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Lipstick -Sleek -Matte Me in Birthday Suit

on 7/4/2018 4:27:00 PM


Such a cute daytime shade. Usually i wear reds but if i need to look a little more conservative for something ill go with this, suits me really nice ive got fair skin and blue eyes. Really nice but its a tiny bit drying even for a matte lipstick. Takes a little work for it to come off, im not talkinh nyx lingerie wont come off, but still, bitta work. I like it. 4/5.

Highlighters -Sleek -MakeUP Solstice Highlighting Palette

on 7/4/2018 3:47:00 PM


All 4 of them look great perfect for fair skin, even with daily use these last ages, i dont think any other will ever top these for me. I think its like €14.49 and i hate to spend loads on makeup but ill always buy this, well well well well well worth it! My favorites.

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Blush -Sleek -Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette

on 6/30/2018 4:54:00 PM


Got this in Fair, the lightest of the 4 available palettes, for around a tenner at some point last year. It contained a matte powder contour, a powder highlighter, and a powder shimmery blush, all full size pans packed into the palette case with a mirror on the underside of the lid. I bought this on a whim, keen to find a nice enough powder highlight & contour duo, so the blush seemed like an added bonus. Swatching the tester on the back of my hand, I'd thought it looked alright on me - but my sleep-deprived brain failed to take into account that the yellow-toned shop lighting wasn't exactly going to show colours the same as natural daylight. When I used it the next day, the contour was too orange and looked like rusty mud, and the highlighter wasn't pale enough so that just looked like shiny loose powder half a shade too dark. The blush was a very nice colour, a rich coral pink grapefruit with gold shimmer - reminded me of shimmery Nars blushers, but even heavier on shine. Used alongside the highlighter, it was overkill on me - my face probably could have been used as a bike reflector panel at that point.

After a single use I gave it to a friend who had warmer undertones and was slightly less pale than me (around NC15-20), and seemed to suit her much better. So if your skin also leans warm, you love shimmer, and you want an affordable face colour powder palette, it might be worth a look. But those with cooler tones will probably want to give this a miss.

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Blush -Sleek -Powder Blush in Show Down 921

Show Down is a pretty beige with a hint of peach, making it a very nice daily-use nude blush. I recently returned a different blush to Ulta that was too dark and pigmented to be a nice true nude on me, and I happened to stumble across this one--it was not on my list of items I was interested in at all. It is not super-pigmented, but it does apply and blend nicely, and it can be built up. The packaging is nice and sturdy, though it is quite small; the pan takes up the entirety of the inside, but it is not difficult to get even a fluffy brush into it to pick up product. Sleek also produced a nude-ish blush called Suede with the same number (921), and I don't know if this is just the same thing renamed or not. I am glad that I picked it up, since it works much better as a straight-up nude blush on me than the $30+ one that I returned.

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Lipstick -Sleek -Matte Me Lip Cream

on 6/22/2018 2:53:00 AM

These are rubbish. I really tried to like the one I bought as the colour is amazing but it’s so uncomfortable to wear. It goes on reasonably well, dries quick and this where the problems start. Can dry patchy, even if it does go patchy, it will go crusty, and the longer it stays on, the more the lips look dry... and the feeling - I mean I use other matte lipsticks but this one - like some weird coating, I cannot stand this.
And it is a shame because the colours are nice, packaging is nice but for the price the quality is shocking.

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