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Styling Products -Senscience -Smoothing gelee

Great product for blowdrying/flat ironing hair straight. I've had a really good experience with this product. Here is a rundown:

+does what it claims; leaves hair soft,shiny, and healthy
+doesn't leave residue;
+smells amazing;
+convient tube (does not leak or spill);
+leaves hair in great condition.

-not widely available.

Overall: I really noticed a difference after using this gelee. The hold is soft, so hair remains flexible and bouncy after blowdrying / flat ironing. Upon application, the texture is clear/opaque and is sort of like a cross between a gel and serum. It provides great slip, so when I combed my hair after using this, it detangled wonderfully. Since this gelee is heat activated, I found that I noticed the full results after blow drying--the frizz was minimized completely... Also the product claims to prevent and heal split ends. My hair is like spun silk after blowdrying!! The ingredients are good too (basic silicones, panthenol, soy, silk protein, etc); my ends feel and look healthier too . I have tried smoothing and straightening balms in the past, but was not impressed. That said this by far is amazing ; can't say enough good things about it!! Also it is not greasy/ oily, yet moisturizing which my hair needs. I just wish Senscience products were more widely available. 5 lippies :-)

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Conditioner -Senscience -Silk Moisture Conditioner for dry, Brittle or Coarse Hair

I am very impressed with this conditioner. At first ,I was expecting it to be a little on the heavy side in terms of making my hair greasy and limp; however, after trying it, this conditioner moisturized my fine, colour treated hair very well ( I left it in for about 5 minutes or so) without buildup or residue. My hair was shiny, soft, mositurized and manageable. Moreover, this conditioner is color safe; the texture is not thick, but no too thin either, but is very moisturizing all the same. The scent is wonderful as well. That said, I will def. r/p this conditioner as well as the True Hue conditioner as well as the Inner Restore deep moisturizing treatment...In my experience, I have to say that I am truly impressed with Senscience products. 5 lippies.

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Conditioner -Senscience -True Hue Conditioner for Colour Treated hair

I found this conditioner to be wonderful. The scent is quite pleasant; the texture is not thick, but not too thin either; gives great slip, detangles hair very well; adds shine, smooths, softens and moisturizes does not leave buidup or weigh hair down; preserves colour longer; makes hair more manageable.In a word, in my experience, this product lives up to its claims. Even though this is not a deep conditioner, I leave it in for about 5-10 minutes and it works just as well as a deep treatment:my hair feels thoroughly moisturized (not coated), healthy and soft. I really like this line of products from Senscience.The texture of this conditioner, as mentioned above, is not too thick in consistency but moisturizes really well-I noticed the same thing with Sencience Inner conditioner, which is good for my hair because it still has body, but it is not left feeling dry (like hay, or g LOL or greasy and flat). Price-wise, their products are not super expensive and are available locally. 5 lippies.

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Conditioner -Senscience -balanced conditioner

It's very good, I finally have a lightweight product.

Shampoo -Senscience -balanced shampoo

Finally a good shampoo. I was looking for something lightweight, since my hair is really hard to deal with. It does the job. I use it with the same conditioner and after I use a bed head leave in,

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