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Lipstick -Sleek -Matte Me Lip Cream

on 6/22/2018 2:53:00 AM

These are rubbish. I really tried to like the one I bought as the colour is amazing but it’s so uncomfortable to wear. It goes on reasonably well, dries quick and this where the problems start. Can dry patchy, even if it does go patchy, it will go crusty, and the longer it stays on, the more the lips look dry... and the feeling - I mean I use other matte lipsticks but this one - like some weird coating, I cannot stand this.
And it is a shame because the colours are nice, packaging is nice but for the price the quality is shocking.

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Highlighters -Sleek -MakeUP Solstice Highlighting Palette


Best affordable highlighter out there! The peachy pink shade is my favourite so far. This costs $24.99 AUD and it’s worth it. The packaging is sturdy and a shiny finish. It does need to be cleaned often as the palette gets dirty and fingerprints go on it easily. This highlighter can be metallic and intense, and if you’re not into that, apply it sparingly. It will show up high shine in pictures and it does need to be layered a bit to reach its full glaring potential. Also, it does emphasise your skin texture but I find most highlighters do. The peach highlight lasts a while on me.

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Blush -Sleek -Blush - Rose Gold

on 6/16/2018 5:38:00 AM


Very pretty strong peach pink blush. Absolutely nothing like Nars Orgasm!
The texture is smooth and stays on well but it lacks transparency and subtlety. Which is why people say it is better than Nars.
Because you can see it in a Wham Bam! way. The gold shimmer is there but the colour is warmer and tends toward the apricot side.
So you see the colour first. However it is lovely, bloomin' cheap and I will use both palettes of it I bought ( accidentally bought two).
BUT just be aware it is NOT a dupe for Nars... If I had a choice, I would have Nars which is lighter and veil like and more pink rose. This is more Coral Rose.

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Palettes -Sleek -Au Naturel

on 6/8/2018 11:01:00 PM


This isn't the best selection of neutral and natural colours out there.

Going by the picture, left to right:
Top row - matte ivory, matte light grey, matte milk tea brown, matte light lemon, matte apricot, shimmer light rose gold
Bottom row - shimmer dark mahogany, matte mid brown - leaning yellow, matte dark brown, matte olive brown, matte mahogany, matte black

I do like the rose gold, shimmery mahogany, and matte apricot shades. Strangely, the shimmer shadows do go on more opaque than the matte ones. You'd think it would be the other way around. The matte shadows are quite chalky and dusty when applying but look a little better over primer. The shimmer shades are less chalky and contain fine pearl particles instead of glitter, so no stray glitter to annoy my eyes. Anyway as for the colours, the lemon yellow is hard to pull off and doesn't really go with the rest of the palette. Same for the grey. The brown shades on the bottom row all look similar to each other, and I would have liked it if there were less browns and more midtone neutral colours. And even though I like the apricot shade, that doesn't go well with the majority of the rest of the palette as they clashed too much. I feel that the warm tones in some of the colours next to other neutral ones make them look a little off.

As for the packaging, it's a non-descript black oblong case with the brand logo on the front - nothing special at first glance. But inside, there is a mirror the size of the oblong case! It allows me to check my appearance/hair etc as it has a wider field of vision than small round compact mirrors. I can easily see my whole face in the mirror even close up - and I know you're probably laughing at me now. But I can't do that with smaller mirrors and so can't accurately gauge the overall look of my make-up - like whether the lip colour I picked doesn't look as good nextt to that eyeshadow that I first thought and so on.

I recently dropped the case and the hinge broke, so now I just take the mirror around with me. One good thing though is that there was minimal crumbling of the shadows themselves even after dropping it. Gets points for resilience, I think!

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Blush -Sleek -MakeUP Blush - Pomegranate

on 5/22/2018 5:03:00 PM


This is my second Sleek blush as I was absolutely bowled over by the Rose Gold (which dented after a week's use). I had uummed and aahhed before purchasing as the colour looked so dark in the pan, but decided to take a punt anyway after checking out a few swatches online.

As many reviewers and bloggers have said, Sleek blushes can be incredibly pigmented and Pomegranate is no exception. It looks like it might have a slight metallic finish in the pan, but it shows matte on me when applied. Rather unexpectedly, I thought it would be a cooler-toned berry colour, but actually shows up quite warm (like a red-russet) on my skin.

Despite having a tanned complexion, I still have to apply with a very light touch to get a pop of colour. The colour lasts for a good 6-7 hours but it seems to oxidise a bit after that (although I don't feel the need to re-touch during an average wear time of 14-16 hours).

I would definitely purchase again, but am not sure when that might be as one pan could probably last me for a few years of daily use!

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