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Masks -Skinfood -Egg White Pore Mask


I really think this product have misleading name.

I don't understand why it named egg white pore if this for reducing pores. Why use word white? This makes people think this product can tone up their skin.

I hate this product. It's so hard to wash it off and it's a mess. The texture quite thick with white color, reminds me of whipped cream. I can smell loads of fragrance in this product, not a fan of the fragrance in skincare. Also this came with cheap plactic jar and no spatula include. So unhygienic!

I finished one tub and did it help reducing my pores? Nope. I can feel my skin smoother but it's only for a moment. Also, I never feel this cleaning my pores and I always sense this always leave residue on my skin even after I washed it for a long time.

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Scrubs -Skinfood -Rice Mask


I purchased this mask because of good reviews on internet and it's affordable.

With quite runny consistency, this glides smoothly on my skin. I can feel soft granules inside this mask and this reminds me of porridge texture, except this is for face and have fragrance. After I wash my face, I can see my overall skintone brighter.

But I don't like this product. I don't understand why people say this have pleasant or soft fragrance. For me this have strong fragrance and not a nice one. I also don't like the packaging. Like other mask Skinfood have, this came with cheap looking plastic jar and the lid too thin! Mine was broken even though I never use strengh to open the lid. Also no spatula,yuck.

I can feel my skin soften after use this but it's not like baby's butt skin, like other people said. And the effect dissappeared the next day I woke up. Will never repurchase this, there's so many better masks than this.

Masks -Skinfood -Black Pomegranate Sheet Masks

on 1/18/2018 8:41:00 PM


Not all sheet masks are created equal, and these Black Pomegranate sheet masks are in my top five, a real life saver for my dry winter skin. They come in two pieces, one for the upper half of your face, the other for the bottom half. These two sheets overlap slightly and they also hug your chin really well, so they sit really snuggly on your face without shifting around, which is really great for locking in the moisture from the mask to your skin. The serum in these masks is top notch: thick, like an emulsion, almost a cream really, this serum doesn`t evaporate quickly, and you can keep the mask on your face for up to 40 minutes without it drying out. The remaining serum can be easily absorbed by the skin with a massage. There is also plenty of liquid in the pouch to massage my neck and chest. When I use them at night I wake up with really good skin the next morning, more so than with other sheet or cream masks I have used before.

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Moisturizers -Skinfood -Peach Sake Emulsion


Great for oily skin and taking care of sebaceous filaments! Definitely a daytime lotion though

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Skincare -Skinfood -Hutgae Energy Cream for Men


This is a fantastic and very effective moisturizer - simply put. It hydrated my husband’s skin without causing any breakouts on his sensitive/combo skin, not lending to any greasiness, just leaving soft and moisturized skin... clear and balanced, and a bit more luminous than before. No spf protection, but great for days he spends inside an office, or paired with a sunscreen. He loves this hydrator - I only wish it was easier to purchase in the USA. Definitely recommend!

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