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Shampoo -SEBASTIAN -Drench

on 11/14/2018 2:31:00 PM


*Update 12-2018: **I still love the drench shampoo as my first wash, then sometimes I use Sebastian "weightless shine" shampoo towards the roots only as the second wash. Then drench conditioner on the very ends of my hair. If i only use the weightless shine, it doesnt give quite enough moisture alone **

I have really seemed to struggle the past 15 years just trying to find a shampoo I can stick with for the most part. I have fine hair that is silky straight, yet I have a lot of it. but its fine and straight. It truly is fine but alot of it for the most part. I've seen girls with decent hair call theirs "fine" but they dont get it. lol Mine is truly fine and straight. I am lucky to have a lot of it though. The strands towards the back of my head can almost kink up with frizz. but then be straight after a certain length. Its strange really lol. Dead silky straight in most areas with random patches of frizz. Just enough frizz that it gives you a fuzzy look, but not enough frizz like girls with a normal nice head of hair have. lol

It doesn't matter what you do, there is no scrunching for me. that would NEVER work. I would just look homeless. I wish girls with normal wave would stop telling me to just "scrunch and go". It does NOT work for me! LOL Anyway, it may be flat, but at the same time it can be extremely shiny and healthy looking if I have the right shampoo and products. I have naturally dark brown hair that I have balayaged every now and then.

EVERY shampoo I seem to try ALWAYS builds up. It. is. the. WORST. I believe it could be due to just having hairs that are fine and so they are just going to really be affected by any shampoo/conditioner/products if they aren't the right ones. I can get my hair toned and colored, and of course its just great for a couple washes because it still will retain that bouncy shine from the chemical service. But then no matter what shampoo I use, it always happens... I end up hating it and searching for another. I have tried all Kerastase, Paul Mitchell, Nioxin, Morrocain oil shampoos, Sebastian volume shampoo, kevin murphy, R+B, Alterna shampoo, Rusk, Lush, matrix, biolage, Redken color magnet, redkin volume, redkin clean maniac etc. you name it I have tried it. Now these weren't all bad. Even Kevin murphy angel wash and hydrating shampoos are good. But they are end up building up.Sometimes it happens right after I use a clarifying shampoo. My hair can get that dull residue feeling when you have straight hair. you can just feel the residue.. Its hard to explain unless you just have the fine textured silky-ish hair. Its so darn hard to please. lol And what worse is our hair needs moisture because it is so delicate. But too much moisture and it can also feel gross.

Volume shampoos NEVER work on me. So if you like them, then we may have different type of straight hair. They ALWAYS make my hair almost fuzzy and even though its straight, its dull and its like they make my hair more stringy. I don't get it? I just always feel like my hair is limp and dirty after volume shampoos. That's why I think my type of straight hair must just be different than someone who benefits from volume shampoos.

So, I have been using this Sebastian Drench shampoo several times in a row, When I test out new shampoo and conditioner I wont use any other products simply so I can see what the shampoo is actually doing. This Drench shampoo is actually the best shampoo I have ever used. And I thought maybe kerastase would be the best I could do. But this shampoo is so much better. My hair is silky soft, yet I can blow dry it and run a flat iron through it quickly for boosted shine and it remains crazy soft, and is super shiny. It just has that "swingy" feel to it. If you have straight hair that can get a little fuzzy, you know how important that "swing" is that I am talking about. Because I can sleep on it and then it doesn't have new kinks the next morning. That is SO important! This drench shampoo literally soothes my scalp and I only put the conditioner on the ends. My hair just feels healthy now. And its really damaged on the lower parts from where I used to be blonde. All I can say is at least go to ulta and try it. You can always return it. It just finally feels like my hair is so healthy. I haven't had build up yet for several washes and that is really great considering I have not tried other shampoos in between. I am just wanting to see just how far I can go with this shampoo.

Anyway, if you feel that this is still too heavy or dirty feeling, I would recommend trying sebastians "weightless shine" shampoo. I also like that shampoo but my hair can become just a wee bit frizzy on the ends but its not because it feel gross or dirty- I think there are no silicones in the weightless shine and my hair needs some silicones. Silicones are ok as long as they are structured to wash out each shower. People always want to go to the extreme and have NO silicones or NO sulphates or No whatever else. But chemists put these ingredients together in very small amounts to work together for the best result. If you choose something that is NO sulphates, you might end up with some unknown and unpopular detergent that is actually worse. You have to realize companies are just trying to push whatever we want to hear. But Sebastian has not built up on me at all. Except their volume shampoo.. but every volume shampoo is a nightmare to me. lol I am slowly going to get back to trying sebastians other products and see how they do. I remember when I was 12 my mom used to use sebastian and I always had beautiful hair that just air dried then. But that of course could just be that I was younger, but now i think sebastian is really good for my type of hair. Hopefully this can help someone like me out. Its so frustrating always talking to people who truly don't understand build up on the hair like us fine haired people lol. But this has given me a silky healthy swing!

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Conditioner -SEBASTIAN -Light Conditioner

on 8/24/2018 5:53:00 PM

I got this at the same time as the Light Shampoo. I loooove the shampoo. The conditioner is a very light feeling white cream. I'm used to heavier conditioners so I definitely notice how weightless it is. I have very normal, healthy hair and I just want a basic shampoo and conditioner. I have especially had problems with residue. This one leaves my hair light and residue free. Due to the lightness of the product, it makes you think it's not doing anything. But the other day I just shampooed and I missed it, my hair felt dry and squeaky.

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Shampoo -SEBASTIAN -Light Shampoo

on 8/24/2018 5:50:00 PM

I may be obsessed with makeup, but I do very little with my hair. I have really good hair too. It's healthy and normal. I just want a no fuss shampoo that cleans but not strips. I don't dye my hair and I rarely use heat on it. Whenever I try to pick a shampoo I get overwhelmed because none of them are for "I just want a freaking plain shampoo!". Anyway, I have a coworker who used to do hair and she suggested this. I'd never heard of this brand before so I'd never looked at it. And it's exactly what I want. Plain simple shampoo that cleans my hair. No residue. No heaviness. It smells fine, not a memorable scent to me but fine. It's a lighter clear shampoo. My hair seems bouncier and the natural curl comes out more when I use it. I'm really enjoying it.

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Styling Products -SEBASTIAN -Potion 9


Not sure what all the hype is about...did nothing for my hair. In fact it felt even drier. Tried both with wet and dry hair....

Styling Products -SEBASTIAN -Twisted Curl Magnifier Styling Cream

on 8/11/2018 5:53:00 AM

I love, love, love this random half-off Ulta purchase! I have very thick, coarse, dry, 3A curly hair that I now have to color due to age. I have tried a lot of curl creams since they've come out, but this is hands down the best. It also works great when I partially blow out my hair, which is my style at the moment. Two pumps of this (one while wet; one after drying) eliminates frizz and gives my hair a smooth, slightly sleek finish that I can easily get a barrel brush through. If you need more product, go for it--it won't look greasy or get heavy. It has a light and pleasant fragrance and being allergy-prone, I haven't had one issue with this cream. The bottle I bought, which has a mess-proof pump (genius), is still going after 10 weeks of daily use and I recently bought some more for around $10 on Jet (and they're the real deal). I'm in my 40s and grew up using top-notch Sebastian shampoo and conditioner, but haven't used their products for decades due to all the newer brands for my hair type. I'm so glad I looked their way again and found this. I might have to try more products in the Twisted line in the future, but my hair is looking good so I'm sticking with my current cocktail for now.

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