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Recent Sebamed Reviews

Moisturizers -Sebamed -Clear Face Care Gel

on 6/22/2018 1:55:00 AM


This does not sting like dr lin gel. I prefer this. Although not moisturizing for medicated(drying, flaky) skin, it sinks in pretty quick but stays a bit tacky. It does not go well under makeup. But aslong as it doesnt give me acne i will continue to use this.

Background of why i looked into this:
Pregnancy and post pregnancy break out was terrible. Started on progesterone only pills for breastfeeding needs and ruined my skin. I did not have one pimple before pregnancy or birth control. Came off the pill to go on yaz which is suppostly better for skin. One month later skin is still bad enough to make me cry. Tried benzoyl peroxide plus mandelic acid. Horrible exprience with purging and flaking/dryness. Now i am trying curology.
I use the sebamed gel after curology just as an extra moisturizing step. I havent flaked since stopping mandelic acid and bp so it goes on top of curology pretty well. Will update after 1 month

Edit. It stays sticky and too tacky for my liking. I cant stand it. I returned this. It also isnt moisturizing enough. Going to get eltamd pm. Im really liking eltamd clear spf46 so i am excited to try more from the brand.

Sunscreen -Sebamed -Sun Care Multi Protect Sun Cream SPF 50+ Very High

on 5/17/2018 2:36:00 PM


I tried it few times so far and it is pretty good. I am acne prone and very oily, so be aware that this sunscreen is not very mattifying, but it is not greasy eather. I find that blending it with a sponge can take away some of that ``grease``, but I would suggest that you should apply two layers if you are using a sponge, because sponge soaks some of the product- to ensure that you are putting the right amount of sunscreen.

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Lip Treatments -Sebamed -Lip Defense SPF 30

on 4/17/2018 11:06:00 AM


Terrible. Firstly, it sits on your lips and doesn't get absorbed.
Secondly, it made my lips peel and crack everytime I used it. It took me a few tries to figure out what was causing it. Throwing this out.

Treatments (Face) -Sebamed -Coloured Anti-Pimple Cream

on 3/19/2018 4:13:00 AM


Unfortunately all Sebamed products which I've tried failed me pretty badly so probably won't purchase anything else from this brand. This product was a big fail for me firstly because they don't have a tester for this colored version so you have to buy it blindly and it goes medium-dark which probably would be still ok if it would blend but it doesn't. Other thing, it didn't do anything to reduce the pimple too so another massive minus.
Pros: reasonably priced if it would deliever
So-so: tube is getting quite messy but it's easy to clean
Cons: didn't match my skin tone; doesn't blend; very thick; didn't reduce the breakouts (probably even make it worse)

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Shampoo -Sebamed -Everyday Shampoo

on 3/19/2018 4:03:00 AM


Oh my, I gave it a good try but it's just really bad for my hair. Stripped all the moisture and left the itchy scalp behind. As for the itchy scalp it's kind of normal situation, my skin is quite sensitive but I never ever used shampoo which dried my hair while washing, no kidding. It would get in the tangles already in the bath & I normally don't need a comb even.

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