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Foundations -Scott Barnes -Multi-Media Liquid Makeup

on 4/30/2018 12:10:00 PM


I have never tried the legendary Countess Isserlyn foundation, but throughout my life I have used theatre/film/photography makeup on others and myself, (Ben Nye, Graftobian, MUFE, Gerda Spillmann, Mehron, Tuttle, RCMA, Kryolan, Cinema Secrets, MAQ Pro, Temptu, OCC, Numeric Proof,...brands developed for "professional" rather than "consumer" use). Multi-Media foundation's ingredients are almost exactly the same as Countess Isserlyn Liquid Makup. Even though I cannot make a comparison to Countess Isserlyn, I can say with complete confidence that MultiMedia foundation looks and wears like "professional" makeup, and it was, no doubt, formulated to be used as such. I've read reviews in other places that ravage this makeup because they expect it to be Armani or Lancome...but it's not, and it's not supposed to be. It has to be rated as a professional makeup, because consumer foundations are made to be used as "everyday" makeup, and they include skincare ingredients, sometimes sunscreens, and rarely contain mineral oil.

Professional makeup, on the other hand, almost always contains ingredients consumers have been programmed to fear like the plague: mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, talc. Why? Because these are the ingredients that work cosmetically to get the effects needed by "makeup". They are designed to literally "cover" skin, like masks (think Blue Man Group with all their greasepaint). If you ever want to see the most beautiful finish you can get from your foundation, mix a drop of mineral oil (or argan or jojoba oil) before application. Your face will radiate like candlelight, and your skin will look otherworldly perfect.

Scott Barnes MultiMedia is brilliant, because it can be used as true "makeup" but it's liquid, lightweight, and far more skinlike than pancake or cream foundation. It's meant to be set with powder, and it's likely only the dryest of skins could wear it without powder. It sets and stays put, though, and it doesn't transfer. I love this foundation for the most special occasions or when I am getting seriously (not regular Selfie) photographed. It makes my skin look like I'm 25 (at least in my delusions), and it looks supple, even, and perfect. Cream ot liquid blush works best with this for subtle, gentle blending that can't be detected.

Unlike some brands of pro foundations this is very lightly fragranced, but, aside from a bit of fragrance I could not use a mineral oil based foundation with talc every single day. I can feel the cysts popping out of my face just typing that sentence. That's just me though! There are many people who have the kind of acne that benefits from the protection mineral oil provides, and talc is excellent for good coverage. I don't "fear" parabens, because I'm not allergic to them, but, because I am strongly influenced by paranoia, I try not to use them in my everyday products. (I probably eat more of them than I ever want to know about, because they are so widely used in food, but I try to be wise about my choices).

Bottom line, this, in Biscotti, is absolutely beautiful on my skin. It's a total transformation that makes me feel wonderful. Once in a while, it's a special treat to wear this, but its careful application and very full coverage keep it in the "pro" category for me. Wear it for a few hours, look in the mirror a lot, wash it off, and back to Meteorites Baby Glow in the morning.

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Highlighters -Scott Barnes -Diamond Dust Pressed Powder (New)

on 6/17/2016 7:14:00 PM

This review is for Diamond Dust pressed powder in the new Scott Barnes line (not to be confused with his old which had the same names). I used the old SB line years ago and although I loved his products, I think these powders are even better than his previous line.

I am absolutely in love with this highlighter! I've been using it daily for the past two weeks and decided I had to write a review because it is HG status. I haven't tried anything quite like it... It really gives the appearance of a "glow from within" but without any shimmer or glitter. I thought it would be similar to the ambient light powders because they are both supposed to give a natural glow, but the quality and color payoff of SB is so much better. The powder is soft, finely milled, applies like butter, doesn't emphasize pores, and is long lasting. I'm doing the makeup for my future sister-in-laws wedding and plan on using this for her highlight.

