry so I decided to venture out and try to find one worth using. I've always have luck with this brand and the title of this cream sparked my interest. I have oily skin so this being a hydrogel and not a heavy cream seemed appealing. I also have extremely dark circles and puffy eyes my whole life which is the reason I can't leave my house without concealers.

I can say this, within two week's use AM & PM, I've notice a significant difference in the overall appearance of my eye area! Now, I'm someone that spent up to $230 on an eye creams before and had zero results. To say this eye cream and UNDER $20 gave such astonishing results is quite amazing.

Hydration. My whole eye area appears refreshed and smooth. I do have fine lines (crepey) skin and this hydrogel provides a nice dose of hydration without being heavy or greasy.

De-Puff. This really did take down the puffiness under my eyes (especially in the AM) very well. My bags do appear very minimal after about two weeks of use AM & PM.

Brightening. Now this is where the magic happens. NO other cream has provided the diminished look of my severe dark circles. I can clearly see that my whole eye area appears less dark. Granted, I still need concealer but not as much. I do appear more awake.

I'm very pleased with the results I got with this eye cream. I would say there is one slight concern. Note that this cream does have a slight burn to it. Be careful not get it in your eyes.

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Masks -Soap & Glory -Speed Plump Super-Hydrating Miracle Moisture Mask

on 1/5/2018 7:43:00 AM


This was horrible. HORRIBLE! First off, the texture of this is akin to placing a dead, wet, slimy eel on your face, then sitting there for 20 minutes whilst it slowly migrates towards your chin. I'm not joking when I say I had to readjust this mask every two minutes whilst it was on my face or otherwise run the risk of it slipping off completely and landing in my lap.

Once the time came to finally remove it the texture of it hadn't improved any and it definitely didn't leave my skin 'plump with joy'. In fact all it did was leave it feeling sticky and cold, and far from hydrated. And as the minutes ticked by I became increasingly aware of two things; my skin actually started to feel less hydrated and tight!

Around 15 minutes after I took this off I had to go and wash my face and apply my regular moisturiser, just to get some moisture back into my skin. I dread to think what my face would have resembled if I hadn't done this (a shrivelled up raisin springs to mind).

When will I ever learn?! I know Soap & Glory and my skin are not happy bed fellows. I know their products make my skin react like no other and yet, I keep going back to them in the vain hope that I might find at least one of their products which my skin actually likes. After all, everyone else is raving about S&G, so they must have something going for them...!

Sadly this another of their products which has utterly failed for me and I definitely won't be repurchasing or encouraging anyone else to purchase either.

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