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Styling Products -Shu Uemura - Satin Design Polishing Blowdry Lotion anti-frizz heat protection


I like the way this product makes my hair feel and it seems to offer some anti-frizz protection. The package is inconvenient for travel, but works fine around home.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Shu Uemura -Sponge (Pentagon shaped)

on 8/5/2018 4:22:00 PM

I found out about this sponge from a blog that reviews only high end cosmetics. I have every brush imaginable at all costs, and every sponge out there, comparing this sponge to all my foundation brushes, other sponges or hands, it is literally the very best way to apply foundation. No streaks, natural finish. Washes up beautifully!

Misc Beauty Tools -Shu Uemura -Eyelash Curler

on 6/29/2018 6:19:00 PM


I have deep set eyes and this curler doesn't work for me. The upper plate is too large for me to be able to put the curler close to the roots of my lashes. The maximum I can do is to curl the lash upper half. Not a flattering look from the side, no difference from the front.
Completely useless tool for deep-set eyes, like any other lash curler I ever bought (MAC, Shiseido, Talika, and some from Amazon).

P.S. I think the shape of this curler generally fits Caucasian eyes better than Shiseido since it's more curved. For monoids, Shiseido will be the better option.

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Eye Shadow -Shu Uemura -Eye Foil

on 6/26/2018 7:25:00 PM


These little gems are fairly new to the shu lineup. They're liquid shadows with incredibly fine shimmer that are packaged in a lipgloss-like tube (I'm really into liquid shadows--so easy to apply and they wear so well), and they're super. I have two shades that were, unfortunately, LE--Wool Beige and Rustic Taupe--but there are eight shades on the site. Wool Beige is an interesting shade--a light, gold-tinged beige that can look pink-y or peach-y depending on the light. Rustic Taupe is not at all taupe, but it's what I'd hoped BL Mermaid Eye Glaze would be--a spectacular grey-green shade with extremely fine multicolored shimmer. There are quite similar to Armani Eye Tints, but the formula is a bit thinner, and the shades are a little more shimmery than Armani's shimmer-finish formula. The applicator for these is a bit bizarre--it's tilted, flocked, and spoon-shaped with a hole in the center and a point at the tip. Because this formula is a bit thin, the applicator is not a hindrance (the pointed tip makes it easy to line the upper or lower lashline with these), but I'd prefer a plain doefoot. These blend easily (but you have to be quick) and leave a smooth, foiled finish without a lot of effort--no clumping up or sticking to parts of the lid. I was able to layer them (quickly and by dabbing the product on with a finger) without patchiness, too. They wear as well as most liquid shadows--all day and into the night without moving--don't irritate my eyes, and are easy to remove. And there's no fallout with these, either. Because the shimmer is so fine, I don't find them over-the-top for day wear, but Rustic Taupe gives a far more foiled finish than Wool Beige. Overall, this is a very nice product that is quick and easy to apply, and the texture is perfect for warmer weather. They're pricey ($32), but worth it if you like the look, finish, and ease of application, but overall I prefer Armani's formula because of the slightly thicker texture, which gives more time for blending, and for the complexity of shades. Additionally, Shu's site doesn't provide swatches (although you can find them online) and you have to buy without trying since Shu pulled out of US stores, which can be frustrating. Although I like these, I would not repurchase.

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Cleansers -Shu Uemura -Ultime8 Sublime Beauty

on 6/14/2018 9:42:00 PM


It probably does a good job at removing makeup but my skin is red after using it. This oil is not gentle on the skin, that's for sure.

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