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Misc Beauty Tools -Shu Uemura -Eyelash Curler

on 4/13/2018 8:35:00 PM


Bought this 5 + years ago, I am still using it today. I've bought a few other lash curlers but keep coming back to this one.

Some curlers bend the lashes so they stick up in an L shape. It looks unnatural and you can feel it when you blink etc.
This bends the lashes in a natural curve going upwards. It outlasts any other curler i've had, the "rubber" part also sets this apart from your average curler. It doesn't change shape, it doesn't cut open where the upper part pushes down on it etc. Its super sturdy. Your lashes won't droop the entire day either. Even using a hairdried (warm) curler can't beat this thing.

I've also dropped it, stepped on it and have had it lying in a moist bathroom drawer and its still in premium condition. I've had other curlers that bend easily and one even snapped off some of my lashes because it was crooked. Not this.

Thank you Shu for this wonderful tool.

Brows -Shu Uemura -Hard Formula Hard 9

on 4/6/2018 7:30:00 PM


The performance of this hard formula pencil is absolutely the best of anything else on the market; however, I am giving the product a poor rating because Shu Uemura doesn't maintain their stock. The result is when you go to order the pencil online from the company website, you're informed the color is currently unavailable. I have been trying to purchase this pencil in the shade Stone Gray for the past 3 months, but it is always unavailable (and so are other shades). I assume the company is either going out of business; no longer selling to North American; or is discontinuing this product. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW WONDERFUL THIS PENCIL IS, IF THE CUSTOMER CAN'T OBTAIN IT, WHAT'S THE POINT?

I will be buying the Shiseido pencil.

Styling Products -Shu Uemura -Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Duo-Serum

on 3/12/2018 5:08:00 AM

I have curly, dry and damaged hair. I try different products, out of desperation. I’ve found some that help, but sadly this is not one of them. I refer to the Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Duo Serum. Practical packaging (note that this comes in a small bottle though) and the duo-serum concept is pretty good marketing, but those are about the only positive things I can say about this. First of all, it actually makes my hair drier than it already was after use. Yes, there is a temporary softening effect, but this does not last (typical of most serums that are heavy on silicones). At the end of the day, the hair is sadly worse off. Two, the scent is simply too overpowering. Yes, it has a perfume scent that even I can like in certain contexts. But to wear daily at the office, it’s just so offensively strong. And the two issues are probably related. Something so synthetically fragranced cannot really be that good on the hair. Sorry for the bad review. Just an honest opinion.

Cleansers -Shu Uemura -Ultime8 Sublime Beauty

on 2/18/2018 7:06:00 AM


My first rinse off cleansing oil. I tried many cleansing oils, but this one works best.

- removes my sunscreen beautifully in one pump
- removes layers of full coverage foundations (2 pumps)
- pleasant smell (for my nose) so I'm happily massaging my face and doing my night routine
- does not cause breakouts
- I don't need to swipe repeatedly and risk my face from irritation with cotton sheet to remove heavy makeup
- rinses off beautifully with lukewarm water (followed with gentle cleanser afterwards)

- $$$$ PRICE (I've tried and experimenting with cheaper cleansing oil from k-beauty & biore with no luck)

Brows -Shu Uemura -H9 Hard Brow Pencil - Seal Brown


This is the first brow pencil I've ever owned. I naturally have very thick brows that I've been growing out after having them threaded for many many years. I wanted to get a pencil during the growing out stage to fill in the areas that are patchier and make them look a bit more neat.

I was really unsure of what color to buy. There are very few swatches online, and many colors I couldn't find swatches for. I dye my hair blonde but have naturally light to medium brown hair, and Seal Brown ended up working reasonably well, although a touch lighter probably would be better.

The product itself is so.strange. While I haven't used a brow pencil before, I've watched people using one plenty of times and I know how it usually looks to apply it. With this pencil I didn't feel like I was seeing any color transferring until I moved my head further away from the mirror, and lo and behold the patchy area was fuller. As other reviewers have said, you're not supposed to draw on little hairs like you might with other pencils. You're sort of drawing on the hair rather than drawing on the skin. The technique I saw in a video demo that I have been using is to hold the pencil as flat as is comfortable against my brow and sort of drag the pencil across the area I want to fill in in short strokes.

The thing I like best about this product is it looks so natural that I don't have to do my entire brow. The penciled-in parts blend in completely with the rest. So if you, like me, have bushy brows with sparse patches you want to fill in, this is a great option. I was really self conscious about using a pencil on my eyebrows since it wouldn't take much for me to take these eyebrows into ludicrously bushy, distinguished English stage actor territory. But I have been quite happy with how it's turned out and that I can use a light hand.

By the way, apparently when you buy the pencil it's normally sharpened like the pic on MUA - supposedly like a samurai sword, and apparently this is important enough that people actually take their pencils to Shu Uemura counters to have it sharpened like this when it becomes dull. For the record, my pencil did not come sharpened like this. It was sharpened like a regular pencil (and yes I purchased it from a very reputable place, not a fake). I'm not sure what the difference is supposed to be really, but I haven't had any issues using my pencil.

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