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Treatments (Face) -Serious Skincare -Continously Clear Clearz It

on 1/21/2019 1:57:00 PM


One of the better products from serious skincare! This product was from their original acne product line which put them on them on Hsn tv home shopping! It's gotten better the formula Bc original way back in the day the product was gritty Bc the b p wasn't finely milled ! & the product shot all over in a pump ! But it's now nice & creamy & smooth package in a squeeze tube! This is your basic 5% benzoyl peroxide! But what I like is that it's water based & light weight & sinks in well ! & it has the added benefits of tea tree oil to it ! Which is unique & the only other product that Ive used like this was by melacula which I tried when af family member wwas selling it !

Skincare - Face -Serious Skincare -Acne Treatment Pads

on 1/19/2019 12:18:00 AM

This serious skincare acne cleansing pads has been discontinued many years ago! But it was one of the original products from serious skincare humble beginnings when they had first launched their acne products! I had received this product from one of their skin aid kits which were quite helpful & useful & their best value! But now they left Hsn to be on evine ! I hope they will still continue making those skin aid kits! This cleaning acne pads were similar to the drug store stridex pads ! But the serious skincare ones were gentler & fragrance free!

Skincare - Face -Serious Skincare -Glucosamine Serum

on 12/9/2018 2:40:00 PM

I had tried this serious skincare glucosamine serum years ago when they had this in their sensitive skin line ! But unfortunately they had discontinued their glucosamine sensitive skincare products with I did enjoy using Bc it was entirely fragrance free! & I used to alternate between their glucosamine line & continuously clear acne line which thankfully is also fragrance free! I don't care for the rest of their lines the a & c Bc it's fragranced & overhyped! I'm wondering where they are headed towards now Bc word is that they leaving Hsn ! They used to compare their glucosamine serum to Estée Lauder's idealist serum with black tape over it to hide the name & I liked the serious skincare version of the glucosamine serum Bc it was very lightweight like water while the expensive Estée Lauder's one was fragranced & thick with silicones! Wish they would bring back their sensitive glucosamine line!

Toners -Serious Skincare -Balance Glycolic Toning Spray

on 12/3/2018 12:54:00 PM

I was thinking about toners & this particular one from serious skincare came up Bc I once tried it years ago in the beginning days of serious skincare when they offered it in a big value kit which included try me samples sizes of their entire line which I couldn't resist buying! But unfortunately this glycolic toner has been discontinued many years ago! & I quite enjoyed using this toner Bc it really deep cleanse my oily t zone with the glycolic acid & eucalyptus in it & it was definitely a spa quality product! & much better quality than the Clinique numbered toners I have used! I didn't like their glycolic cleanser but I did like this glycolic toner they used to make!

Skincare - Face -Serious Skincare -Continuously Clear 3-piece Adult System

on 12/2/2018 2:52:00 PM

The serious skincare acne system was what put serious skincare on Hsn way back in the day it was originally a 5 piece system & now they made it into 3 pieces ! I watched in fascination with their presentation when lesa stock who was the creator of the acne system & I ordered it to try in this big value kit they had offered ! & I didn't really like the glycolic cleanser they had Bc it seemed to leave a residue on the skin & didn't enjoy the textures of their clarifying treatment with the salicyclic acid & the glycolic renewal gel Bc they were both goey & tacky & heavy & their benzoyl peroxide product the clear zit was ok but kinda gritty feeling originally but now it's gotten smother & nicer to apply & their last product was the super hydrate which I liked the most Bc it was definitely a oil free gel moisturizer suitable for oily skin now adays I actually only order the adult acne trio from them Bc I really like their daily ritual cleanser for my oily skin & I use their clear zit on my occasional pimples & the last piece the medicated moisturizer I don't use but I give it to my mother & it works very well as a anti aging exfoliating cream for her dry skin &it's packaged in a tube now which is sanitary vs a jar which they use to use

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