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Makeup Brushes -Sigma -E17 Waterline Liner Brush

on 4/17/2018 5:40:00 PM


I have the E16 Tightline Liner Brush and this one, the E17 Waterline Liner Brush. I actually prefer this little guy for both purposes. The head is smaller and shorter and thus it's easier to get Inglot gel liner exactly where you want it without making a mess. The bristles are synthetic. They might tickle if you're not used to them but they are not scratchy. I clean the brush after every use with Parian Spirit or Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner.

The Wayne Goss #8 brush is pretty similar but it's $17 and Sigma's is cheaper. I prefer Sigma's handle because it's long. The Goss brush has a short handle that gets lost in my forest of makeup brushes. I've seen Sigma E17 listed at various prices from $9.80 to $14. Nordstrom and Amazon usually have it in stock, and naturally it's on Sigma's website as well. I might eventually buy a backup. It's great!

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Misc Beauty Tools -Sigma -Spa Brush Cleaning Mat


I got the express one which is the smaller cleaning mat. I like that it stays in place when I'm using it and I really do notice a huge difference using the mat when rinsing. When I used to do brushes by hand any large powder brush or densely packed ones like kabukis took forever to rinse and more than half the time there was soap left behind. I never get that now regardless of what kind of soap I use. My only complaint isn't with the cleaning mat, but with the shape of my sink. I wish I could install a longer faucet so the water is running over the rinse part of the mat and not on the back side of the drain. I modified a cup to fix this and it sped up the rinse process significantly.
I have the spa express cleaning glove, which I like, but it's a pain when washing a lot of brushes. I don't like to leave them sitting flat for long immediately after washing so I do 6-10 at a time (depending on size) and take the glove off to get them wiped and placed on a slant to dry. The ridge part designed to help squeeze water out honestly doesn't work any better than just If I'm not doing that many brushes then this is fine, but if I have a lot it gets to be a PITA taking the glove off & putting it back on. The cleaning mat keeps both hands free and I can immediately wipe/squeeze each brush as I do them.

Makeup Brushes -Sigma -F80 - FLAT KABUKI-BRUSH


This brush is an essential part of my makeup kit because It does an excellent job with my foundation. I have dry skin so first I use a heavy moisturizer, then I apply my foundation with my fingers and use the F80 to buff it out. It smoothes out fine lines and any imperfections.
I’ve already replaced this brush... last summer I went to a party and someone stole it out of my purse, so I’ve been using the F82 or thr F84 (I got the kabuki kit). I finally got a replacement and didn’t realize how much better the F80 is!

Makeup Brushes -Sigma -E30 Pencil Brush

on 2/8/2018 7:29:00 AM


I actually prefer this brush to the MAC 219 pencil brush, which I've owned for quite a long time. I found this Sigma copycat at Marshall's in Canada for a mere $12, which is a pretty good bargain for such a good and versatile brush. I may have lucked out but I don't find this brush the least bit harsh or scratchy. I use it primarily for applying and smudging/blending shadow under my lower lashes or for precise placement of shadows on my "outer V" area of my upper lids and for either purpose, it is just perfect. While the "packaging" isn't really a factor in storing/protecting this brush, I do like how these brushes are packaged - a seal to prevent folks getting in and messing with the brush, but it is also easy to get the brush out of the plastic package once you get it open. I would gladly repurchase (and may see if I can grab another the next time I'm at Marshall's).

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Makeup Brushes -Sigma -E55 Eye Shading Makeup Brush

on 2/6/2018 10:05:00 PM


Sigma brushes aren't widely available in Canada but I stumbled across quite a few of them at Marshall's and was really happy to find the E55 in amongst the 7 or 8 assorted brushes they did have. What a great rivals my MAC 239 but without the white hairs, it doesn't get grubby looking instantly. Picks up and applies shadows beautifully and quickly - I can do my whole mobile lid in one stroke if I'm only using one colour, though it is too large for getting shadow right into the inner corners of my eyes. It neither sheds nor feels rough. For $12, a really great purchase!

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