Schick is a brand of personal care and razors. It was originally founded in 1926 and was later purchased by Energizer in 2003 from Pfizer.* They are now owned by Edgewell Personal Care. *Source: Wikipedia

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Misc Beauty Tools -Schick -Intuition razor


Good in theory, not so good in Schick's execution imo.
Purchased bc I loved the idea of having a 1 step razor that had its own slip and moisture, no shave gel/body wash needed.
Unfortunately, the soap bar of this runs out very quickly and unevenly and as soon as it's out, you are unable to use the bare razor on your skin as it tugs and doesn't glide at all. Howeverrr in the short amount of time that you are able to enjoy the soap bar, it feels very smooth and moisturizing on your skin.
I counted 4 shaves that included my armpits + full legs + full arms until it was doneso. The razor is easily clogged so if you wait in between shaves like I do (it's winter time and I ain't got no man) your hair will often get stuck and it doesn't always rinse out, making an uneven overall shave.
The replacements also get very expensive considering how long it lasts and its price, I paid over 10CDN+ for 3 cartridges.
I will use up the cartridges I have but will not repurchase.

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Hair Removal -Schick -Hydro Silk Razor

on 1/16/2019 12:38:00 PM


Major issues with razor burn from this product. It is ok to shave legs, a bit tricky around the knees. The Hydro Silk nicked and caused razor burn in the bikini area. I like the Schick Xtreme 3 much better than this.

Hair Removal -Schick -Xtreme 4 Razor

on 1/14/2019 11:51:00 AM


I have liked and used the Schick Xtreme 3 razors for years. I do not know why adding another blade makes this razor work less effectively for me, but there it is. With the Xtreme 4, I am not able to maneuver the razor around my knees to get as close a shave and I also experience skin irritation after use.

Hair Removal -Schick -Quattro for women Trimstyle

on 5/18/2017 9:13:00 PM


This is the best for the bikini line because it really works and is effective! You must purchase this! I have been using mine for a year.

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Hair Removal -Schick -Hydro 5

on 9/22/2016 2:50:00 PM


When you look for a good razor for legs and bikini area, you want something that will give you a nice smooth shave without irritation. That is not such an easy thing to find. I wanted to try a men's razor because I've heard they give a closer shave. I got this one which has five blades and it is not a disposable-- it has refill cartridges. This type of razor usually costs around $9 with one cartridge and the refill blades are pretty expensive. I actually got this for free since Walmart was discontinuing it on clearance and I had a coupon (this one had the batteries in it, but the razor itself is the same as the regular- why does it need to vibrate? who knows, I just used it as a regular razor). As far as shaving my legs and bikini, I have to be very careful with what I use for shaving since I have very sensitive skin. I cannot use the Venus razor, it broke my skin out, probably from the strip of lubricant. This razor does have one of those strips, but it was thinner. I use a shave cream with no aloe vera, no scents, no vit e, etc., just plain old Barbasol. I have tried hair conditioner and it did okay, but it clogs the razor. I make sure to take a warm shower first. Okay, all prepped and ready, on to shaving:
As for the performance of the razor-- yes, it does give a nice close, smooth shave and I did not get any nicks or cuts. Then I went back and rinsed off well. I always make sure to get off all shave cream and any possible irritants. I wait a few minutes before putting on lotion, too. But every time I have used this, my legs feel so dry and irritated, like they have been scraped down. I did not shave too quickly or use a lot of pressure, nothing like that. It just seemed that the five blades maybe cut TOO close and one other thing-- I noticed more irritation in the bikini area, even with using Bikini Zone. I suspect some irritation could be due to the lubication strip on the razor. But I also think this type of blade just cuts too close and I do much better with the little disposables that you can get with only one or two blades. Gillette used to have a Good News razor with no strip, but I cannot find it anymore. I found some others at Kroger, their house brand, with no lubrication strip and only one blade. They work great-- no irritation whatsoever and I did get a close enough shave. And they only cost $2 for a pack, so you can use these one time and toss it. The non-disposable razors can be used multiple times before you need to change the blade, but of course, you have to keep it very clean and sanitized, and I am concerned that you just can't keep them really clean. I guess I just prefer the disposables. If you like the multiple blades and don't have any issues with sensitivity or ingrown hairs, then it would be a good razor. I can't believe the little cheapie disposables actually work better for me, go figure.

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