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Makeup Brushes -Sigma -F80 - FLAT KABUKI-BRUSH

on 1/14/2019 12:26:00 AM


Applies foundation very nicely--dare I say airbrushed, with the exception of a few stray hairs here and there (much better than the Armani one I had, which is really the only thing I have to compare it to). However, basically everything else about this sucks. After the first few washes the whole head came off, and after having had this be an issue with another brush in the past, you'd best believe I was reallllly careful about not letting the ferrule get wet. Another gripe about washing is that it's virtually impossible to get all makeup out of this thing, by virtue of how dense the bristles are. I suppose that is what makes it apply foundation so nicely, but idk, maybe there's a happy medium there? Lastly, I notice that after one use without cleaning, inevitably on the second use I get breakouts that are due to this brush and this brush only, i.e. this thing harbors bacteria like nothing else. Eww.

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Makeup Brushes -Sigma -3DHD Kabuki Brush

on 12/30/2018 2:44:00 PM


This brush is an investment for me since I usually buy Real Techniques and Ecotools brushes. My Real Techniques stippling brush just wasn't cutting it anymore (I guess I've worn it out), so I decided to go with something higher-end. First, this brush is huge. I know there's a smaller version, but I had read that the larger size makes it easier to apply foundation faster. After my first use, I was sold. I can apply my foundation quickly and smoothly, as well as stipple around my nose, as well as push foundation up near my lower lash line with this one brush. I just had to play with it and learn how to use the edges and sides, and it was easy. I can apply my foundation faster and I end up with a much smoother finished product than before. The ferrule appears to be of better quality than those of my usual brushes. I can't say that I'll buy Sigma brushes from now on (because of the price), but the 3DHD Kabuki is worth the money.

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Makeup Brushes -Sigma -F70 Concealer Brush

on 10/20/2018 8:11:00 PM

I've been using this brush for several months and have grown to truly appreciate it. It's a slightly-tapered, flat brush with somewhat stiff bristles. And it's fairly small. So I can really work concealer into tight areas like the corners of my eyes and around my nose. It's also good for dabbing small amounts of concealer onto a few dark marks on my cheeks. I wash it with soap & water after each use, and it hasn't lost any bristles. It still looks like new. The brush is nothing fancy to look at but certainly gets the job done. A great buy for about $14 USD.

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Makeup Brushes -Sigma -P80 Precision Flat

on 7/14/2018 8:44:00 AM


Spot conceal is something that takes the most time during my makeup routine. I have tried so many blending brushes for concealers, including eye blending brushes, concealer specific blending brushes, face brushes, etc. The problem that I have had with other brushes is that it sweeps away too much product and takes the pigment off the spots. With that said, sometimes pressing your finger into the spot works the best. However, I feel like too much product end up on my fingertips when I do that. This is where this brush solves my spot concealing problems.

Great quality, has not shed after a few washes
Flawless finish, doesn't streak or leave brush marks.

Expensive for a small brush

This brush gives me a flawless finish with spot concealing. I dab a tiny dot of highly pigmented concealer on the blemish. To keep the concealer locked in, I swirl and tap away some loose powder on the P80 brush before blending, then I stipple/pat the brush onto the spot to blend out harsh edges. I usually don't sweep or buff because that would take the product too far away from the spot itself. Other uses of this blush include blending foundation under my nose and hard to get areas where there is dispersed redness. While I prefer a bigger flat top kabuki for foundation in general, I could use this brush for foundation if I'm desperate (but it would take longer to blend everything out).

I picked this up on sale so I didn't pay near the retail price of $20.00. I would pay $20 for it, but they so on sale a lot, so don't pay full price for it.

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Makeup Brushes -Sigma -E30 Pencil Brush

on 6/18/2018 11:48:00 AM


I love this brush!
The E30 is indeed a pencil brush; the soft but firm synthetic bristles are shaped into a pointed tip that allows for easy precise placement of powder or cream.
The E30 is ideal for using powder eyeshadow to line the eyes.
I wish I'd bought this one years ago!

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