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Lipstick -SHANY -Slick & Shine Set

Was given some Shany products as a Christmas gift. I got a set of 10 Slick & Shine lipsticks. The colors looked beautiful....but this is one of the most horrible lipsticks I have ever used. It has way too much slip and comes off on everything. Very oily and slimy. I tried 4 of the 10 shades and they all were the same. Within 10 minutes they all had moved beyond my lip liner and smeared.
Just one more Shany product I am not impressed with.

Eye Shadow -SHANY -Eye shadow palette


I was given several Shany products for Christmas and they all were horrible. This palette looks fantastic when you first open it....but was nothing but chalk. I tried both light and dark combinations over a period of a few days. The colors do not show up and when you try and apply more it turns into a chalky mess. I have no idea why a company would even bother to make such a horrible product. ( I also got a lipstick box and another eye shadow palette from them, and they were horrible as well.)
I normally use NYX or Wet n Wild Color Icon eye shadows, will stick with them.

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Eyeliner -SHANY -Chunky Pencils for Eyes

on 12/20/2015 2:19:00 PM

I bought the collection of 30 pencils on ebay for $12.00. While I can see the colors are great for eyeliner, or even shadow? I can not see using most of these colors for lips. I have used them on my eyes only.
You get a fantastic selection of colors with this. They are easy to apply and no primer was needed. They glide right on, dry very quickly and stayed on while I was swimming. I swatched a few of these on the back of my hand and then ran it under water...and they did not budge. I ran my fingers over them to see if they would then smear when wet and they did not budge. So went swimming...and they did not budge. There is no waterproof claim with these, but I would say they are?
These do need to be sharpened with a chunky pencil type sharpener. (NYX cosmetics has a 2 in 1 sharpener that does both thin and thick pencils, plus has a catch on it so the stuff doesn't go everywhere when your sharpening.)
I love these pencils!...and love the price too!

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Makeup Brushes -SHANY -Professional Brush Set 32 count

on 2/22/2015 2:58:00 PM


Bought these brushes a while ago and I absolutely LOVE them! I cannot ever justify spending over 20$ on a single brush so I was really happy to find this brush set!
I've never had bristle fallout on any of the brushes and I find that they pick up pigment really nicely. Yes the bag that it comes in does smell really plasticky but I really had no need for the bag so I threw it away. The smell does not transfer to the brushes.
My only complaint would be that while there are tons of smaller brushes, some of them are pretty repetitive and It would be nice to see more face/foundation brushes added.

Makeup Brushes -SHANY -Pro Vegan Mineral Brush Set with Pink Clutch

on 1/27/2014 4:15:00 PM


After hearing my sister rave about all of her SHANY brushes, I thought I'd give them a try. I used my Christmas money to buy this set as well as the bamboo handle set with synthetic bristles. I wanted to review the Pro Vegan Mineral Brush set and intend to write a separate review for the bamboo set.

~Affordable. You get a generous range of brushes plus a case for what you could pay for one luxury brand brush.
~The packaging is cute. The vegan mineral set comes in a cute pink vinyl pouch with magnetic closures.
~These are easy to clean. I use tepid water and a dot of Dr. Bronner's Magic Peppermint Soap and even the darkest colors come clean. They also dry very quickly and the bristles retain their shape.
~The angled powder brush is wonderful for applying blush or bronzer for contouring.
~One of my favorite brushes in this set, surprisingly enough, the eyebrow brush. I like to gel my brows, but dislike using the application wand to shape, because it just gloops more gel onto my brows.
~The larger brushes come with vinyl brush covers to keep the bristles from splaying out in the case.
~These don't shed. At least, mine haven't yet.
~The brushes are nice and soft against the skin.

~The case is cheap. I get that it's a brush set with a case for under $20, so my expectations aren't that high, but I did ding a Lippy for the vinyl case having raw cut edges exposed, plus one pair of the magnetic closures was not aligned properly, so it doesn't snap shut.
~There isn't a blending brush for eyeshadows, which I think is a fairly common complaint across the board with SHANY brush sets. Most of the smaller brush sets do not come with a blending brush, so there are some empty spots you may need to fill in with other individual brushes to meet your needs.

~This is both a pro and con, depending on how you look at it. The eyeshadow brushes do not pick up a lot of product. This can be good, because it decreases fallout and also gives you more control to build up color to your preferred intensity. It can be bad if you prefer one-sweep coverage.

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