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Cleansers -Shiseido -Benefiance Creamy Cleansing Foam

on 1/20/2018 6:14:00 AM


Will never buy this again. Waaaay too drying, even if used just a tiny amount. It was even too drying for my shoulders and back, where the skin is much thicker...

Treatments (Eye) -Shiseido -Benefiance Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask

on 1/19/2018 4:50:00 PM


I purchased the large box of these eye masks and realized that I’d only used them twice. I started using them again recently and remembered why. They are very messy, don’t absorb readily, and don’t benefit people who already take great care of their eye area. I notice no immediate or long-lasting positive effects or improvement of under-eye darkness or fine lines.

The masks are individually packaged which is a plus. They are both in a tray drenched with the retinol serum which is far more than you’ll need, so I have been putting the excess serum itself on my décolletage. Some people reuse the pads but I think that’s a bad idea since it’s unhygienic. Overall, stick to retinol eye serums and eye cream at night and you’ll have far better (and lasting) results.

Lipstick -Shiseido -Perfect Rouge - OR341 Fleur


I got this as a present when purchasing other Sh products. The SA told me that this coral colour usually doesn't fit light skins like mine, but as I already have quite naturally pigmented lips, I thought the result looked natural, yet dewy and peach-ish, which I like.
It's winter so I am going for darker shades, so I gave this to my mum but she applied it really strongly, so the colour looked like a stronger orange-ish tone, with pink and peach undertones and strong shine. It didn't fit her slighty more yellow skin so she gave it back to me.
I've been using it for some days now, specially when I wear light clothes (pink, beish, coral, peach, white) but I apply it softly, pressing it several time to my lips, instead of going straight to a strong full application.
I think it looks quite good on me because it gives light to my lips, I wish it was more peachy but still it's not orange and it's quite near a pink/peach tone. I also like to use it when I put a makeup emphasis on my eyes. I recomend it for light pinkish skins or for darker skins.
Love the packaging.
It's moisturising and doesn't taste/smell. Last long and you can mattify it by applying a paper softly afterwards.

Liquid -Shiseido -Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation

on 1/13/2018 8:44:00 PM


I really only purchased this because the Dior Forever foundation I wanted so much is no longer available in Canada (apparently, it's in the process of being replaced with a newly reformulated version; I really wanted the "old" one and have a few samples but, alas, no full sized bottle). I have Synchro Skin Lasting Foundation in the shade Neutral 2 and it is a perfect match for my complexion. And I like it a lot. I do have to make sure I've moisturized well before applying - using a facial oil and then a moisturizer (and plenty of both) ensures that this applies smoothly but if I miss any areas, especially on my forehead, this foundation will really show up any flakes or dry patches. The texture is very light and almost watery but the lasting power is really good - far better than I'd ever expect from a product with this thin, milky texture. To be honest, I prefer the somewhat thicker texture of the Dior foundation - I feel it gives me more control. I like that this comes in a pump bottle but the strange asymmetrical shape means that you have to pay attention when putting the cap back on - it's really quite a stupid design lacking any practical sense.

As I say, I really only bought this because the Dior foundation I truly want isn't available. This isn't a bad second choice, however, though it does seem to come in a very limited range of shades. And I would buy it again except that I'm waiting eagerly for the "new" Dior foundation and hoping that is as good as the samples of the "old" one that I've got.

Sunscreen -Shiseido -50+ Wet Force Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion

on 1/13/2018 6:04:00 AM


This gives good protection against tan.
But this dries the hell out of my skin. After 2-3 uses I found my skin literally cracked and lines appearing. And my skin peeled of and red.
This also gives whitehead all over my face,the type of dry whiteheads that you can feel with you fingers.
Still have full a bottle and its not cheap so i am just going to use for next and back.
Will not repurchase for sure.

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