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Bronzers -Scott Barnes -Body Bling all over body bronzer

on 8/12/2014 4:13:00 PM


There comes a time in a girls life when you look down at your legs and say "damn I need a tan!!" I was born naturally white. Who am I kidding I'm pretty transparent that its ridiculous. However with that all being said, I refuse to tan. Well at least sun tan that is. I normally use a self tanner on my legs during the summer in order to not sport that "casper" look. Yet at times I want more then just a self tan(ner) but more of a "bling" look! Upon searching the net I came across this product developed by Scott Barnes called 'Body Bling' that not only gives you an instant self tan as soon as you apply it, but it also adds a bit of shimmer to give your legs that Victoria Secret runway look! So you know I had to try it! If I could "look" like a VS model (leg wise) then I was SOLD!

I was having a hard time finding this in Canada so I order it from and had it shipped to my sister who shipped it to me. I tried ordering it from Scott Barnes website but they wanted over $20 in shipping which is outrageous. Not for nothing a bottle of this size only cost about $7.50 to ship from the USA to Canada. I should know, my sister did it for me! So sorry Scott, but you need to work on the shipping rate if you want more Canadians to buy this...just saying!

Anyway back to this review. I decided to try this out for my friends engagement garden party where (gasp) I was being forced to wear a skirt and expose my legs!! This body bling cream comes in two colors, original and platinum. I decided to buy this in the color platinum as the original gives you a lovely dark tan which looked awesome, but come on who I was going to kid with that. My legs would be super tan while the rest of my face, neck and arms would be white? Also, I don't wear self tanner EVER on my face so I couldn't get away with it. However platinum was an awesome color. Not only did it give my legs a slight lovely tan that still seemed realistic to the rest of my body, but it also gave it this amazing shimmer effect that wasn't like BANG in your face disco ball feel but its shimmery enough that it glisten with the rays of the sun. I honestly couldn't stop touching my legs cause of how awesome they looked! Coincided, I know! But when you are use to just looking at white pasty legs all day long, this is a massive welcome.

So if you are transparent to fairly white skinned, then platinum is the color for you. If you actually have color on your skin, then either or works, but the original formula might work better.

However a word of caution, this body bling does at times rub off on clothes. So make sure to only use this on body parts that are not covered with clothing. Also, don't wear white with this on unless you want potential streaks on your clothes. If you mix this in with your body cream it makes it easier to glide on. While this cream did go on pretty smooth and very evenly, however with a bit of cream it can go a long way and was easier to rub on to the body. This body bling was pretty moisturizing which was a plus for me. My legs never felt or looked dry or starchy. This also left my legs with an even tone color. Some self tanners leave streaks and this by far did not. I was very surprised at the results, easiness and effectiveness of the product.

This washes off easily from your hands after applying. I know some self tanners stain your hands and with this product I had NO issues whatsoever. Lastly, this comes off easily in the shower with no big fuss and didn't stain my tub in anyway.

If you are looking for a nice self tanner with a bit of bling, cause come on we all know bling is in!! Then pick up this body bling and see how you will shimmer all while still looking professional and not like a disco ball!!

This truly is the best body purchase when it comes to self tanners I have made all summer long!!

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Pressed Powders -Scott Barnes -Pressed Powder in Petal

on 1/15/2014 6:24:00 PM

Light coverage with a smooth, soft matte finish that lasts most of the day. Very good quality, with a fine-textured, almost moisturising, creamy feel that doesn't highlight wrinkles, doens't cake nor show up dry patches. I love using when my skin is looking a bit rough and needs the best I've got. Petal is a very pale slightly pink, a good shade for very fair skin as it brightens but doesn't change color or add pink or anything. The almost square compact is a bit different in look, its bulky but does have a good mirror.

Makeup Brushes -Scott Barnes -Crease Brush

on 4/21/2013 1:12:00 AM


Best crease brush I have used. Very soft, sturdy , and does an excellent job of blending color in the crease . Must have!

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