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Moisturizers -Sebamed -Moisturizing Cream

on 12/13/2018 8:02:00 AM


I wanted to like this. Truly. I love SebaMed. Love that their formulations are simple, but functional; love that everything is formulated to a pH of 5.5; love that it's no frills and minimal marketing. But this just did not work for my skin. No matter how much or how little I used, and no matter what I did or didn't use under this it never felt like it absorbed into my skin. It just sat there, slick and thin and not really moisturizing. It might have worked as a more occlusive layer for me, but it clogged my pores after a few days use, every single time. I kept trying to give it chances, but I could just not get it to work. And if you're sensitive to fragrance beware because it's very fragranced too.

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Moisturizers -Sebamed -Clear Face Care Gel

on 11/28/2018 8:06:00 AM


So, two months after discontinuing DIFFERIN, my skin is still shedding like crazy. Winter is on the doorstep also, so I need something to recover my skin. On the other hand, i've been blessed with a super-reactive, oilyish, acneic skin and everything breaks me out.
Found about this thingy, look at the ingredients list, check the reviews, and i sayz to myself, what could go wrong.
I gave it two weeks time, because it started breaking me out from the beginning, and here, after two weeks, it breaks me out in different places :(
Also, for people expecting hydration from it - it didn't help my shedding skin. I read in a study in the meantime that a concoction with humectants and no emollients and occlusives actually dries the skin because there is nothing to stop evaporating water when humectants draw it to the corneum stratum.
Panthenol and allantoin didn't help much with recovery, maybe they're not concentrated enough of smthng.
I like the look on skin surprisingly, i expected it to leave a sticky finish because it's a gel, but it really doesn't if you don't put too much on. I wore it daily without getting too shiny.
Anyway, i like Sebamed line in general, this didn't do it for me, but i believe other reviewers so i'm not gonna be harsh on it.

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Cleansers -Sebamed -Cleansing Bar


The soap is a lowkey disaster. I’ve been using this soap for about 2 weeks and I can’t believe what happened to my skin. I’m sad it didn’t work out for me. The product leaves my skin feeling very dry and I’m experiencing nonstop pain around nose area. My pimples got lot worse, I’ve got some even on places I’ve never had pimples before.
The one and only thing which is great abt this cleanser is it makes your existent pimples around eyebrow area less visible ! Eventhough they’re still there, they look clear and not inflamed.

Shampoo -Sebamed -Everyday Shampoo


I've always had sensitive scalp that would get very itchy at times, the first week after using this shampoo it went away. I like that it's SLS and dye free, the fragrance is very light and difficult to describe, almost clinical in a good way. I've also noticed that my hair is less dry than before and has more volume, I will definitely continue to keep using this shampoo.

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Sunscreen -Sebamed -Sun Care Multi Protect Sun Cream SPF 50+ Very High

on 5/17/2018 2:36:00 PM


I tried it few times so far and it is pretty good. I am acne prone and very oily, so be aware that this sunscreen is not very mattifying, but it is not greasy eather. I find that blending it with a sponge can take away some of that ``grease``, but I would suggest that you should apply two layers if you are using a sponge, because sponge soaks some of the product- to ensure that you are putting the right amount of sunscreen.

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