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Misc Beauty Tools -Sigma -Spa Brush Cleaning Mat


Do yourself a favor. Save your money, buy a cheap one on Amazon or a tj Maxx. Take the extra money to buy a good cleanser. The is no difference in the quality of this vs a $5 one.

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Lip Gloss -Sigma -Lip Switch


Great job with the marketing! Too bad it doesn’t remotely live up to the hype. And now it’s back to being discontinued. Gives you an idea of what people ACTUALLY thought of this product

Makeup Brushes -Sigma -E40 Tapered Blending (was SS224)


I have the natural and synthetic. The natural is fine-does a good job of blending. They never should have switched to synthetic and called it the same name. It not the same brush. The synthetic doesn’t blend nicely, it’s scratchy and a waste of space in my brush cup.

Makeup Brushes -Sigma -E35 - TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH


It sheds, frays I’ll stuck to a more trustworthy company.

Makeup Brushes -Sigma -F80 - FLAT KABUKI-BRUSH


There are so many better options that are more cost efficient. And work better. If you use and wash this brush daily expect it to shed in a year. They MAY replace it, depending on the rep. Their warranty ends two year after the date of purchase on the original brush. Not when you received it or when you received the replacement. Save yourself the trouble and get a RT brush, Sephora PRO or wet n wild.

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