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Moisturizers -Serious Skin Care -Super Hydrate Oil Free Moisturizer

on 2/20/2018 2:17:00 AM

This moisturizer from serious skincare has been discontinued many years ago! But I did get to try it in a kit they offered & it was a good ok oil free gel moisturizer perfect for oil acne prone skin! But they discontinued it this moisturizer was the last piece of their original 5 piece acne program & I quite liked this moisturizer Bc it was light weight & gave my skin enough hydration ! It performed similar to the also discontinued shisheido purness gel!

Cleansers -Serious Skin Care -vit - c cleanser

on 12/19/2017 1:52:00 PM

I've tried this c cleanser a long time ago on a 4 oz pump only Bc it was offered in one of their skin aid kits which they don't do anymore
This cleanser was nothing special! I don't particularly like the thick viscous texture of this wash nor did I care for it's strange watermelon 🍉 like scent! It cleaned ok but I prefer my skin care products to be fragrance free & this wasn't & had a weird thick glue like texture which I didn't like @ all

Skincare - Face -Serious Skin Care -Daily Ritual Cleanser

on 12/15/2017 11:50:00 PM

I have used this cleanser in the 4 oz size in the past when they used to offer it in their skin aid kits which they don't really put together anymore! I think 💭 that this face cleanser is definitely much better than the glycolic cleanser they have! This face cleanser rinses of cleanly not like their glycolic one which I don't care for Bc the glycolic cleanser leaves a slimy reissue & smells like glue! Anyway this cleanser was to replace their glycolic cleanser Bc this one has salicyclic acid in it for acne & this one also has little micro beads that gently further exfoliate your face & they aren't harsh! But I did notice recently in this big 12 oz size I had bought last summer they have decreased the amount of the beads in it ! I think 💭 this cleanser is more suited for oily skin types Bc during the warmer seasons it was fine but now in the winter it's kinda drying out my face 😖 ! Just a FYI this cleanser has sulfate in it & can be drying even on my oily skin!

Cleansers -Serious Skin Care -Acne Wash

on 12/4/2017 2:32:00 AM

This serious skincare cleanser has been discontinued many years ago I had ordered it in one ☝️ of their skin and kits which was a good deal Bc you got this cleanser which was a 1% salicyclic acid if I remember correctly & it was in a pump which dispensed a nice foam out & you got their dry lo & a cream
They came out with the face wash to sumpllement their original 5 piece original acne kit! Bc their glycolic cleanser is not FDA approved for acne treatment

I really remember liking this face cleanser Bc it felt very fresh & clean & lesa stock the mother who invented the 5 piece acne kit said that this wash had the copper pca & peppermint oil in it ! Wish they still made this!

BB Cream -Serious Skin Care -Serious Skincare CC Cream

My mom is an HSN junkie and ordered this a few months ago. She doesn't really wear foundation so it sat in her makeup bag unused.

I stumbled upon it after needing to fix my makeup at my parents house and wow...all I can say is what a hidden gem. I honestly hate the hype of HSN and their endless celebrity endorsements. But this is a fantastic product. Not only does it even out skin tone, but it covered beautifully. I didn't use a concealer and my acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and active blemishes were covered. My skin looked glowy and even without looking cakey--a problem I constantly struggle with.

I'm about an NC 20 maybe leaning 15 since I have not been outside in the sun often. The shade "Light" is slightly too dark for me, but nothing that cannot be blended in and fixed with some translucent powder. I wore this to work and went 8+ hours. It only looked oily in my T-Zone and was easily fixed with blotting papers.

As someone who has struggled with problem skin her entire life, I highly recommend this for everyday.

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