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Fragrances -Skindecent -Scents

I'm really not a review person. But I received my first Skindecent order today and the review was warranted. Order included:
Fragrance oil in Fresh Waffle Cone
Body powder in Pillow Fight
Dry oil in both Bamboo and Couer de Vahine type
Bermuda Beach smoother in Rainforest
Body Oasis in Karma Type

I just have to say the scents above all blew me away as I excitedly tried one after the other. The fragrance oil burned stronger than other oils I've tried (B&B Works, Body Shop) and the other scents sat lovely on my skin. As others have said, customer service was A+ and I can't wait to order again and try more scents!

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Lotions/ Creams -Skindecent -Lotion stick

on 12/6/2011 7:41:00 AM

I love the quality of the ingredients in this and how simple it is to use. This can easily be thrown in a purse as it is a solid. I like this for my lips as well. At night I use it as a night lotion on my face. It is an excellent hand lotion and also easy and handy for children during the winter when their skin gets dry. I love this for travel as it is a solid and airline friendly. I can really multitask with it. It's hand lotion,chapstick, night cream and also has a bit of mild fragrance. I like the day at the spa, pillow fight, and jamaken me crazy scents the best so far.

Fragrances -Skindecent -Dry Oil Spray

on 11/18/2011 4:42:00 PM

I LOVE THESE! I have pillow fight (clean laundry smell) and grapefruit (citris smell). I like them both. I love that it moisturizes my skin! It's a lotion and parfume in one product. It lasts a long time. It is very important that it is put on after taking a shower. It will absorb in the skin. It also should not go on any clothes as it is an oil. My skin feels so wonderful and I can spray this on my back which is a harder to reach location. Any where that I feel dry I just spay this and it soaks in and does not have a oily greasy feel to me. They say it best... "Our dry oil spray is made with shea, jojoba & grapeseed oils with a mild silicon to provide a light barrier to help the oils moisturize your skin." ...
I'm so happy I tried this as I will get a lot of use from it!

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Skincare - Body -Skindecent -Massage Melts

on 11/15/2011 10:41:00 PM

I love using a small cube of this on my feet at night. It is so soft and moisturizing. I will also hit any other dry spots while I'm at it. They smell wonderful. The trick is to let them melt in your hands first and then rub them into the dry skin. The scent is wonderful and lingers on as I fall a sleep. I will definitely be buying more! They are so good for the skin and very relaxing.
Up date-I have also started using the unscented on my face at night and have loved them for that use as well. It's great for winter.
These can be purchased on the skindecent web sight which is located in Canada. They have great customer service.

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Fragrances -Skindecent -Fragrance Oil in Moroccan Mint

on 3/27/2011 10:00:00 AM

I love mint. It is hard to find true-smelling mint splash, so I make my own! I use pure fragrance oils from Moroccan Mint is lovely, it is a more earthy mint - not incredibly herby, but just has a little something added to it to not be straight up mint. It is a lovely and fresh scent that I love to wear! This would also make an awesome base for stress-reducing lotion or for massage oil.

The owner is so lovely, helpful, amazingly fast and effective with communication. She sends things right away, and is so helpful to send special scents that might not be listed on her website (if you are looking for something special - just ask her!). I've ordered a few times from her and she sends nice extras each time! I have no affiliation with her or her store, I just love the products and the variety of scents she offers for a great price. The cost for one fragrance vial is only $1.50. So, I like to try several diff scents and place an order. I always order the pure fragrance oil, instead of the perfumer's oil which she can send (that has alcohol as a preservative). Here is the scent list:
If you find an oil you really love and want to make your own products, it is best to order a larger size, under the home fragrance section on the website (1/2 oz bottles):

My recipe: using equal parts Moroccan Mint, and Refresh fragrance oil, add 1/2 cup alcohol, a few squirts of aloe gel, and distilled water into a spray bottle. She no longer has Moroccan Mint or Refresh on the website, but if you ask her for them, she can likely send them to you!

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