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Top/Base Coats -Seche -Dry Fast Top Coat

on 12/2/2018 4:19:00 AM


This is the best top coat that I’ve used! I bought the mini version for $2.50 CAN at Sally’s. It dries SUPER quickly - a thick coat can dry within a couple of minutes. It makes my nails look so glossy, everyone thinks I’m wearing a gel polish but it’s just a regular polish with this top coat! I’ve worn this by itself in between manis to make my nails look shiny and plump. Best top coat ever, I have re-purchased and will again!

Top/Base Coats -Seche -Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat

on 9/4/2018 8:51:00 AM


I don't like this. It's very hard to spread evenly... It leaves a streaky finish and nothing covers it except a very opaque polish. Considering that this isn't cheap, I would skip this and try something different.

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Top/Base Coats -Seche -Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat

on 9/2/2018 11:13:00 AM



My verdict is still out because my first use of this product was yesterday. It goes on thick and dried quickly. I’m very hard on my hands and nails so i’m giving it a week and will be back to extend this review. So far so good!

Days later: I think this is good stuff but I’m very hard on my hands and, although it outlasted any other unprofessional manicure; my nails still cracked, split, and flaked after a few days. I probably will use it again but I’m also probably not going to purchase another bottle.

Top/Base Coats -Seche -Seche Vive

on 11/30/2017 7:31:00 AM


I found Seche Vive to be an improved version of Seche Vite, but I'm not impressed.
The good:
- unlike Seche Vite, it won't shrink so bad within 24 hours. It still shrinks, but way-way slower than original formula;
- the drying time is about the same. In less than 2 minutes you can slightly run over a freshly painted nail, in 10 minutes you'll be able to fully use your freshly manicured fingers. In 30 minutes you'll be able to put the shoes on without worrying that nail polish will be damaged;
- it wears about a day longer than the original formula.

Not so good:
- it has the same somehow thick consistency as Seche Vite starts to bubble when where is about 1/2 of the bottle left;
- it scratches like a lacquer furniture coating leaving a white scratch. I wear red polish quite often, and those scratches are visible. I haven't encountered that with any other top coat;
- it becomes very dull in 4 days.

I won't buy it again.

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Nails -Seche -Seche Restore

on 11/14/2017 1:08:00 AM


Not a Seche Vite user, but, dear god, this is worth every cent. IT WILL MAKE A POORLY CARED FOR GUNKED UP TEN YEAR OLD'S DOLLAR STORE POLISH a nice smooth and easy to apply, like-new, polish. It got the horrid stringiness -- even though it was a barely used new bottle, it was quickly rendered unusable (Essie _really_ needs to work on making _consistently_ good formulas...) -- out of Essie's "Butler Please," with two drops.

Even though the larger bottle will probably last you forever, it's well worth it: best I can tell, it will make all polishes, top and base coats, etc, last forever. We rescued some horribly gunked up stuff from my kid's stash, stuff she'd bought a year ago before she had fully figured out how bad it was to leave the lid on a polish loose (!). Gross gloppy blecch was restored to functioning polish, bottle after bottle. And I can't believe how many "I may as well throw this out -- lovely colour, but..." bottles it _made better than they originally were_ for me.

Even at the price, a very thrifty product. I just wish the dropper was in the lid, full stop, and not something to keep on the side -- I assume the product would eat through any rubbery plastic, though, so, no real complaints. 10/10; will buy again if I run out -- in the meantime, will buy a second bottle for the messy 10yo so she can have fun magically fixing her tween friends' goopy polishes...

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