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Styling Products -Rusk -Thermal Serum

on 9/4/2018 12:17:00 AM


Love it works great on thick frizzy hair.

Hair Styling Tools -Rusk -Speed Freak Blow Dryer

This is my first non-drugstore blow dryer, and it really disappointed me. I started blow drying my hair again almost two years ago, and for the first year I used the Conair Infiniti Pro. I actually liked it, but figured that if I'm blow drying my hair twice a week I should invest in something better. I chose the Rusk Speed Freak based on the MUA reviews.

I've used the Rusk now for about a year and I really, really wanted to like it, but it has slowly dawned on me that it...isn't that good. For one thing, all the settings are hotter than they need to be. The highest setting on the Rusk is *way* too hot to use, so that gives me one less option. I think I tried it a couple of times and my hair looked dull, dry and awful - it clearly was doing some damage. I occasionally use the medium setting, but that's still pretty damn hot so I only use it for short blasts on hair that's more damp. Even the lowest setting is similar to the medium setting on my Conair. And the "cool blast" button on the Rusk is actually still kind of warm, so I'm not sure it has the same effect as a cool button that actually results in cold air. I almost exclusively use the lowest heat setting on the Rusk, because it's the only one that doesn't feel like it's scorching my hair (or make my hair look scorched afterwards).

Even using the lowest setting on the Rusk, I think my hair looks duller than when I used my cheapo Conair one for blowouts. Does it dry my hair faster than the Conair? Sure, but honestly, not by that much. It's pretty fast I guess if you use the hottest setting, but the resulting blowout is not really want you want, especially if you already have damaged hair.

I bleach my hair so damage from heat styling is a concern, and recently I did something dumb and my hair is more compromised than usual. I'm not going to stop blow drying my hair, but I knew I had to abandon the Rusk blow dryer and go back to my cheap, trusty Conair one, where I can actually do most of my blow drying with very low heat and minimal damage. And, I really do think my hair looks silkier and healthier in general after a blowout than with the Rusk.

I think the only reason I continued using the Rusk Speed Freak until now is that I didn't want to believe I wasted money on a blow dryer, but it is what it is. This one *might* be a good bet for people with really strong or virgin hair, but I don't think I'd recommend it for those with color treated or otherwise compromised hair who want to limit the damage of heat styling. You'll probably find, like me, that you pretty much have one usable setting with the Rusk Speed Freak.

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Styling Products -Rusk -Blofoam root lifter

on 7/22/2018 8:52:00 PM


I got this on a discount at TJ Maxx, so decided to try it. For whatever reason-THIS STUFF DOES NOT DRY! I have to blowdry For over twice as long as I normally do. Once I get it to dry my hair looks very full and non-crunchy and great. So that’s good. But that lasts For about 3 hours until it collapses again and looks Greasy limp.
Clearly it doesn’t work For my very fine hair.
Will not be using up the bottle - I’m going back to my HG john frieda root lifter!

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Styling Products -Rusk -Thermal Shine Spray

on 4/17/2018 10:31:00 PM

Unexpectedly great product. Bought it on a whim, and ended up loving it. It is perfect for my fine, highlighter hair! The only complaint is the bottle size (too small) and the smell (could be better, smells like old fruit or something lol) It does the job, but a better scent and bigger size would make it perfect.

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Dry Shampoo -Rusk -Deep Shine Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo

on 1/14/2018 7:12:00 PM


Worst dry shampoo I have ever used. First of all it is not invisible like it claims. Yes I hold it far enough away from my head and shake before use. It takes my hair from looking greasy to greasy with a white residue in it and grimey.

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