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Masks -Sisley -Eye Contour Mask

on 2/10/2018 12:23:00 AM


Seriously Sisley? Why it has to be so expensive, it's not even funny. I never meant to purchase this aside from the fact that I am a compulsive buyer (suprise!). I was so happy with my clarins eye mask.

This mask claims to reduce fine lines and puffiness in your under eyes area. I don't have any puffiness fortunately so I can't see whether it is indeed can reduce puffiness. I have few fine lines underneath my eyes and I didn't see much changes after I applied this mask each time. Bear in mind I apply this mask twice a week. I do notice however my under eyes area are much more hydrated, so this is a great mask whenever I have an overnight flight. I normally would apply a thick layer underneath my eyes and a thin layer on my lids right underneath my eyebrows and leave it on for 15 minutes and carefully wipe away the excess with cotton pad. But for an overnight flight I would leave it on until the morning to keep my eyes are hydrated.

This mask has a 6 months life shelf, so it is a major drawback because I don't think anyone would be able to finish this mask in 6 months.

A PASS for me.

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Liquid -Sisley -Phyto-Teint Eclat Liquid Oil-Free Foundation

on 2/8/2018 11:41:00 AM


This is a good foundation. Very lightweight, medium coverage, easy to apply.
I really like it. Maybe not ok for someone who is looking for full coverage, but the phyto teint eclat has such a natural / beautiful effect, that I do not care about some 'imperfections' that remain visible.

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Toners -Sisley -Botanical Floral Toning Lotion

on 2/5/2018 8:55:00 AM


I love Sisley products. This toner was nice and did the job well. It toned and cleansed my skin without drying it. But it is rather pricy. I honestly don't think its worth the price. I did not notice any difference in my skin while using this. I will go b back to using a less expensive toner, the Nuxe gentle toning lotion.

I would like to state that I only review a product after I have finished the entire full size. If I was not able to finish the product due to irritation, I will say so in my review.

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Moisturizers -Sisley -All Day All Year - Essential Day Care

on 2/4/2018 3:43:00 AM


I do not understand why this product does not receive better scores. It is awesome!! I use it in combination with Sisley’s ecological compound, and only after 2 weeks my skin looks more flawless, redness is gone, and it works well under foundation.

Top product.

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Liquid -Sisley -Phyto teint expert

on 1/17/2018 9:52:00 PM


I haven't found it to be a nice foundation and it doesn't match its radiant description. Every time I've tried it I had to wash it off my face in the midday to look somehow presentable. My skin looks at least five times better without it.
It doesn't work well over dry patches, it accentuates them through the day and become too powdery and makeup looking, it settles in my smile lines.
Also, I can't get a perfect match. I find that having only five shades (at least in the USA) for a such high priced foundation is ridiculous. It's not a color adjusting product and I don't think that I'm only the person who looks for a perfect match. There is nothing for really light skins nor for darker skin tones. I can't get a perfect undertone even by mixing.
Overall I don't think it worth having, but perhaps it performs better on oilier skins...
1 lipstick rating because of the 137$ + tax price tag, if it would be around 50$ I'd give it two stars.

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